Demand a Review of Sydney Zoo

Review of Sydney Zoo

Following the provision of photographs and film taken by a recent visitor to the new Sydney Zoo, Animal Liberation is calling upon the Exhibited Animals Advisory Committee to review Sydney Zoo due to the significant animal welfare concerns that the material shows.

Multiple species are being kept in shockingly barren and empty environments, with almost all of them struggling to find adequate shelter from Sydney’s recent wave of scorching heat and smoke. 

Under the published Guidelines for Committee members, the Committee is tasked with “considering, and where appropriate providing advice on, submissions from animal welfare organisations and agencies, industry or individuals concerning exhibited animal welfare”. 

A representative of Animal Liberation would like to be present during any subsequent inspection, review or audit of the zoo, in line with the Committee’s membership of the Animal Welfare Branch. The Branch is an independent program within NSW Department of Primary Industries which claims its constituents work “closely with community groups and industry to promote best standards of animal care and management in New South Wales”. 

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