Black Bean Lasagne

4 Persons


2 Cups dried Black Beans ( this will swell to 4 cups when soaked)
3 x 400g tins Diced Tomatoes
Approx 2 tins of water (rinse out your Tomato tins into the mix)
150g Tomato Paste (approx 1/3 of a large jar)
2 Med or 1 Large Onion
1-2 TBS Garlic
1 TBS Massel Beef Stock Powder
1 TBS dried Mixed Herbs
1 Cup Red Wine
Fresh Basil
Salt and Pepper
Wholemeal Lasagne Sheets

cooking procedure

This lasagne mix is very rich and has a beautiful depth in flavour, I use dried black beans that have been soaked overnight drained then rinsed thoroughly, I find that the dried beans hold their shape while still being soft. I slow cook the mix for hours (you could use a slow cooker) then I cool in the fridge overnight and assemble the lasagne the following day. So it's a dish that requires preparation but let me tell you ... it's TOTALLY worth it . I also use that AMAZING potato \ carrot cheeze recipe for the cheeze sauce . This will make an 8 x 8 " pan of Lasagne (with a bit leftover to have on toast or spaghetti )

  1. Saute Onion and Garlic , Mix in tomatoes , tomato paste , water, stock powder, salt , pepper , herbs and Black Beans ( you may not use the full 4 cups , you want it to be a fairly 'saucy' mixture - picture attached).
  2. Bring to boil then reduce to a light simmer with the lid on but slightly ajar .
  3. After the mix starts to reduce down a bit add the Red Wine . Remember to occasionally stir (scraping the bottom of the pan to prevent sticking)
  4. Just keep simmering , stirring and taste testing and adjust to your liking.
  5. When your black beans are soft turn off the heat , place the lid on properly and allow to cool on the stove.
  6. When mix is cool , stir in fresh Basil Leaves and put in fridge and the flavours will deepen.
  7. The next day , bring the mix out of the fridge and warm through slightly ( it is much easier to work with when the chill has been taken off )
  8. Make the potato/carrot cheeze sauce I like this one but I halve the salt - or just your regular white cheezy saucy mix and cool slightly
  9. Assemble the lasagne by starting with a layer of Black Bean mix then lasagne sheets , another layer of Black bean mix then generously drizzle your cheezy sauce mix all over, top with lasagne sheets and repeat until you fill the dish , finishing the top layer with the cheeze sauce mix ONLY .
  10. Bake in oven at 180 for approximately 40 - 45 mins.
  11. Enjoy with homemade Garlic and Herb bread , a green Veg (I suggest Brussels Sprouts - we Loooove Brussel Sprouts) and a glass of that Vegan Red Wine ... ( No wine for the kiddies though )

Recipe by Bronwen Irons