2020 Duck Rescue Team

Premier Daniel Andrews approved the 2020 Victorian Duck Hunting Season, despite mass public outrage.

The duck hunting season will run from 2nd May – 8th June 2020.

Each year, a dedicated team of Animal Liberation NSW volunteers heads south to support the Coalition Against Duck Shooting during the opening weekend of the duck hunting season. If you would like to be part of ALNSW rescue team, please fill out the form.

Dates TBC: Drive to Victoria on the 1st May and return 4th May.

*ALNSW usually only attends the Saturday, however, we are thinking of having two options:

  1. Saturday Only
  2. Saturday and Sunday (returning to Sydney Monday)

Cost TBA: Approximately $100-250. Depending on bus/car hire and petrol (paid to AL), accommodation and gear (paid to CADS).

Depending on numbers, we may opt to drive two cars, rather than hiring a van (to reduce costs). If you would be comfortable driving your car*, please include so in your form. *Car must be able to go off-road.

NOTE: There are a range of roles to be filled over the weekend, not all of which involve direct rescue. If you are interested but are unsure of what this involves please fill out the form and ask for more information in the comments section.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the Animal Liberation information and training session (date TBC) email.