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To permanently improve the lives of all animals through legislation, consumer advocacy, action, and humane education.


Christine Townend founded Animal Liberation in 1976, based on the philosophies set out by Professor Peter Singer in his best selling book, Animal Liberation.

Societies over time have continuously challenged prevailing social views for the rights of the oppressed. Discrimination against various races and women were, at one point, a dominant social norm. Over time, increasing numbers of people are recognising that other animals are individuals with unique interests and life stories. The oppression, exploitation, and abuse animals are subjected to makes the contemporary animal rights movement one of the most prescient social change movements around the world.

Our Work

Animal Liberation’s primary work revolves around conducting research and exposing the truth about animal suffering in Australia.

Animal Liberation  works to expose the brutal realities for animals used for food, entertainment, fashion, science, companionship, and those subjected to management or control programs. Animal Liberation is proud to fight for the rights of all species.

People ultimately hold the power to choose alternatives to products or practices that perpetuate animal abuse. Our decisions concerning what to eat, wear, watch, and buy influences the use of animals in a range of industries. Animal Liberation’s purpose is to promote healthy and kind alternatives through education and consumer advocacy.

Campaigns: Education forms the foundation of all Animal Liberation campaigns. Campaign strategies are focused on influencing consumer behaviour and the law by challenging the prevailing social norms, behaviours, and beliefs. Our campaigns provide the public with access to information, allowing them to make informed consumer choices.

Speakers: Education talks by the team and our Humane Education Officer at events, schools, and universities, helps spread the message about the ethics of how societies use animals across the wide range of industries.

Website & Social Media: Our social media platforms provide in-depth information on campaigns, tips and guides on how to live cruelty free, and ways to get involved with the animal rights movement.

Animal Liberation lobbies all levels of government and various industries complicit in animal exploitation, in an attempt to influence legislation and permanently improve the lives of all animals.

Animal Liberation runs and attends public events to convey our message to a wider audience. These include:

Quarterly Meetings: Animal Liberation hosts quarterly meetings to discuss current campaigns, information on what’s happening in the animal rights movement and information on how activists can get involved.

Protests: Protests are regularly held in an attempt to educate the public on the unnatural living conditions and abuse animals are routinely subjected to in various industries.

Stalls: Appearances at music and cultural festivals and universities, helps spread the information to interested parties and provide people with the opportunity to discuss issues that they otherwise would not be able to.

The Cruelty Free Festival: The festival is an event where vegan businesses come together to raise awareness about animal exploitation. It is an opportunity for people to try cruelty free food and products, meet like-minded people, and form bonds that propel the movement forward. This event generates audiences of approximately 5,000 people.

The 1800 Cruelty Hotline (1800 751 770) is for people in rural NSW and Victoria, to report cases of neglect and cruelty to animals. Over a period of 7 years, this service has assisted hundreds of thousands of animals.


Animal Liberation receives no government funding and relies on memberships, donations and bequests to fund our important work.

This means we need a community of as many committed, enthusiastic, and compassionate people to join our campaigns as possible.

You can choose to stand against animal cruelty, by:

Annual Report

Interested to see how our donations are used? Check out our Annual Report (PDF).

Organisation Details

ABN 66 002 228 328

Charity No. CFN11637

CAN 002 228 328


For questions relating to the website or social media, contact Nadia at [email protected] or visit our contact us page!


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