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Media Release 11 July deer

Government Push to Bait Bambi – Reignites Calls For Poison Ban

July 11, 2019: Animal Liberation, Australian animal rights organisation dedicated to permanently improving the lives of all animals, condemns the NSW Government’s push for declaring deer “pests” under State legislation. The move has reignited the call for a ban on controversial chemical compound 1080. 

The recently released State plan relies upon a report published by the Natural Resources Commission in 2017 which said “it is time that wild deer and feral cats are treated as pests, like feral pigs and wild dogs”. The pest declaration opens up opportunities for the liberal use of poisons and other cruel control methodologies. 

“People need to know what is really happening here. We hear words and terms like “cull” and “control” and we think, ‘ Well OK, that sounds reasonable’,” says introduced species campaign co-ordinator Alex Vince. “But what we’re not told is exactly what that means or what is involved. The rhetoric around the issue of killing unwanted or unwelcome wildlife is nothing new. It’s a tired old formula that fails to take anything other than fatal measures into account. We think we can do better”. 

That cats, now baited aerially and en masse with 1080-laced sausages, were also explicitly earmarked for control in the same report has raised serious community concerns. Such concerns relate to the inherently dangerous and inhumane nature of 1080 baiting, especially when conducted aerially. 

“It’s simple: we don’t support any actions that cause unnecessary harm to any species of animal. Minister Marshall’s push for deer to be branded as “pests” opens up new and ugly avenues of suffering for these animals. It means they could be poisoned with a toxin in the same restricted chemical schedule as arsenic and cyanide. 1080 is torture”. 

As a founding organisation of the Coalition of Australians Against 1080 Poison, Animal Liberation has heard first-hand and witness accounts that testify the horror of 1080 poisoning. Retired veterinarian Dr. Peter Trolove has raised similar concerns across the Tasman Sea. He recently concluded that “deer take a while to die when suffering from the effects of 1080”. 

Animal Liberation has issued an urgent call for Australians to register their concern over the proposed deer control plan and has asked that supporters write to their relevant authority to challenge potential aerial baiting programs. 

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