End Puppy Factories

breeder puppy factory

Across Australia, dogs and cats are being intensively bred to meet consumer demands. Although commonly referred to as puppy “farms”, these facilities more closely resemble factories, where the individuals are treated as nothing more than breeding machines.

Puppy Factories work on a system of overcrowded and inadequate housing, with mass production. The individual dogs and cats are commodities and units of production, expendable, and replaceable at any time.

Puppy Factories can be small, medium, or large scale and can be “legal” and “illegal”. For the individual animals, the size and scale doesn’t matter. All suffer because they have the capacity to feel fear, pain, and despair.

As a customer, it is impossible to tell whether a dog has been bred in a Puppy Factory – as any breed can come from a Puppy Factory, including purebred dogs, crossbreeds, and mixed breeds. 

Sign the petition and join Animal Liberation and Say NO to NSW Puppy Factories, in demanding an immediate end to exploiting companion animals.

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