Expendable Piglets to be Killed in Industry Effort to Manipulate the Market

The ACCC’s warning to the Australian pork industry highlights the disregard producers have towards animals incapable of producing profit.

SYDNEY, 2018: Animal Liberation, an Australian animal rights group dedicated to permanently improving the lives of animals, condemns the Australian pig meat industry following revelations that producers are killing unprofitable piglets.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has revealed that Australian pig producers face cartel charges if plans to co-operatively kill piglets are followed. Despite this, APL Chair David Lock believes producers have started killing piglets in an endeavour to reduce the oversupply of pig meat across the country.

“Member based industry bodies including Australian Pork Limited, continue to tell the public that animal welfare is a high priority and yet they appear to be complicit in an exercise which allows the killing of baby pigs, sentient beings, simply because the economics do not meet their standards,” says Alex Vince, campaign co-ordinator at Animal Liberation. “It is well known that standard industry practice includes ‘slamming’ a piglets head repeatedly into concrete floors to kill them. This will be the fate awaiting unknown numbers of piglets across the country”.  

Under Australian law the collective decision to reduce the supply of a product in this way is classed as collusion. Despite knowledge of oversupply and the potential industry “crisis” this foreshadows, some producers have claimed that APL advised them to boost production earlier this year.

“The fact that piglets are being killed across the country in a collective reveals the real motives behind animal farming in Australia. As soon as it becomes impossible to produce profit, the animals become expendable instruments. The current crisis facing the pig meat industry has one true victim, and those victims are the animals”.

“Unfortunately, we’re not surprised. Time and time again we are shown what happens when animals are considered items that eventually end up on supermarket shelves instead of the valuable individuals they are. These are sector wide concerns, and for the simple reason that suffering doesn’t have a taste, we believe Australians deserve to have all of the facts so that they can decide if they want to be complicit in practices like these”.


Contact:     Alex Vince | alex @animal-lib.org.au | (02) 9262 3221