Australian Racehorses Slaughtered

Australian racehorses slaughtered

The Final Race

ABC 7.30 just gave us another reason to not support the horse racing industry.

“The Final Race” brought the darkest side of the horse racing industry to light. A two-year undercover investigation showed damning evidence that Australian racehorses are being slaughtered when they are no longer “useful”.

A kill buyer for Meramist abattoir, says he buys most of his gallopers direct from trainers – the licensed participants in an industry which has spent the past four days claiming it has no idea so many thoroughbreds are sent to abattoirs.

The investigation found that any horse can end up in an abattoir or knackery, from favourites, like War Ends, to 2 year old thoroughbreds who have never even entered a race – no horse is safe. Peter V’landy’s, Australian horse racing administrator, acknowldged that there is no way for the industry to know if a horse is alive or dead, despite saying they have a traceability program – “we don’t have the resources to check on every horse in NSW to see if it’s alive or if they have passed away.”

Watch the ABC Exposé here

Thoroughbreds identified at Meramist in the last 18 months

  • Sunny Fame
  • Only Money
  • Rapid Feet
  • Bumbunga
  • Valtari
  • Moonline Dancer
  • Take A Chance
  • Vortuka
  • Absolutely Win

Thoroughbreds identified at Luddenham Pet Meat in the last 10 months

  • Courtney’s Luv
  • Unbuckled
  • Startreusse
  • Rebel Prince
  • Perfectly Spun

Thoroughbreds identified at Burns Pet Foods in the last 10 months

  • Legal Waves
  • Hard Reign
  • Reliable Kingdom
  • Explore The World
  • Grand Icon
  • Cloverdale
  • Next Of Kin
  • Halo’s Image
  • Tahitian Black