Ban the Battery Cage: Have Your Say

Ban the Battery Cage hen

Can you help us ban the battery cage forever?

We now have a chance to get the battery cage banned. All you have to do is have your say and submit it to the Legislative Council Select Committee on the Use of Battery Cages for Hens in the Egg Production Industry  or email your submission to: [email protected]

Why do we want to ban the cage?

Currently in Australia, hens are treated as egg-laying machines. An estimated 11-12 million hens are permanently confined to cages. That means more than 2 out of 3 egg-producing hens spend their life in a cages.

At 6 months old, she is shoved into the cages where she will spend the next year of her life. She will never spread her wings, dust bathe, jump, feel sunlight, or breathe fresh air. When she reaches 18 months old, she will be so worn out from laying eggs that the industry will kill her for being worthless. Read more about layer hen depopulation here.

Despite proof of the serious welfare impacts of battery cages, it is still legal for farmers in the egg industry to use and are the most common type of housing.

The only justification for stuffing hens into cages is to maximise the industry’s production and commercial profits, as it lowers monetary costs. The monetary profits fail to account for the costs placed on the hens.

Find out more about the battery cage here.

Complete the steps!

  1. Write your stance on the use of battery cages.
  2. Click here to lodge your submission
  3. Click on the Submissions tab
  4. Fill in your details and upload your submission!