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In NSW, Puppy Factories are not only thriving, many are increasing and expanding, with new ones even being established. Often hidden away in remote areas and shielded by deceptive marketing and fake profiles, they blatantly flout the laws, safe in the knowledge they can continue to operate.

Puppy Factories are responsible for inherent and systemic cruelty and often life-long suffering, even death for thousands of dogs and cats. 

Learn more about the issue and the actions we can take together, to outlaw the intensive factory farming of companion animals.

What is a Puppy Factory?

Dogs and cats exploited for intensive breeding don’t live on “farms” – they live in factories. These Puppy Factories are no different from intensive animal agriculture factories for egg-laying hens, pigs, and many other non-human animals. Females are repeatedly impregnated, normally for commercial profits. Like intensive animal agriculture, Puppy Factories work on a system of overcrowded and inadequate housing, with mass production, where the individual dogs and cats are commodities and units of production, expendable and replaceable at any time.

Puppy Factories can be small, medium, or large scale and they can be “legal” and “illegal”. For the individual dogs, the size and scale doesn’t matter. Every individual dog suffers because they have the capacity to feel fear, pain, and despair. Large scale Puppy Factories, however, are often worse because the greater the number of dogs, the less care and attention they receive. 

You can’t judge whether a dog has been bred in a Puppy Factory based on the breed or type of dog. Any type or breed of dog can and do come from Puppy Factories, including purebred dogs, crossbreeds, and mixed breeds. 

In NSW Puppy Factories aren’t even recognised under state planning legislation. The “Right to Farm” includes companion animals and Puppy Factories are assessed and approved as “Boarding and Training” facilities when in reality they are anything but.

breeder puppy factory
Example of Puppy Factory conditions
Source: RSPCA South Australia

The Issues

The conditions are almost always appalling with confinement in often filthy, unhygienic, and overcrowded housing. This includes cages where dogs are often permanently confined. They don’t enjoy walks, are denied enrichment, and the ability to play or express their normal behaviours. They are denied love, companionship, and many suffer through extremes of temperature in winter and summer often without bedding or even beds. These dogs normally suffer from a range of serious and painful health problems and behavioural issues as a result of not being socialised and being housed in conditions that fail to meet even their basic needs.

Puppy Factories are usually shrouded in secrecy, hidden away in remote locations behind a slick veil of deception and dishonesty. Puppies from Puppy Factories can be sold from pet shops or online sites or through newspaper advertisements, markets, car boot sales, or sometimes at the Puppy Factory itself. 

breeder puppy factory
Example of Puppy Factory
Source: RSPCA South Australia

NSW History

Puppy Factories have existed in NSW for decades but currently, the situation is worse than ever before. In NSW, successive NSW State Governments and MP’s have vowed and declared to shut down cruel Puppy Factories.

In 2015, after a series of explosive NSW Puppy Factory exposures and a deluge of widespread public response, the then NSW Premier Mike Baird said, “It is simply unacceptable for people to be treating puppies or other animals in a cruel manner in an attempt to make a quick buck. We need to act and we will.”

The then NSW Minister for Animal Welfare Niall Blair said, “The mistreatment of puppies for the sake of a people making a few quick dollars cannot go on – it’s disgraceful and I want to see this type of behaviour eliminated.”

The then and current NSW state member for the Northern Tablelands Adam Marshall said, “I believe there is more than enough evidence to indicate an overhaul of the current animal welfare system in the industry is needed” and “We have seen evidence of this in our region and it is an issue that needs urgent attention. If there have been breaches of the code of practice, then these people need to have the book thrown at them.”

In 2015 the NSW state government even held a Joint Select Committee on Companion Animal Breeding Practices in New South Wales. The Inquiry was headed up by the same Adam Marshall. Despite hundreds of public submissions and strong oral testimonythe Committee’s report was overwhelmingly weak and disappointing confirming government’s reluctance to introduce meaningful actions to legislate real protections for the true victims – the dogs and puppies, and the misled consumers.

The NSW Puppy Factory victims have been let down and abandoned by three successive NSW Ministers for “Animal Welfare” – Katrina Hodgkinson, Niall Blair and Adam Marshall, all from the NSW National Party and all with the same serious conflict of interest overseeing animal agriculture and animal welfare.

The Time for Change is Now

If like us, you are fed up with empty promises and complete inaction by elected members of the NSW parliament, sign our petition, join our campaign, and pledge to work with us to Say “NO” to NSW Puppy Factories

Our SAY NO campaign will tell the individual stories of NSW Puppy Factory dogs and puppies – their suffering and misery at the hands of the Puppy Factory ‘producers’, and the long list of secondary beneficiaries who turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to animal cruelty and exploitation so they can pocket a percentage of the profits.

We will also expose all the decision-makers and authorities who have continued to let down and abandon these dogs while pocketing their publicly funded salaries.

Say No To NSW Puppy Factories and Animal Liberation have made a solemn promise to these Puppy Factory animals – “We see you, we hear you, we feel your distress, and we recognise that you are “someone” not “something”. We will not fail you like so many others have done before.”

Past Investigations

Animal Liberation staff have gone undercover in pet shops, visited puppy farms and breeders, and helped media outlets expose dodgy practices in the Australian companion animal industry. Find out about the issues we uncovered:

  • Watch the video or read the transcript of the tail end , an episode of SBS Insight that explores why we are killing so many companion animals in Australia. The episode features Animal Liberation’s Jacqueline Dalziell, as well as representatives from animal shelters and the companion animal industry.
  • Read the pet shop diaries, featuring three exposes of the companion animal industry by employees and informants, who reveal the horrors of what goes on behind the cute puppies in the window.
  • Read the transcript of Channel 7’s Today Tonight exposé of pet shops , resulting from the three-month undercover work of Puppy Farm Project Manager, Jacqueline Dalziell.
  • Jacqueline was also featured on ABC Radio National’s Background Briefing episode on the Australian pet industry.

Previous Campaigns

In 2018, Animal Liberation unfortunately lost the fight against a proposed intensive puppy factory in Bathurst. Despite The owner of Kellyville Pets, Mr Grima, had his proposal approved, condemning 60 breeding females to approximately 5 years of breeding, and males to 7 years of breeding.

Together, we can end the exploitation of companion animals. Join Animal Liberation and Say NO, by saying “NO” to NSW Puppy Factories.

Report Animal Cruelty

Have you seen or heard abuse towards an animal or multiple animals? You can call our Cruelty Hotline on 1800 751 770 or send us an encrypted* email to [email protected]. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

*For full end to end encryption, please make a Proton email account. Encryption ensures your email will not be traced and you will be kept anonymous.


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