Ban Rodeos in New South Wales

Bull ban rodeos in NSW

Animal Liberation is pushing to ban rodeos in NSW due to the inherent cruelty it inflicts on animals.

Rodeos are a severely outdated form of “entertainment”, which subjects bulls, steers, and horses to mistreatment and cruelty. The animals used in rodeos are at a high risk of injury and possible death.


Bull riding, calf roping, and bronc riding are shamefully cruel and a gross display of bravado

People provoke the bulls and horses into bucking and twisting, by using electric proddersspurs on their shoes, and a ‘flank strap’, pulled tightly around their sensitive belly.

“Calf roping” involves provoking, chasingroping, and wrestling terrified babies to the ground.

Animals in rodeos commonly suffer broken bones, torn ligaments, and spinal injuries, many of which can be fatal. They also exhibit signs of severe distress, such as crying out, drooling, and frantically trying to escape from the bucking chute.

Animal cruelty is defined as an infliction, by humans, of suffering or harm upon any non-human animal. Rodeos are a perfect display of purposefully inflicting suffering and harm on non-human animals and have no place in society.

Support Animal Liberations push to ban rodeos in NSW by signing and sharing the petition today.

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