About Pig Dogging

Pig dogging is a legal blood “sport” that permits dogs to chase and latch onto wild pigs until the hunter catches up and stabs them to death. The pigs scream out in pain as the dogs hold them by their sensitive ears, cheeks and legs. The hunters claim that pig dogging is necessary due to pigs being non-native. However, pig doggers are far removed from their rhetoric of being “conservationists”. Evidence shows a large numbers of parks across Australia are populated with wild animals due to relocation by hunters, who are “seeding” the areas for future hunts [1] [2 PDF].

The law as it currently stands

Pig dogging is a legal exception to Section 18 of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (POCTA): (2) A person must not: (a) cause, procure, permit, encourage or incite a fight in which one or more animals are pitted against another animal or animals, whether of the same species or not, or: in addition, the act of killing the animal must be such that no undue pain or suffering is inflicted on the animal.

In addition, POCTA 1979, requires that a person who hunts an animal must do so in a manner that does not inflict unnecessary pain on the animal. (2) For the purposes of this Act, a reference to an act of cruelty committed upon an animal includes a reference to any act or omission as a consequence of which the animal is unreasonably, unnecessarily or unjustifiably: (a) beaten, kicked, killed, wounded, pinioned, mutilated, maimed, abused, tormented, tortured, terrified or infuriated.   

You can see the hunters just watching and filming as the dogs mauling the pig.


The wild pigs are chased and mauled by two or more dogs. The dogs bite their sensitive ears, cheeks, and legs, pinning them down until the hunter arrives. The hunter then grabs the pigs back leg and stabs them in the chest leaving them to bleed out. While this is happening, the dogs continue to maul the pig.

Hunting dogs are also suffering at the hands of pig doggers. Attempting to take down a larger animal subjects them to potential injuries, leaving some to suffer from horrible wounds. The minimum protective gear requirement for dogs is a cut collar, which protects the throat and neck, leaving their chests exposed [3]. In addition to this, dogs are often left in cages when they aren’t out hunting.

Image result for pig dog injuries
Pig dog injury post hunt

Young children often participate or witness pig dogging and risk becoming inured to the suffering of other species. They are taught that killing another living being is “fun”, which suppresses their innocence. In America, nearly all students who were involved in mass school shootings “practiced” on animals [4].

Farmers are at war with pig doggers as they cause damage to farming communities, by taking and killing animals, destroying fences, and stealing property. Pig doggers have also been aligned with other crimes including drug and gun infringements.

There are approximately 30,000 pig doggers in QLD and NSW.  There is a push to increase these numbers by making this previously predominately male “culture” appealing to young women. To that end, there is a dedicated Facebook page, Babes and Boars, with over 13,000 followers. There is a resistance to the images of pig dogging being shown in public domains and by commercial media, due to their graphic nature.

What you can do

Pigs are incredibly intelligent creatures, who do not deserve to be treated so inhumanely. Wild pigs don’t often have the sympathy of the wider community as they are an introduced species. Yet, we know that society does not condone animal fighting and thus should be against any “sport” that pits animals against each other. You can help by:

  1. Supporting a ban on pig dogging;
  2. Sharing information about pig dogging with your friends and family;
  3. Writing to your local MP to support a ban on pig dogging.
  4. Demand the establishment of an Independent Office of Animal Welfare.


  1. People are completely terrible for doing such a tragic thing to an innocent animal, you need to leave animals alone they’re born innocent just like humans they’ve done no harm to us, yet we do the most horrible things to them UNACCEPTABLE

  2. I know wild pigs are a problem

    I realise they do great damage to our parks and need to be killed, but please not this barbaric way

    Apart from an unnecessary cruel painful end for pigs, the dogs obviously can suffer terribly.

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