Dump Jan Davis

The recent appointment of a long-time enemy to Australian animals as CEO of the RSPCA Tasmania is like putting a vampire in charge of a bloodbank.

Here are 10 big reasons why the RSPCA must immediately cut ties.

Jan Davis:

  1. is against the live-export ban;
  2. denounces animal rights activists;
  3. supports “ag-gag” laws;
  4. is the former CEO of the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association;
  5. is the former CEO of the Agribusiness Association of Australia;
  6. is a former agricultural consultant;
  7. has been a board member of the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture and the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation;
  8. supports “factory farming”;
  9. is a 1080 poison apologist;
  10. does not deserve “a fair-go”.

Despite claiming to have always had “a passion for critters”, the conflict of interest inherent in her appointment obliges RSPCA Australia to reconsider the placement.

Join us in asking RSPCA Australia to dump Jan Davis NOW.


  1. The ineptitude of the Board of RSPCA leaves even me gobsmacked. Not only must Davis go, so must the Board

  2. I can t understand at all how the RSPCA has chosen this woman with the background she has to be in charge of an organisation supposedly for preventing cruelty to animals.

  3. Jan is not a good fit for the position of CEO of the RAPCA of Tasmania, there would be many others more compassionate towards animals who would serve the animals better.

  4. Any person who is involved in the RSPCA at the minimum should have a history of animal advocacy, not a history of enabling animal exploitation and abuse.

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