Have Fun Without Cruelty

Many people who attend the races do not go for the actual event, they go for a fun day out in the sun with their friends. We’ve put together some tips on how to have fun this racing season, without contributing to animal cruelty!

1. Get dressed up! 

No one said you have to miss out on wearing fancy dresses or suits – who doesn’t love to feel good? You can still dress to the nines, all you have to do is head to a different venue!

This Melbourne Cup, attend one of these “Nup to the Cup” events instead: https://horseracingkills.com/nuptocup/ or throw your own party!

2. Spend the Day Outside

Go out and enjoy the sunshine! Spend the day with friends having a picnic, at the beach, a rooftop bar (one that isn’t supporting the races), or even by the pool – by going anywhere but the racecourse or a supporting venue, you are making a stand for the animals. 

3. Have a drink (or fruity mocktail!)

Pop some sparkling wine (vegan of course), mix up a tasty drink, or have some beers with your friends. If you’re in the mood to go out and dress up, why not try a fancy cocktail bar?

4. Organise your own (human) races

Coordinate races, or a sports day, with your mates; piggy back races, sack races, laps of the pool, to the end of the beach. Whatever it is, remember to make sure it’s safe! We guarantee it will be much cheaper and a tonne more fun.

Help your friends see the cruelty behind the glamour by sharing our article Why shouldn’t I bet on a horse? with them and have your own fun!