Animal Advocates Call For RSPCA to DUMP Jan Davis


1 MAY 2020: The appointment of a former agricultural consultant as CEO of RSPCA Tasmania has left a bitter taste lingering in the mouths of many animal advocates. Australia’s first and longest running animal advocacy organisation, Animal Liberation, has called on the CEO of the national RSPCA to urgently dump Jan Davis.

Following the resignation of Dr. Andrew Byrne, Jan Davis has claimed the role of CEO of RSPCA Tasmania, outcompeting over 100 other applicants. The choice has ruffled more than a few feathers as Ms. Davis has previously held several high-ranking positions with various agribusiness boards and peak bodies. Ms. Davis has an unacceptable history of prioritising profit over welfare. As the leading Australian animal welfare authority, the RSPCA is expected to provide the “P” is RSPCA: prevention.

“The selection of Jan Davis as CEO of RSPCA Tasmania is a disaster waiting to happen. There is a clear conflict of interest here. We don’t believe that Ms Davis can make objective observations or decisions. We’re calling on RSPCA Australia to urgently reconsider allowing a proverbial fox in the hen-house and remove Ms. Davis from this role immediately”. 

Alex Vince – Animal Liberation’s Campaign Manager.

If permitted to remain in this position, it is clear that Ms. Davis’ old farming friends will take precedence over protecting animals from exploitative industries, previously stating that if Australian farmers aren’t going to “speak up for themselves, somebody has to do it”.

“The RSPCA must be mindful of its obligations to ensure the organisation represents impartial, objective and consistent positions, based on scientific evidence, in line with strong public interest. The key objective of the RSPCA is to safeguard the health and welfare of vulnerable animals. We can’t sit idly by watching on as inappropriate individuals are granted authoritative positions, putting millions of animals lives on the line”.

Alex Vince

Ms. Davis has previously stated that modern agriculture is “not simply cows standing in a field – it is almost industrial in nature”. Having been an individual member of the ACCC’s Agriculture Consultative Committee, Ms. Davis has peers in peak agribusiness organisations, such as Australian Dairy Farmers, Australian Pork Limited and the Australian Chicken Meat Federation. These connections create unacceptable conflicts, pitting the promotion of profiteering intensive farming against the welfare of millions of animals.

“Ms Davis has far too many skeletons in her closet. From factory farming to 1080 baiting, this selection is a bad fit. We expect RSPCA Australia to recognise this and make the required changes urgently”.

Alex Vince

Though Primary Industries and Water Minister, Guy Barnett, has claimed that Ms. Davis’ “passion for animals” would help improve animal welfare outcomes across Tasmania, a petition circulated by Animal Liberation attracted over 1,000 signatures on the day of its publication.

CONTACT: Alex Vince | [email protected]

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