Australian Pork Limited Acknowledge Pig Pain and Suffering


Australian Pork Limited Acknowledge Pig Pain and Suffering

A media release issued by Australian Pork Limited (APL), which acknowledged the pain and suffering experienced by diseased pigs, infected with African Swine Fever (ASF), has been welcomed by Animal Liberation.


“We know all animals including pigs, considered by many to be as intelligent as a three year old child, are sentient beings. They feel pain and have the capacity to experience and express a wide range of emotions” said Animal Liberation CEO Lynda Stoner.

“It is important that APL now take their enlightened view and admission further, and also acknowledge the pain and suffering of pigs, caused by the routine and everyday pork industry practices.”

“We are calling on APL and other regulatory authorities and agencies to similarly acknowledge the physical, mental and emotional pain and suffering caused to piglets and pigs through government sanctioned, cruel and invasive practices including teeth cutting, ear nothing, tail docking which are undertaken without pain relief. The use of blunt force trauma, commonly known as ‘slamming’, and stunning and slaughter methods in addition to long distance road transport are all also long overdue for review.”

“Current pork industry practices are barbaric and totally out of step with public expectations of good animal welfare.”

Animal Liberation has always advoated that these legal and industry/government sanctioned practices are barbaric and totally out of step with public expectations of good animal welfare.

The common pig stunning method for pigs on the slaughter line is by carbon dioxide (C02). We know from ample evidence that C02 causes extreme pain and stress to pigs over an extended timeframe and can not be considered ‘humane’.

Pig stunning should render the pigs unconscious to ensure they suffer no fear or pain and are not in a ‘conscious’ state when slaughtered. We know however this isn’t always the case.

RSPCA Australia on their recently updated website have confirmed that further research is urgently needed to develop more ‘humane’ stunning systems as an urgent priority, recommending that stunning/killing pigs with high concentrations of CO2 should be phased out quickly, and replaced with a more humane alternative.

RSPCA state recent studies have revealed a number of welfare issues with Co2  stunning. The welfare issues include; the gas is highly aversive, results vary between pigs’ responses, that pigs are not rendered unconscious immediately, and in high concentrations, the Co2 can cause significant pain and distress to pigs.

RSPCA goes on to add that studies of pigs’ behaviour have found that most pigs will avoid high concentrations of Co2 gas if possible, and that almost 90% of pigs preferred to go without water for 72 hours than experience exposure to Co2 gas.


The UK RSPCA has gone one step further calling for a ban on ‘gas chamber’ slaughter of pigs by 2024.The UK animal welfare charity put their name to a joint statement with Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) to demand an end to the slaughter method by 2024.

REF: The RSPCA has joined calls for a ban on the so-called ‘gas chamber’ slaughter of pigs in abattoirs.

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