Celebrate 45 Years of Animal Liberation

Since 1976, Animal Liberation has been at the forefront of the animal rights movement, shining a light on the industries, educating consumers, and fighting for legislative change. While our tactics have progressed over the years, our goal has remained the same – to permanently improve the lives of all animals.

The evening will start with a speech from the person whose book inspired the organisation, Peter Singer, followed by a few words from Animal Liberation’s founder, Christine Townend. We will then be screening Joaquin Phoenix and Paul Thomas Anderson’s heartwarming film, Gunda.

“Gunda is a film about the intelligence, emotions, and sensibility of animals which we have been living close to for thousands of years and mainly considered as our food. The film will show how animals have thinking without language, the capacity to anticipate, the power of insight and decision. And therefore their own destiny.”

Ticket Options:

$30 – entry, drink on arrival, and no raffle tickets.
$40 – entry, drink on arrival, and 6 raffle tickets.
$50 – entry, drink on arrival, and 9 raffle tickets.