Hawkesbury Pets Poisoned by 1080

Two Hawkesbury pets poisoned after baits laid without warning

SYDNEY, 5 September 2018: Animal Liberation, an Australian animal rights group dedicated to permanently improving the lives of animals, condemns the recent companion animal poisonings tied to baiting unwanted wildlife.

Sodium fluoroacetate, commonly referred to as Compound 1080 (‘ten-eighty’), is a chemical used to kill wild animals. Though it has been placed in the same schedule as infamous poisons like cyanide and arsenic, 1080 continues to be laid in baits intended to kill animals considered threats or nuisances. Banned in most countries, the poison is indiscriminate and highly fatal to companion animal species.

“This chemical is so dangerous that it is fatal not only to the animals unfortunate enough to ‘take the bait,’ but has been shown to kill others that go on to scavenge the first animal. This is a scorched earth approach to maintaining a balance in an ecosystem, and it tortures those that ingest it,” says Alex Vince, spokesperson for Animal Liberation.

Commonly used to bait wild animals, 1080 has been criticised as indiscriminate, unethical, and inhumane. Despite conducting a “scorched earth” policy of chemical warfare against wild animals, the government continues to support 1080 drops in national parks and public reserves. Known to lead to prolonged periods of pain, death by 1080 can come up to 48 hours after ingestion. Advocates say that 1080 has no place in a country that claims to care for animals.

“We’ve heard from people across the country that have seen first-hand what this poison does to anyone that ingests it. We’ve heard from families that have seen the suffering that this wretched stuff does to adored family members. The horror stories we have heard and the footage we have seen beggars belief. Any animal that takes the bait awaits a death that could accurately be described as torture. It’s time that we refused to rely on a method that makes Australia look like hell on earth for wild animals”.

Animal Liberation is campaigning for a ban on the use of 1080 in Australia, a position supported by a coalition of Australian organisations and politicians. A motion to phase-out the use of 1080 was introduced by Senator Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party only a fortnight ago, following a petition calling for an immediate ban supported by over 40,000 signatures.

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