Horse Racing: April Summary

race horses

The following is a summary of all NSW racehorses who have suffered in the name of racing. It includes a list of horses who behaved in a way that is indicative of not wanting to race, as well as all of the injuries horses have sustained for the month of April.


Two new deaths from previous months, were noted in the April stewards reports. Please note that it took months for the owners to report the horses deaths.

13 JanDubboRegaliaDIED – Exercise Associated Sudden Cllapse, exercise induced pilmonary haemorrhage
12 FebOakridgeWhere’s FraunhoferEUTHANISED – reared over and head contacted the ground

Horses not wanting to race

This month, 224 horses exhibited behaviours that are indicative of not wanting to race. Horses bucked, were resistant to load into the barrier, were fractious in the barrier, ran “slowly”, were “uncompetitive” or “difficult to ride”, or failed to respond to the rider.

The following table lists the horses and their behaviour, along with the date and racetrack. All information was taken from the NSW Stewards Reports Diary.

8 AprWarwickHe Runs AwayAttempted to buck, poor racing manners
24 AprCanberraShespictureperfectBucked
21 AprArcherStella KissBucked after start
26 AprTamworthKruptableBucked after start
2 AprGosfordLingalonga LassBucked en route to barrier, dislodged rider
18 AprForbesHaven’t We AllBucked in enclosure, dislodged rider, uncompetitive – RETIRED
3 AprTamworthElusive EagleBucked shortly after the start
26 AprTamworthMiss MirceaCast in stable
3 AprCanberraScarleoDifficult to load
18 AprCoonabarabranPoetic HarmonyDifficult to load
18 AprForbesAdmit OneDifficult to load
21 AprSconeNana NeddyDifficult to load
4 AprClarendonMy Rock SingaDifficult to load, unresponsive
5 AprWellingtonPatrick MayDifficult to ride
14 AprNewcastleCatalanicDifficult to ride
16 AprWyongDunleeDifficult to ride
16 AprWyongSecretly AwesomeDifficult to ride
20 AprGraftonTolerateDifficult to ride
25 AprGosfordThe BountyDifficult to ride
3 AprTamworthFlying EncounterDislodged rider during parade and ran
4 AprTareeeNatural PredatorDislodged rider on route to barrier and galloped distance
6 AprQueanbeyanBig EdDislodged rider, cantered, slipped, and made contact with outside rail
15 AprRandwickBallisticaFailed to finish
13 AprSkellatarOur AwardFractious and cast in barrier
18 AprLismoreClixFractious and reluctant to proceed to barriers,
4 AprRandwickMagnalaneFractious at start
6 AprSconeSculpturesFractious in barrier, became cast
2 AprGosfordShuwaamekhFractious in barrier
8 AprWarwickLiberty SunFractious in barrier
13 AprSkellatarRhyming PuppetFractious in barrier
18 AprSkellatarSlimlineFractious in barrier
21 AprSconeInferno MissFractious in barrier
21 AprSconeFanmaliaFractious in barrier
26 AprTamworthBenny The BallFractious in barrier
15 AprRandwickEl BuenaFractious in barrier
7 AprKemblaSethlansFractious in barrier
8 AprWarwickWitherspoonFractious in barrier and at start, poor performance
4 AprTareeeClassy FellaFractious in barrier stalls
13 AprWarwickArchannaFractious in barrier, made slight contact with front gate
13 AprSkellatarRubino VeloceFractious in barrier, missed the start
6 AprSconeWar CaFractious in barrier, reared when start
19 AprWagga WaggaBalansaFractious in barrier, then reared and hit head
12 AprMoruyaChix On FireFractious in mounting enclosure and dislodged rider
17 AprTowac ParkSummer OrchidFractious in mounting yard and dislodged rider
5 AprGundagaiSuperooFractious in the tie up stall
8 AprWarwickLaure Me InFractious in the tie up stall
3 AprTamworthCommando HuntMissed the start
3 AprTamworthGerwigMissed the start
3 AprTamworthKnight StepperMissed the start
6 AprSconeGinger’s VoiceMissed the start
6 AprSconeOlympic FameMissed the start
13 AprSkellatarPerhaps DedayMissed the start
13 AprSkellatarReign Over MeMissed the start
13 AprSkellatarRagged RascalMissed the start
21 AprSconeBirkdaleMissed the start
26 AprTamworthReigning SupremeMissed the start
26 AprTamworthSyrian SeaMissed the start
28 AprTareeLuga LadMissed the start
13 AprSkellatarTrematonMissed the start and stood flatfooted at start
19 AprWagga WaggaWho’s KnockingMissed the start, slipped, and poor performance
29 AprWarwickGalahad’s QuestPoor barrier manners
13 AprWarwickAchieverPoor barrier manners – lunged forward, made heavy contact with barrier
2 AprGosfordCamp DavidPoor barrier manners – lunged forward, missed the start.
23 AprNewcastlePitjaraPoor barrier manners and uncompetitive
2 AprGosfordOakfield TicketsPoor performance
2 AprGosfordRed Hot MoonPoor performance
2 AprGosfordMr HennessyPoor performance
2 AprGosfordCeltic LovePoor performance
3 AprCanberraFlora BelPoor performance
4 AprAlburyManhattan ZipPoor performance
4 AprAlburySpudPoor performance
4 AprRandwickGayatriPoor performance
4 AprRandwickLoving GabyPoor performance
4 AprRandwickBobbingPoor performance
4 AprRandwickDamagedPoor performance
5 AprWellingtonMiss DynamicPoor performance
5 AprWellingtonCisco BayPoor performance
6 AprSconeToorak BeautyPoor performance
7 AprBallinaDreaming of BiscayPoor performance
7 AprKemblaIn FlandersPoor performance
7 AprKemblaJacquine RewardPoor performance
7 AprKemblaCreatorPoor performance
7 AprKemblaMagnificentlyPoor performance
7 AprKemblaWhakaaroPoor performance
8 AprWarwickWhisperedPoor performance
11 AprNewcastleStillerPoor performance
11 AprNewcastleBlazing SunrisePoor performance
11 AprNewcastlePenangPoor performance
11 AprNewcastleCapri LanePoor performance
11 AprPort MacquarieFreedom ParkPoor performance
11 AprRandwickYao DashPoor performance
11 AprRandwickDawn PassagePoor performance
11 AprRandwickProbabeelPoor performance
12 AprMoruyaGambler’s QuestPoor performance
12 AprMoruyaSouthern AppealPoor performance
12 AprMoruyaShapurPoor performance
12 AprMoruyaSizzling BellePoor performance
13 AprWarwickAdanaPoor performance
13 AprWarwickPinvinciblePoor performance
13 AprWarwickStarlaPoor performance
14 AprCoffs HarbourPenny RosaPoor performance
17 AprTowac ParkSing Ken KenPoor performance
17 AprTowac ParkYorkshire RockPoor performance
17 AprTowac ParkDrusillaPoor performance
18 AprKemblaRouchelPoor performance
18 AprKemblaNever Never RiverPoor performance
18 AprKemblaMusumePoor performance
18 AprRandwickMiss InvinciblePoor performance
18 AprRandwickCradle MountainPoor performance
19 AprArmidaleEkangoPoor performance
19 AprWagga WaggaOutahandPoor performance
21 AprArcherWhiskey JackPoor performance
21 AprSconeSki MissilePoor performance
22 AprCanterburyAchieverPoor performance
22 AprCanterburyRomantic WhisperPoor performance
23 AprNewcastlePower of AttorneyPoor performance
24 AprCanberraStandforthe AnthemPoor performance
24 AprPort MacquarieGem DealerPoor performance
25 AprGosfordSwiftletPoor performance
25 AprGosfordLittle AlPoor performance
25 AprGosfordInvictaPoor performance
25 AprRosehillLoves To RockPoor performance
25 AprRosehillDesignatedPoor performance
25 AprRosehillGroundswellPoor performance
25 AprRosehillRule The WorldPoor performance
25 AprRosehillBattlegroundPoor performance
26 AprTamworthTestatinPoor performance
26 AprTamworthJahbathPoor performance
26 AprTamworthMcCormackPoor performance
27 AprNarromineAlaskan AuraPoor performance
28 AprKemblaLoose ButtonsPoor performance
28 AprKemblaSo CharmingPoor performance
28 AprKemblaWhakaaroPoor performance
28 AprKemblaSuccendamPoor performance
28 AprTareeSleepy HeartPoor performance
28 AprTareeBrother MagicPoor performance
29 AprWarwickStill ReigningPoor performance
29 AprWarwickCajetanPoor performance
29 AprWarwickSignificancePoor performance
29 AprWarwickDerbariPoor performance
29 AprWarwickMonasterioPoor performance
30 AprWyongSegoshaPoor performance
30 AprWyongHiemalPoor performance
28 AprKemblaKramericPoor performance
28 AprKemblaOcean HeartPoor performance
25 AprGosfordEmanuelaPoor performance – flat footed
18 AprCoonabarabranQueen MagestyPoor performance – RETIRED
18 AprCorowaIron StridePoor performance – RETIRED
4 AprRandwickCastelvecchioPoor performance (future plans TBD)
11 AprRandwickYoung RascalPoor performance and unresponsive
16 AprWyongBelle De VegaPoor performance, failed to finish
15 AprRandwickMissouri WalzPoor performance, poor racing manners and pre-race behaviours
5 AprWellingtonVega De LagoPoor performance, uncompetitive
2 AprGosfordLudicrous ModePoor performance, unresponsive
4 AprClarendonAuxinPoor performance, unresponsive
4 AprClarendonChewbaccaPoor performance, unresponsive
4 AprRandwickWarningPoor performance, unresponsive
13 AprSkellatarBlazing TycoonPoor performance, unresponsive
18 AprCorowaLord CedrickPoor pre-racing manners
17 AprPort MacquarieBulahdelah MissPoor pre-racing manners and flipped in mounting enclosure
18 AprForbesIsland BeauPoor pre-racing manners, bucked and dislodged rider
26 AprGoulburnNo EmotionPoor pre-racing manners, near foreleg cast over barrier
11 AprArcherJenessaPoor racing manners
8 AprWarwickIsabella Of AragonPoor racing manners
13 AprWarwickCarlin TrendPoor racing manners
14 AprCoffs HarbourTobascoPoor racing manners
16 AprWyongZellymayPoor racing manners
16 AprWyongTemple RunPoor racing manners
24 AprPort MacquarieCrazeelilPoor racing manners – lashed out and leg caught in gates
7 AprKemblaQuick FinancePoor racing manners – stood flatfooted at start
17 AprTowac ParkStonePRE-RACE: fractious in float
25 AprRosehillHandle The TruthReared
16 AprWyongInvincible LadReared at the start
21 AprSconeStrawbReared at the start
14 AprCoffs HarbourAngola MissReared in mounting enclosure, struck head on ground
28 AprTareePlay SchoolRefused to jump
21 AprSconeSharply AttiredRefused to load into barrier
17 AprPort MacquariePrince ArliRefused to load into barrier stalls
19 AprArmidaleRhyming PuppetRefused to load into barrier stalls
5 AprGundagaiFree LunchRefused to load into barrier stalls
19 AprWagga WaggaSoomayyaRefused to load into barrier stalls
7 AprKemblaShe’s So SavvyRestless in barrier
27 AprNarromineWild RocketStood flat footed
14 AprNewcastleAmazing PeaceStood flatfooted and missed the start
18 AprSkellatarObjectiveStood flatfooted and missed the start
16 AprWyongNotabadharadaStood flatfooted and missed the start
17 AprPort MacquarieOakfield JetStood flatfooted and missed the start
18 AprSkellatarEvangelistStood flatfooted and missed the start
6 AprSconeStrawbStood flatfooted at start
5 AprGundagaiOld EliUncompetitive
5 AprGundagaiJohn’s LawUncompetitive
8 AprWarwickI Thought SoUncompetitive
11 AprNewcastleBel DiabloUncompetitive
11 AprNewcastleRepositionUncompetitive
12 AprMoruyaCoup De MainUncompetitive
14 AprCoffs HarbourDegradgraUncompetitive
16 AprGoulburnHands OffUncompetitive
16 AprGoulburnMissile MagicUncompetitive
24 AprCanberraMaci TessUncompetitive
24 AprPort MacquariePortroUncompetitive
25 AprGosfordThe Dark KnightUncompetitive
30 AprWyongThe First RingUncompetitive
16 AprWyongMr StixUncompetitive – leaving stable
27 AprNarromineBanffUncompetitive – leaving stable
16 AprGoulburnFriskee OneUncompetitive – RETIRED
18 AprCoonabarabranUltimate MagicUncompetitive and threw his head up
2 AprGosfordDr MayhemUncompetitive, poor performance
18 AprLismoreGrinzinger ChargerUncompetitive, unresponsive
4 AprClarendonPizzlyUnresponsive
11 AprArcherNeanderthalUnresponsive
12 AprMoruyaLove Shack BabyUnresponsive
18 AprKemblaAshton BlairUnresponsive
18 AprKemblaVan GizUnresponsive
19 AprArmidaleGalapagosUnresponsive
26 AprTamworthElphameUnresponsive
26 AprTamworthSniperessUnresponsive
28 AprKemblaTemperateUnresponsive
28 AprTareeTexas TargetUnresponsive
29 AprWarwickRe EditUnresponsive
3 AprCanberraRent A RockUnresponsive, poor performance
13 AprSkellatarRebel MissUnresponsive, poor performance
21 AprSconeSpeed With EaseUnresponsive, poor performance
30 AprWyongMoccasin MissUnresponsive, poor performance
11 AprArcherRequeenofbacchanalUnruly in mounting enclosure, busted through enclosure
4 AprTareeeEvictUnsettled in the barrier

Slow to begin

In addition to these behaviours, 532 horses were slow at the start, which can be indicitive of not wanting to race.

All information was taken from the NSW Stewards Reports Diary.

1 AprRosehillBella VioletSlow to begin
2 AprGosfordChewie TwoSlow to begin
2 AprGosfordShuwaamekhSlow to begin
2 AprGosfordSisseckSlow to begin
2 AprGosfordRouchelSlow to begin
2 AprGosfordHavenSlow to begin
2 AprGosfordStolen JadeSlow to begin
2 AprGosfordTerwillikerSlow to begin
2 AprGosfordMercurySlow to begin
2 AprGosfordLadies’ GemSlow to begin
3 AprCanberraWar DeckSlow to begin
3 AprCanberraDiamond AffairSlow to begin
3 AprCanberraMiss AntaresSlow to begin
3 AprCanberraActon ShaleSlow to begin
3 AprCanberraBlack WandSlow to begin
3 AprCanberraTerra ReignSlow to begin
3 AprCanberraGossipSlow to begin
3 AprCanberraPropose To MeSlow to begin
3 AprTamworthBeauzenSlow to begin
3 AprTamworthAnzaniSlow to begin
3 AprTamworthLoves A HitSlow to begin
3 AprTamworthRainy DaySlow to begin
3 AprTamworthThousand IslandSlow to begin
3 AprTamworthMore Than GoodSlow to begin
3 AprTamworthThe GavelSlow to begin
3 AprTamworthKilmarnockSlow to begin
3 AprTamworthMadam MoutonSlow to begin
3 AprTamworthDeviateSlow to begin
4 AprAlburyStar For EffortSlow to begin
4 AprAlburyManhattan ZipSlow to begin
4 AprAlburyEmpires CollideSlow to begin
4 AprAlburyTycoon DreamingSlow to begin
4 AprAlburyLuteceSlow to begin
4 AprAlburyCatch The CulpritSlow to begin
4 AprAlburyUnder RestraintSlow to begin
4 AprAlburyBenno’s BoySlow to begin
4 AprAlburyAltessdainSlow to begin
4 AprClarendonSheer ImpulseSlow to begin
4 AprClarendonTamarin FallsSlow to begin
4 AprClarendonDhakuriSlow to begin
4 AprClarendonTip Top TimingSlow to begin
4 AprClarendonPizzlySlow to begin
4 AprClarendonReiby’s RegentSlow to begin
4 AprClarendonSpooky WookySlow to begin
4 AprRandwickReloadedSlow to begin
4 AprRandwickKubrickSlow to begin
4 AprRandwickBobbingSlow to begin
4 AprRandwickGracie BelleSlow to begin
4 AprRandwickMaia NebulaSlow to begin
4 AprRandwickMamaraganSlow to begin
4 AprRandwickShadow HeroSlow to begin
4 AprRandwickChains Of HonourSlow to begin
4 AprRandwickNight’s WatchSlow to begin
4 AprRandwickNettoyerSlow to begin
4 AprRandwickPlaquetteSlow to begin
4 AprRandwickSt Covet’s SpiritSlow to begin
4 AprTareeeBadge Of HonourSlow to begin
4 AprTareeeBouquetsSlow to begin
4 AprTareeeDashing SavannaSlow to begin
4 AprTareeeMr StixSlow to begin
4 AprTareeePropriusSlow to begin
4 AprTareeeLuminosoSlow to begin
4 AprTareeeHorsenadoSlow to begin
4 AprTareeeGeegeeayeSlow to begin
4 AprTareeeBurn’mSlow to begin
4 AprTareeeCoolaminyah KidSlow to begin
5 AprGundagaiCertain ShaftSlow to begin
5 AprGundagaiSupreme KittySlow to begin
5 AprGundagaiMake a RightSlow to begin
5 AprGundagaiMargeeSlow to begin
5 AprGundagaiVeedoubleSlow to begin
5 AprGundagaiIdle FancySlow to begin
5 AprGundagaiBoreasSlow to begin
5 AprGundagaiSumdeelSlow to begin
5 AprGundagaiMyboycollySlow to begin
5 AprGundagaiRocky HighSlow to begin
5 AprGundagaiOnthetakeSlow to begin
5 AprGundagaiRosecraftSlow to begin
5 AprGundagaiThe Doctor’s SonSlow to begin
5 AprGundagaiMonkerySlow to begin
5 AprGundagaiWilly White SocksSlow to begin
5 AprGundagaiMoss the BossSlow to begin
5 AprWellingtonMaggies TimeSlow to begin
5 AprWellingtonLeogangSlow to begin
5 AprWellingtonGrand ExitSlow to begin
5 AprWellingtonAdsumSlow to begin
5 AprWellingtonUniversal ThiefSlow to begin
6 AprQueanbeyanCall Me ArtieSlow to begin
6 AprQueanbeyanWallopingSlow to begin
6 AprQueanbeyanZillmere ZoeSlow to begin
6 AprQueanbeyanRoslyn ParkSlow to begin
6 AprQueanbeyanLast QuestSlow to begin
6 AprQueanbeyanPractical JokeSlow to begin
6 AprQueanbeyanStevenSlow to begin
6 AprQueanbeyanAlpine KingSlow to begin
6 AprQueanbeyanMaddie’s The BossSlow to begin
6 AprQueanbeyanJohn BoySlow to begin
6 AprQueanbeyanOld TraffordSlow to begin
6 AprQueanbeyanMisty Mountain HopSlow to begin
6 AprQueanbeyanPecuniary InterestSlow to begin
6 AprQueanbeyanMy Little RacerSlow to begin
6 AprQueanbeyanCertain RichesSlow to begin
6 AprSconeMissile MagicSlow to begin
6 AprSconeDanza In The DarkSlow to begin
6 AprSconeNijinskaSlow to begin
6 AprSconeForbidden PalaceSlow to begin
6 AprSconeSassy EmSlow to begin
6 AprSconeTessa BurritoSlow to begin
6 AprSconeChief KidderSlow to begin
6 AprSconeNine Not OutSlow to begin
6 AprSconeStrapping ConquestSlow to begin
6 AprSconeWrongfully WrongSlow to begin
6 AprSconeMr OpportunistSlow to begin
7 AprBallinaJoey’s GiftSlow to begin
7 AprBallinaCristal CazSlow to begin
7 AprBallinaLook A’likeSlow to begin
7 AprBallinaMinni MinnahSlow to begin
7 AprBallinaHollywood AlSlow to begin
7 AprBallinaRogueSlow to begin
7 AprBallinaSomniaSlow to begin
7 AprBallinaSpirit Legend (NZ)Slow to begin
7 AprBallinaJet PilotSlow to begin
7 AprBallinaSharp WitSlow to begin
7 AprBallinaCentral WitnessSlow to begin
7 AprBallinaI’ll Miss YouSlow to begin
7 AprBallinaCinnamon MissileeSlow to begin
7 AprKemblaExodiaSlow to begin
7 AprKemblaIn FlandersSlow to begin
7 AprKemblaBigger Than ThornSlow to begin
7 AprKemblaI ArizeSlow to begin
7 AprKemblaMohicanSlow to begin
7 AprKemblaMandalong TapitSlow to begin
7 AprKemblaMushroom RockSlow to begin
7 AprKemblaMy Rock SingaSlow to begin
7 AprKemblaMenagerieSlow to begin
7 AprKemblaOribellaSlow to begin
8 AprWarwickActivationSlow to begin
8 AprWarwickPiping RollerSlow to begin
8 AprWarwickStar CrossedSlow to begin
8 AprWarwickSoul StarSlow to begin
8 AprWarwickLaure Me InSlow to begin
8 AprWarwickKaapfeverSlow to begin
8 AprWarwickRancho NotoriousSlow to begin
8 AprWarwickOn The White TurfSlow to begin
8 AprWarwickLoveseatSlow to begin
9 AprWyongWildcardSlow to begin
9 AprWyongShepherd Of FireSlow to begin
9 AprWyongGunaluvaSlow to begin
9 AprWyongKirwan’s LaneSlow to begin
9 AprWyongCarte BlancheSlow to begin
9 AprWyongHammond LaneSlow to begin
9 AprWyongCrimson TicketSlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleCriaderasSlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleRich BellamaySlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleLouderSlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleMimesisSlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleMyzaboomSlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleBirkdaleSlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleChariots Of FireSlow to begin
11 AprNewcastlePepikhaniSlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleMick An’ NicksSlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleGlorayaSlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleHigh IntellectSlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleInto The OblivionSlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleWhiteleySlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleSirmazeSlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleIsorichSlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleSacred SwordSlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleUpper East SideSlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleWe Could Be HeroesSlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleSculpturesSlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleSeel The DeelSlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleJoy For UsSlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleGin RunnerSlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleEugenioSlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleAllez RevSlow to begin
11 AprNewcastleBirkdaleSlow to begin
11 AprArcherJenessaSlow to begin
11 AprArcherArozona BelleSlow to begin
11 AprArcherFlatout ElleSlow to begin
11 AprArcherResolving To WinSlow to begin
11 AprArcherLouis The GreatSlow to begin
11 AprArcherChuck A YouiSlow to begin
11 AprArcherShoulder ChargeSlow to begin
11 AprArcherGrand AwakeningSlow to begin
11 AprPort MacquarieHavazacSlow to begin
11 AprPort MacquarieStraight HomeSlow to begin
11 AprPort MacquarieSheeranSlow to begin
11 AprPort MacquarieIslamaxSlow to begin
11 AprPort MacquarieMetre EaterSlow to begin
11 AprPort MacquariePlay SchoolSlow to begin
11 AprPort MacquarieLingalonga LassSlow to begin
11 AprRandwickUntamedSlow to begin
11 AprRandwickAl SaharaSlow to begin
11 AprRandwickCelerSlow to begin
11 AprRandwickMuntaseeraSlow to begin
11 AprRandwickMary ValleySlow to begin
11 AprRandwickContritionSlow to begin
11 AprRandwickRaheen HouseSlow to begin
11 AprRandwickYogiSlow to begin
11 AprRandwickNettoyerSlow to begin
11 AprRandwickPohutukawaSlow to begin
11 AprRandwickPretty In PinkSlow to begin
11 AprRandwickMoss TripSlow to begin
11 AprRandwickMiss ExfactorSlow to begin
11 AprRandwickGrey ShadowSlow to begin
12 AprMoruyaCharmin’ MargeSlow to begin
12 AprMoruyaBelleistic LadSlow to begin
12 AprMoruyaRio De JaneiroSlow to begin
12 AprMoruyaAmerican GeniusSlow to begin
12 AprMoruyaPinch PassionSlow to begin
12 AprMoruyaSuper Star BobSlow to begin
12 AprMoruyaThistledoSlow to begin
13 AprSkellatarThe Angels KissSlow to begin
13 AprSkellatarRaglanSlow to begin
13 AprSkellatarDouble CheckSlow to begin
13 AprSkellatarRomanySlow to begin
13 AprSkellatarChastiseSlow to begin
13 AprSkellatarSpecial DesignSlow to begin
13 AprSkellatarDrachenfelsSlow to begin
13 AprSkellatarTwo Ducks ArtieSlow to begin
13 AprWarwickRe EditSlow to begin
13 AprWarwickVenezuelaSlow to begin
14 AprCoffs HarbourNo RespectSlow to begin
14 AprCoffs HarbourSir AngusSlow to begin
14 AprCoffs HarbourVallejoSlow to begin
14 AprCoffs HarbourAstralisSlow to begin
14 AprCoffs HarbourGunnabe GrandSlow to begin
14 AprCoffs HarbourPannier DameSlow to begin
14 AprCoffs HarbourStumps Are TrumpsSlow to begin
14 AprCoffs HarbourCash BundleSlow to begin
14 AprCoffs HarbourDella’s SidekickSlow to begin
14 AprCoffs HarbourMy Sonny’s FaithSlow to begin
14 AprCoffs HarbourMaximalistSlow to begin
14 AprCoffs HarbourPresscottSlow to begin
14 AprCoffs HarbourTiomoSlow to begin
14 AprCoffs HarbourParlandeSlow to begin
14 AprNewcastleMaia NebulaSlow to begin
14 AprNewcastleEncostar GlorySlow to begin
14 AprNewcastleColonnadeSlow to begin
14 AprNewcastleMunsa MagicSlow to begin
14 AprNewcastleJungle RoseSlow to begin
14 AprNewcastleSeraphielSlow to begin
14 AprNewcastleNakodaSlow to begin
14 AprNewcastleJokesSlow to begin
14 AprNewcastleThe Polar ExpressSlow to begin
14 AprNewcastleHay There McNairSlow to begin
14 AprNewcastleLa GrisaSlow to begin
14 AprNewcastleAytobeSlow to begin
14 AprNewcastleSky DiamondsSlow to begin
14 AprNewcastlePlayardSlow to begin
14 AprNewcastleOpinionsSlow to begin
14 AprNewcastleThe OutcastSlow to begin
15 AprRandwickAndreasSlow to begin
15 AprRandwickMufakharaSlow to begin
15 AprRandwickWild About HerSlow to begin
15 AprRandwickMorenoSlow to begin
15 AprRandwickQuadrigaSlow to begin
15 AprRandwickReiby’s RegentSlow to begin
16 AprGoulburnAkela’s CharmSlow to begin
16 AprGoulburnChewie TwoSlow to begin
16 AprGoulburnEl CoyoteSlow to begin
16 AprGoulburnDashkaSlow to begin
16 AprGoulburnSeventh SealSlow to begin
16 AprGoulburnActon ShaleSlow to begin
16 AprWyongMr StixSlow to begin
16 AprWyongPop’s GlorySlow to begin
16 AprWyongCapital VentureSlow to begin
16 AprWyongSpooky WookySlow to begin
16 AprWyongDreamfyreSlow to begin
16 AprWyongKing’s ChampSlow to begin
16 AprWyongDeviateSlow to begin
17 AprTowac ParkSea StitchSlow to begin
17 AprTowac ParkCankinaSlow to begin
17 AprTowac ParkWild RocketSlow to begin
17 AprTowac ParkIndiana WolfSlow to begin
17 AprTowac ParkConfidentialSlow to begin
17 AprTowac ParkShwanky DooSlow to begin
17 AprTowac ParkOur Celtic StarSlow to begin
17 AprTowac ParkAnother SinSlow to begin
17 AprTowac ParkCircus DancerSlow to begin
17 AprTowac ParkZerchoisSlow to begin
17 AprTowac ParkWestern ParadeSlow to begin
17 AprPort MacquarieMiddenSlow to begin
17 AprPort MacquarieExplodesSlow to begin
17 AprPort MacquarieStable TalkSlow to begin
17 AprPort MacquarieConsequencesSlow to begin
17 AprPort MacquarieNikody’s DiegoSlow to begin
17 AprPort MacquarieCampari SodaSlow to begin
17 AprPort MacquarieSparkling RoseSlow to begin
17 AprPort MacquarieBill ‘N’ TedSlow to begin
17 AprPort MacquarieUltimate PowerSlow to begin
18 AprCoonabarabranMy Little SoldierSlow to begin
18 AprCoonabarabranFiveashSlow to begin
18 AprCoonabarabranReady Set GoSlow to begin
18 AprCoonabarabranQueen MagestySlow to begin
18 AprCoonabarabranNobbySlow to begin
18 AprCoonabarabranMiss MonteSlow to begin
18 AprCoonabarabranSome NightsSlow to begin
18 AprCoonabarabranRoyal AbbeySlow to begin
18 AprCoonabarabranDreams Out WestSlow to begin
18 AprCoonabarabranBee Double BeeSlow to begin
18 AprCoonabarabranRawson CrossingSlow to begin
18 AprCoonabarabranJawsomeSlow to begin
18 AprCoonabarabranAllied InvasionSlow to begin
18 AprCoonabarabranChur BroSlow to begin
18 AprCoonabarabranInvincible ThunderSlow to begin
18 AprCorowaLuteceSlow to begin
18 AprCorowaUnder RestraintSlow to begin
18 AprCorowaAstirSlow to begin
18 AprCorowaVillicanaSlow to begin
18 AprCorowaCoolybossSlow to begin
18 AprForbesAnother PlanSlow to begin
18 AprForbesMargeeSlow to begin
18 AprForbesLucky MissSlow to begin
18 AprForbesBentley GoldSlow to begin
18 AprKemblaMacleaySlow to begin
18 AprKemblaDiorissimaSlow to begin
18 AprKemblaWhat A ConceptSlow to begin
18 AprKemblaAperol SprintSlow to begin
18 AprKemblaHoystrykeSlow to begin
18 AprKemblaBacinblacSlow to begin
18 AprKemblaReadathonSlow to begin
18 AprKemblaOur VolantisSlow to begin
18 AprKemblaWicked WillySlow to begin
18 AprKemblaHypernicusSlow to begin
18 AprKemblaGolwenSlow to begin
18 AprLismoreHollymedeSlow to begin
18 AprLismoreMr SheenSlow to begin
18 AprLismoreOn A HandshakeSlow to begin
18 AprLismoreChiakiSlow to begin
18 AprLismoreSpirit Of HussonSlow to begin
18 AprLismoreLaoban Tai TaiSlow to begin
18 AprLismoreGrinzinger ChargerSlow to begin
18 AprLismoreVolfoniSlow to begin
18 AprSkellatarJetty LaneSlow to begin
18 AprSkellatarGold SkyeSlow to begin
18 AprSkellatarShot At The RewardSlow to begin
18 AprSkellatarSing Us A SongSlow to begin
18 AprSkellatarBlinkin NoodlesSlow to begin
18 AprSkellatarMiss KyeemaSlow to begin
18 AprSkellatarAll ReignSlow to begin
18 AprSkellatarCoolaminyah KidSlow to begin
18 AprSkellatarThe TowersSlow to begin
18 AprSkellatarBulletsonSlow to begin
18 AprRandwickBonanova’s DreamSlow to begin
18 AprRandwickCatch MeSlow to begin
18 AprRandwickRubisakiSlow to begin
18 AprRandwickPower SchemeSlow to begin
18 AprRandwickUntamedSlow to begin
18 AprRandwickNight’s WatchSlow to begin
18 AprRandwickMaurusSlow to begin
18 AprRandwickBrandenburgSlow to begin
18 AprRandwickSuper SethSlow to begin
18 AprRandwickBrave SongSlow to begin
19 AprArmidaleMagic PleasureSlow to begin
19 AprArmidaleMiss Dubleo SevenSlow to begin
19 AprArmidaleNip QuickSlow to begin
19 AprArmidaleStarbrookSlow to begin
19 AprArmidaleHead OnSlow to begin
19 AprArmidaleVanzantSlow to begin
19 AprArmidaleHell Of A TailSlow to begin
19 AprArmidaleSaint BartsSlow to begin
19 AprArmidaleLord MagnussenSlow to begin
19 AprWagga WaggaLast QuestSlow to begin
19 AprWagga WaggaEastern BreezeSlow to begin
19 AprWagga WaggaWingmanSlow to begin
19 AprWagga WaggaBemightymanSlow to begin
19 AprWagga WaggaPhyscoaSlow to begin
19 AprWagga WaggaRock ‘n’ ToriSlow to begin
19 AprWagga WaggaMake A RightSlow to begin
19 AprWagga WaggaSumdeelSlow to begin
19 AprWagga WaggaEmpires CollideSlow to begin
19 AprWagga WaggaRoom NumberSlow to begin
20 AprGraftonPoint of AttackSlow to begin
20 AprGraftonCross Eyed MarySlow to begin
20 AprGraftonTorpedo MissSlow to begin
20 AprGraftonMaximalistSlow to begin
20 AprGraftonI’ve Got ThisSlow to begin
20 AprGraftonLawanSlow to begin
20 AprGraftonMidweek HusslerSlow to begin
20 AprGraftonSan SierraSlow to begin
20 AprGraftonFlying PrinceSlow to begin
20 AprGraftonGus lightningSlow to begin
21 AprArcherLightning LuckSlow to begin
21 AprArcherCamp DavidSlow to begin
21 AprArcherEndymionSlow to begin
21 AprArcherSo Say YouSlow to begin
21 AprArcherSassy Snow StormSlow to begin
21 AprArcherVol PriveSlow to begin
21 AprArcherCircus BoundSlow to begin
21 AprArcherSir SessantaSlow to begin
21 AprArcherCharlie ChapSlow to begin
21 AprSconeShukkasSlow to begin
21 AprSconeInferno MissSlow to begin
21 AprSconeLope De BrokerSlow to begin
21 AprSconeItascaSlow to begin
21 AprSconeDukes CountrySlow to begin
21 AprSconeFanmaliaSlow to begin
21 AprSconeLady LlewellynSlow to begin
21 AprSconeBlack SunriseSlow to begin
21 AprSconeRadiant ChoiceSlow to begin
21 AprSconeSchemerSlow to begin
21 AprSconeValatiaSlow to begin
21 AprSconeMorpheusSlow to begin
21 AprSconePeloso LassSlow to begin
22 AprCanterburySwitch PlaySlow to begin
22 AprCanterburyActivationSlow to begin
22 AprCanterburyHarpo MarxSlow to begin
23 AprNewcastleMagnateSlow to begin
23 AprNewcastleElotroladoSlow to begin
23 AprNewcastleShe’s So SavvySlow to begin
23 AprNewcastleClear BlondeSlow to begin
23 AprNewcastleMaginificentlySlow to begin
23 AprNewcastleSmart SuccessSlow to begin
23 AprNewcastleFirst ReadingSlow to begin
23 AprNewcastleInto the OblivionSlow to begin
23 AprNewcastleCommander BellSlow to begin
23 AprNewcastleFinally RealiseSlow to begin
23 AprNewcastleMeboySlow to begin
23 AprNewcastleBluff ‘N’ BlusterSlow to begin
23 AprNewcastleShaibanatSlow to begin
23 AprNewcastleTexas StormSlow to begin
23 AprNewcastleThe DrakeSlow to begin
23 AprNewcastleTrophies GaloreSlow to begin
23 AprNewcastleMarochSlow to begin
24 AprCanberraDelicatelySlow to begin
24 AprCanberraJaziratSlow to begin
24 AprCanberraOnthetakeSlow to begin
24 AprCanberraBooradleySlow to begin
24 AprCanberraSuccessful DaySlow to begin
24 AprCanberraPolar StarSlow to begin
24 AprPort MacquarieNombusoSlow to begin
24 AprPort MacquarieTorbaSlow to begin
24 AprPort MacquarieO’DriscollSlow to begin
24 AprPort MacquarieStroke Of MidnightSlow to begin
24 AprPort MacquarieSecret LagoSlow to begin
24 AprPort MacquariePortroSlow to begin
24 AprPort MacquarieIslamaxSlow to begin
24 AprPort MacquarieLeogangSlow to begin
24 AprPort MacquarieUpper East SideSlow to begin
25 AprGosfordAvion FurySlow to begin
25 AprGosfordLiam’s The BossSlow to begin
25 AprGosfordBy DesignSlow to begin
25 AprGosfordClub TownSlow to begin
25 AprGosfordArroganteSlow to begin
25 AprRosehillChuisleSlow to begin
25 AprRosehillMr WongSlow to begin
25 AprRosehillMangioneSlow to begin
25 AprRosehillDesignatedSlow to begin
25 AprRosehillJetskiSlow to begin
25 AprRosehillMultajaSlow to begin
25 AprRosehillNicci’s GoldSlow to begin
25 AprRosehillInsensataSlow to begin
25 AprRosehillTactical AdvantageSlow to begin
25 AprRosehillBattlegroundSlow to begin
25 AprRosehillGirl TuesdaySlow to begin
25 AprRosehillValentino RossaSlow to begin
25 AprRosehillAliferousSlow to begin
25 AprRosehillLive And FreeSlow to begin
26 AprGoulburnBudderoo BlitzSlow to begin
26 AprGoulburnPepikhaniSlow to begin
26 AprGoulburnGunaluvaSlow to begin
26 AprGoulburnSpring SecretSlow to begin
26 AprGoulburnKattegatSlow to begin
26 AprGoulburnMotimeSlow to begin
26 AprGoulburnAtomic BlastSlow to begin
26 AprGoulburnBlack ChilliSlow to begin
26 AprGoulburnLateral MissileSlow to begin
26 AprGoulburnMiss ClambakeSlow to begin
26 AprGoulburnHulmeSlow to begin
26 AprGoulburnTwilight SunSlow to begin
26 AprTamworthSplasherSlow to begin
26 AprTamworthThe BopperSlow to begin
26 AprTamworthLucky ShadowSlow to begin
26 AprTamworthSethlansSlow to begin
26 AprTamworthEntreatSlow to begin
26 AprTamworthWhitelySlow to begin
26 AprTamworthMount BullaSlow to begin
26 AprTamworthAvago BoySlow to begin
26 AprTamworthMaui PrincessSlow to begin
27 AprNarromineStep To VictorySlow to begin
27 AprNarromineBobbie’s BoySlow to begin
27 AprNarromineWild RocketSlow to begin
27 AprNarromineGo LooseSlow to begin
27 AprNarromineSome NightsSlow to begin
27 AprNarromineEl Rey DoradoSlow to begin
27 AprNarromineJust On SpecSlow to begin
27 AprNarromineClever MissileSlow to begin
27 AprNarromineThe ExchequerSlow to begin
27 AprNarromineTokyo BulletSlow to begin
27 AprNarromineCooee MarchSlow to begin
28 AprKemblaCabaritaSlow to begin
28 AprKemblaMollycoddleSlow to begin
28 AprKemblaDream MaidenSlow to begin
28 AprKemblaBigger Than ThornSlow to begin
28 AprKemblaVarinkaSlow to begin
28 AprKemblaCrimson TicketSlow to begin
28 AprKemblaEugenioSlow to begin
28 AprKemblaCarlin TrendSlow to begin
28 AprKemblaTrajectionSlow to begin
28 AprTareeHorsenadoSlow to begin
28 AprTareeLightning LuckSlow to begin
28 AprTareeIt’s Chime TimeSlow to begin
28 AprTareeDeed Of GiftSlow to begin
28 AprTareeDunoonSlow to begin
28 AprTareeTime StalkerSlow to begin
28 AprTareeMiss KyeemaSlow to begin
28 AprTareeKarlu DreamingSlow to begin
29 AprWarwickAtomic FeatherSlow to begin
29 AprWarwickKippaxSlow to begin
29 AprWarwickMore ProphetsSlow to begin
29 AprWarwickKing’s ChampSlow to begin
29 AprWarwickBound To WinSlow to begin
29 AprWarwickMushroom RockSlow to begin
29 AprWarwickFairlightSlow to begin
29 AprWarwickRe EditSlow to begin
29 AprWarwickGalahad’s QuestSlow to begin
29 AprWarwickWeather ChannelSlow to begin
29 AprWarwickLive The MomentSlow to begin
30 AprWyongAuvergneSlow to begin
30 AprWyongDakshaSlow to begin
30 AprWyongFlatout ElleSlow to begin
30 AprWyongSpanish FighterSlow to begin
30 AprWyongKirroSlow to begin
30 AprWyongCottenhamSlow to begin
30 AprWyongLadies’ GemSlow to begin
30 AprWyongKey To GLorySlow to begin
30 AprWyongUnder The ThumbSlow to begin
30 AprWyongBlinkin NoodlesSlow to begin
30 AprWyongAnubisSlow to begin
30 AprWyongSalsa ManSlow to begin


Racing horses at extreme speeds, places them at a risk of an injury. In April, 135 horses were injured, suffering from abnormal respiratory noises, bleeding in the lungs, abrasions, lacerations, muscle soreness, and lameness. This list excludes bruising caused by the whip.

The following table lists the horses and their injury, along with the date and racetrack. All information was taken from the NSW Stewards Reports Diary.

25 AprRosehillSuper ExAbnormal respiratory noise
25 AprRosehillMr WongAbnormal respiratory noise – blood in both nostrils
16 AprWyongGrappas GirlAbnormal respiratory noise – endoscopic
18 AprKemblaNowitzkiAbnormal respiratory noise – endoscopic
22 AprCanterburyTestabelloAbnormal respiratory noise – endoscopic
25 AprRosehillDesignatedAbrasion to near hind leg
18 AprCoonabarabranIma BulletBi-lateral shin soreness
12 AprMoruyaSpinherBleeding attack
24 AprCanberraDeauvilleBleeding attack
26 AprGoulburnLily’s Little GirlBleeding attack – LIFETIME BAN
14 AprNewcastleNakodaBleeding from both nostrils
8 AprWarwickCodebreakerBleeding from both nostrils
8 AprWarwickShadow CrushBleeding from both nostrils
9 AprWyongDown To EarthBleeding from both nostrils
11 AprNewcastleMimesisBleeding from both nostrils
18 AprRandwickEnchanted HeartBleeding from both nostrils
25 AprGosfordSwiftletBleeding in one nostril
5 AprGundagaiProlongoBleeding in one nostril
11 AprRandwickHappy ClapperBlood in nearside nostril
24 AprCanberraRozburgBlood in nearside nostril
28 AprKemblaSuccedamBlood in nearside nostril
25 AprRosehillAgent PippaBlood in offside nostril
22 AprCanterburyNictockCardiac arrhythmia
23 AprNewcastleQueen SnipCardiac arrhythmia
29 AprWarwickSignificanceCoughed post race
25 AprGosfordInvictaCoughed post race
16 AprGoulburnMissile MagicCut to right side of their mouth
9 AprWyongKulnuraFell and transported off course – pelvic injury, hairline fracture of pelvis
21 AprArcherNowyunomiFell whilst racing
6 AprQueanbeyanSogeriGalloped on near fore leg
28 AprKemblaSarah ElizabethGalloped on near hind leg
16 AprWyongDreamfyreInjury to near fore leg tendon – RETIRED
11 AprNewcastleRich BellamayInjury to off fore tendon – RETIRED
6 AprSconePerfect PeaceLaceration and abrasion to off hind leg
27 AprNarromineGorn HoffLaceration to near fore leg
3 AprTamworthElectric DaisyLaceration to near hind leg
27 AprNarromineDefies LogicLaceration to off fore leg
6 AprQueanbeyanConcreteLaceration to off hind leg
21 AprArcherJudge’s DaughterLaceration to off hind leg
16 AprGoulburnMogartoLaceration to right hindquarter
12 AprMoruyaSouthern AppealLame in front (2/5)
23 AprNewcastlePower of AttorneyLame in near fore leg
18 AprRandwickCradle MountainLame in near fore leg – arthroscopy
18 AprCoonabarabranUltimate MagicLame in near fore leg (1/5)
27 AprNarromineBonitasLame in near fore leg (1/5)
3 AprCanberraFlora BelLame in near fore leg (2/5)
4 AprClarendonDebriefLame in near fore leg (2/5)
5 AprWellingtonValar DohaerisLame in near fore leg (2/5)
6 AprQueanbeyanZillmere ZoeLame in near fore leg (2/5)
6 AprQueanbeyanRoslyn ParkLame in near fore leg (2/5)
15 AprRandwickCommanderLame in near fore leg (2/5)
17 AprPort MacquarieKid GalahadLame in near fore leg (2/5)
20 AprGraftonKnock ToffLame in near fore leg (4/5), suspected injury to near fore knee
13 AprWarwickLady CuveeLame in near foreleg (2/5)
18 AprRandwickDreamforceLame in near foreleg (2/5)
22 AprCanterburyEpilineLame in near hind leg (1/5)
11 AprNewcastleBlazing SunriseLame in near hind leg (2/5)
22 AprCanterburySegrillLame in near hind leg (2/5)
17 AprPort MacquarieJustitiaLame in off fore leg (1/5)
18 AprRandwickRelucentLame in off fore leg (1/5)
22 AprCanterburyWhisperedLame in off fore leg (1/5)
27 AprNarromineCliodhnaLame in off fore leg (1/5)
8 AprWarwickSurrey ThunderLame in off fore leg (2/5)
11 AprRandwickCelerLame in off fore leg (2/5)
11 AprRandwickCosmic ForceLame in off fore leg (2/5)
11 AprRandwickHush WriterLame in off fore leg (2/5)
11 AprRandwickNettoyerLame in off fore leg (2/5)
16 AprWyongPop’s GloryLame in off fore leg (2/5), made contact with Highbury
6 AprQueanbeyanAdmire GratziLame in off fore leg (3/5)
28 AprKemblaMikhailLame in off fore leg (3/5)
9 AprWyongDivine ElevenLame in off fore leg (midly)
13 AprWarwickFrankely AwesomeLame in off foreleg (2/5)
4 AprClarendonOn Angels WingsLame in off foreleg (3/5)
13 AprSkellatarVeganzaLame in off foreleg (3/5)
24 AprPort MacquarieDashing SavannaLame in off hind leg
24 AprCanberraBooradleyLame in off hind leg (1/5)
7 AprKemblaWhakaaroLame in off hind leg (2/5)
28 AprKemblaSun Moon SkyLamee in off fore leg (2/5)
18 AprRandwickStandoutLoud respiratory noise
25 AprGosfordHead SpinsMild signs of colic
25 AprGosfordThe BountyMild thumps
21 AprArcherWhiskey JackMildly lame off hind leg
4 AprRandwickFascinopost race vet check
4 AprTareeeSing Us A SongRight foot made contact with barrier stall
17 AprTowac ParkSing Ken KenShin soreness
28 AprKemblaSea EchoSlipped on jumping and made contact with I Am A Country Boy
3 AprTamworthKing IrisSlow to recover
4 AprRandwickDamagedSlow to recover
4 AprRandwickJulian RockSlow to recover
4 AprTareeeJennifer MagicSlow to recover
5 AprGundagaiBianbarnieSlow to recover
5 AprWellingtonNeanderthalSlow to recover
5 AprWellingtonWhite BootsSlow to recover
7 AprBallinaCollombattiSlow to recover
7 AprBallinaTumut River (NZ)Slow to recover
7 AprKemblaSaimaaSlow to recover
7 AprKemblaMenagerieSlow to recover
8 AprWarwickBrazenpineSlow to recover
11 AprPort MacquarieShezashootingstarSlow to recover
11 AprRandwickGreat DangerSlow to recover
11 AprRandwickAsharaniSlow to recover
11 AprRandwickProbabeelSlow to recover
13 AprSkellatarTrust In A StarSlow to recover
13 AprWarwickMajor MurphySlow to recover
13 AprWarwickThinking CapSlow to recover
14 AprCoffs HarbourPenny RosaSlow to recover
14 AprNewcastleEcho LadSlow to recover
17 AprTowac ParkFroomeSlow to recover
18 AprLismoreGem Of The LochsSlow to recover
18 AprRandwickMiss InvincibleSlow to recover
18 AprRandwickHolyfieldSlow to recover
19 AprArmidaleAre Zhu ReadySlow to recover
19 AprArmidaleHorsenadoSlow to recover
20 AprGraftonFire In The HoleSlow to recover
21 AprArcherDeep GoldSlow to recover
22 AprCanterburyPizzlySlow to recover
22 AprCanterburyFamousSlow to recover
24 AprCanberraCandy BarSlow to recover
24 AprPort MacquarieC’est La VieSlow to recover
24 AprPort MacquarieSpirit In The SkySlow to recover
25 AprRosehillBattlegroundSlow to recover
26 AprTamworthSniperessSlow to recover
28 AprKemblaSo CharmingSlow to recover
29 AprWarwickPrincess CordeliaSlow to recover
30 AprWyongSegoshaSlow to recover
4 AprRandwickYoungstarSlow to recover – RETIRED
21 AprSconeLope De BrokerSlow to recover, bled from 1 nostril
7 AprBallinaBold AssertionSlow to recover, lame in off fore leg (2/5)
17 AprTowac ParkRoyal MonarchSlow to recover, respiratory distress
17 AprTowac ParkShock AlertSlow to recover, respiratory distress
13 AprSkellatarBlazing TycoonSlow to recovery
22 AprCanterburyStoltzSore on the shins
19 AprArmidaleGalapagosSore over the back
29 AprWarwickHerzegovinaStruck across the nose by the whip of another rider
4 AprTareeeMagic SmileStruck head in barrier stalls

Pre-race Injuries

In addition to the injuries experienced on track, 24 horses suffered from an injury before they even entered the race.

All information was taken from the NSW Stewards Reports Diary.

23 AprNewcastleShaibanatPRE-RACE: abrasion to near side hock, from being kicked
14 AprNewcastlePhantom SparkPRE-RACE: blood in mouth
24 AprCanberraI Am KalaniPRE-RACE: bowed off fore tendon
4 AprClarendonSecretivelyPRE-RACE: got down in float?
11 AprArcherDequeenofbacchanalPRE-RACE: haematoma off fore leg
18 AprKemblaTrengganuPRE-RACE: head injury during transport
19 AprWagga WaggaBalansaPRE-RACE: hit head in starting box
26 AprTamworthChambermaidPRE-RACE: injured on float
18 AprCoonabarabranBig SurprisePRE-RACE: kicked in offside shoulder
11 AprArcherRoyal PopcornPRE-RACE: kicked veery heavily by another horse
13 AprSkellatarNorthern LightsPRE-RACE: laceration to forehead
14 AprCoffs HarbourNorthern KnightPRE-RACE: laceration to mouth
14 AprNewcastleJoy And MirthPRE-RACE: lame in near fore leg
30 AprWyongCamp RiflePRE-RACE: lame in near fore leg
26 AprGoulburnTurbo ChargerPRE-RACE: lame in off fore leg 3/5
26 AprTamworthWar Of ThronesPRE-RACE: lame in offside hind leg (3/5)
18 AprRandwickSt Covet’s SpiritPRE-RACE: made contact with fence mounting enclosure
16 AprGoulburnPolhamptonPRE-RACE: re-opened a wound on nostril
14 AprNewcastleThink StraightPRE-RACE: sore off fore foot
3 AprTamworthDark ArliPRE-RACE: struck head in stalls
25 AprRosehillBandersnatchPRE-RACE: sustained a wound to off hind canon
7 AprKemblaAzousticPRE-RACE: swelling in jaw
18 AprSkellatarGeegeeayePRE-RACE: swelling in off fore tendon
26 AprGoulburnAlpine KingPRE-RACE: swelling to near hock

Bumped / Made Contact

Racing is dangerous, as it places horses running at high speeds in a confined track where they have the potential to collide with one another or even the barricades. On NSW tracks, 84 horses made contact with each other or the gates, many were noted to become unstable after the collision.

All information was taken from the NSW Stewards Reports Diary.

24 AprPort MacquarieChilli ChilliBumped after start
18 AprLismoreSeductionBumped after start
26 AprTamworthSyrian SeaBumped after start
25 AprRosehillFormenteraBumped by Cordyceps Miracle
18 AprKemblaLisitsaBumped by Dame Margot
25 AprGosfordSchengenBumped by Doing Shots
22 AprCanterburyWild IrishBumped by Elizabeel
25 AprRosehillIf You Say SoBumped by Formentera
18 AprRandwickIn Her TimeBumped by Greyworm
29 AprWarwickRe EditBumped by Kelvinside
29 AprWarwickKentucky WildcatBumped by Maggie Miss
18 AprLismoreRogueBumped by Minni Minnah
28 AprKemblaSilhouetteBumped by Momack
16 AprWyongSavaspurBumped by Super Dancer
8 AprWarwickPurple SectorBumped by Surrey Thunder
29 AprWarwickZensationalBumped by Young heart
24 AprCanberraSafe LandingBumped Heaven On Earth
18 AprCoonabarabranMiss CranBumped heavily by Inferno Miss
20 AprGraftonLove WavesBumped heavily on hindquarter
22 AprCanterburyBeach BabyBumped heavily with Famous
24 AprCanberraMossy OakBumped heavily with Farage
28 AprTareeDenim StreetBumped on jumping
28 AprKemblaAluraBumped Peltzer
18 AprKemblaTodwickMade contact with barrier partition, made contact with Aperol Sprint mutliple times
22 AprCanterburyMiyakeMade contact with Blast
9 AprWyongBollywoodMade contact with Blinkin’ Noodles
4 AprRandwickEric The EelMade contact with Castelvecchio
2 AprGosfordStillerMade contact with Dance Too Hard
15 AprRandwickJetskiMade contact with Defeat and Art of More
18 AprCoonabarabranSimchaMade contact with Dynamite Dan
2 AprGosfordMikhailMade contact with Foxy Rocket
28 AprKemblaCriaderasMade contact with Foxy Rocket
4 AprTareeeInferno MissMade contact with front of barrier stalls – lunged forward
2 AprGosfordOur Cheeky MonkeyMade contact with Glock
15 AprRandwickBubbles BallMade contact with Got Your Six
4 AprRandwickBottegaMade contact with Grand Piano
16 AprWyongMissile RainMade contact with Grappas Girl
11 AprNewcastleCriaderasMade contact with Great Tye
2 AprGosfordSocial SmileMade contact with Gundy
4 AprRandwickRulershipMade contact with Harmonium
11 AprRandwickIndy CarMade contact with Havin’ Fun
29 AprWarwickWindstreamMade contact with Hinchbeast
30 AprWyongAnubisMade contact with Holy Reign
16 AprWyongAuvergneMade contact with Jaywalker
2 AprGosfordBadiaMade contact with Just A Horse
16 AprWyongVox PopMade contact with Lord Tony
16 AprWyongUnamericanMade contact with Loves To Rock
27 AprNarromineNorthern LightsMade contact with Magnarock
11 AprRandwickMaster Of WineMade contact with Melody Belle
11 AprArcherGirl You WantMade contact with Milawa
16 AprWyongSongsheetMade contact with More Prophets
3 AprCanberraBartMade contact with near side gate
2 AprGosfordShuwaamekhMade contact with nearside barrier partition
2 AprGosfordNotabadharadaMade contact with nearside barrier partition
25 AprGosfordElaborateMade contact with nearside partition of barrier
22 AprCanterburyOakfield TwilightMade contact with Nictock
11 AprRandwickOakfield MissileMade contact with Oakfield Captain
30 AprWyongMoccasin MissMade contact with offside barrier partition
11 AprNewcastleSacred SwordMade contact with Penang
11 AprRandwickSwats ThatMade contact with Philizzy
4 AprRandwickLarimer StreetMade contact with running rail
4 AprRandwickShared AmbitionMade contact with running rail
25 AprRosehillTricky GalMade contact with Segalas
6 AprQueanbeyanJudge’s DaughterMade contact with Shady Diamond
2 AprGosfordTarobaMade contact with Sisseck
18 AprRandwickBolero KingMade contact with Stephan
13 AprWarwickPizzlyMade contact with Stolen Jade
9 AprWyongThe CartoonistMade contact with Test Of War
30 AprWyongTri NationsMade contact with Tokyo King
25 AprRosehillUnknown UniverseMade contact with Twentyfour Carat
11 AprArcherTrain The BraveMade contact with Via Condotti
11 AprRandwickMustajeerMade contact with Young Rascal
6 AprQueanbeyanCanford CallingMade heavy contact Running Broke and
11 AprRandwickAnaheedMade heavy contact with Dawn Passage
4 AprRandwickJerleMade heavy contact with Doubtland
8 AprWarwickPress StartMade heavy contact with Drizzle
17 AprTowac ParkLateral MissileMade heavy contact with Ginger’s Voice
14 AprNewcastleWhisky MagicMade heavy contact with Liam’s The Boss
4 AprClarendonThe MediatorMade heavy contact with Much Much Better
9 AprWyongNiewandMade heavy contact with nearside barrier partition
15 AprRandwickPyrmontMade heavy contact with Saffiano
28 AprKemblaCrimson TicketMade heavy contact with Sea Echo
18 AprKemblaMercuryMade heavy contact with Wicked Willy and Terra Reign
4 AprClarendonDebariMade heavy contact with You Excite Me
race horses
Horses colliding on racetrack

What you can do

No horses deserve to suffer in the name of entertainment. The only way to end the cruelty is to end the “sport”. You can help make this happen, by:

  1. Making the decision to never attend or bet on a horses life again: take the pledge
  2. Share this information with your friends and family

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