Eggs recalled as NSW authorities investigate spate of salmonella poisonings

Eggs recalled as NSW authorities investigate spate of salmonella poisonings

The NSW Food Authority are investigating a cluster of 23 salmonella cases associated with a hen egg supplier.

SYDNEY, 8 September 2018: Animal Liberation, an Australian animal rights group dedicated to permanently improving the lives of animals, is calling on consumers to give hens a chance by dropping eggs from their diet.

After 23 cases of salmonella poisoning in NSW were tied to egg supplier ‘Eggz on the Run,’ the NSW Food Authority, the company has issued a voluntary recall. With various media sources urging consumers to avoid purchasing hen eggs, the underlying problem has been missed by many.

“Unfortunately, we’re not surprised to learn that issues like these are entering the human food supply,” says Alex Vince, campaign co-ordinator at Animal Liberation. “The conditions that birds are kept in to produce eggs for sale are often abysmal. We’ve seen sheds so filthy that faeces has built up from the floor to the hen’s feet standing on bare metal cages. It’s not unusual to find dead birds decomposing in the same cage others struggle to survive in”.

Though the Food Authority has maintained that consumers can return the hen eggs for a full refund, the gesture is not enough to remove the harm that is inherent to their production.

“The fact that the poisoned eggs of captive birds can give people such severe sickness indicates that there’s something wrong with the way we think of food. Though humans may occasionally pay a comparatively small price for the opportunity to eat animal products, it’s the hens that will continue to suffer when this investigation ends”.

Through the proliferation of quality assurance programs and associated product labelling schemes, industries trading in animal products have provided consumers with ways to continue complicity in practices that would otherwise be considered cruel.

“Next time you go to purchase a carton of eggs from the supermarket, ask where the boys from the industry go. They are all blended alive within their first few days of life simply because they can’t lay eggs. This is an industry that is literally built on top of the bones of birds that have suffered to put their eggs on supermarket shelves. Rather than worrying about our own health, isn’t it time we gave a thought to the birds in the middle of this?”.

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