Australian Eggs Exposed

The Truth Behind Australian Eggs

The battery hen spends all of her laying life in a cage, crammed in with three to seven other birds. She stands, for the entirety of her severely truncated lifetime, in a space less than the size of a sheet of A4 paper. In an enclosed shed, containing tiers of cages just like hers, others are forced to live as if their natures were negotiable. She is sick, bored, debeaked, and in pain. Ultimately, her only exit is the slaughterhouse.

An investigation into Australian eggs by Animal Liberation and Aussie Farms reveals the mass killing of ‘useless’ male chicks and the painful “de-beaking” of day-old females.

For every egg-laying hen born into the Australian egg industry, a male chick is born who can't lay eggs and therefore has no commercial value. Every year in Australia, around 12 million of these male chicks are macerated (ground up alive) or gassed in the first day of their lives as 'waste products' of the industry. A large number of abnormal or deformed females are also macerated.

Now, for the first time ever in Australia, the horrific reality of this maceration has been captured on camera, along with the painful de-beaking inflicted on the female chicks. Filmed at one of the country's largest hatcheries, owned by Specialised Breeders Australia (SBA) and located at Huntly, just outside of Bendigo, Victoria, the footage highlights the inexcusable cruelty and suffering behind every carton of eggs, from caged to free-range.

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The issues revealed in our investigation are inherent to egg production across Australia and the entire world. In addition to the male chicks being killed shortly after birth, and the females being painfully de-beaked, the females are then sent to live in cramped, filthy conditions in sheds with tens of thousands of other birds, and killed at just 18 months of age when their production of eggs slows. Egg farming will always be cruel - the most effective thing you can do to end all of this is to simply stop eating eggs and encourage others to do the same, by sharing the above video with them.

Please also sign our petition below, asking the Australian egg industry to stop the mass killing of day-old male chicks.