Horse Racing: June Summary

Every month, Animal Liberation reviews the horse racing stewards reports to record how many horses display signs of an unwillingness to race, all injuries, and how often collisions happen.

We regularly hear that horses love to race when in reality, they just have the ability to run fast. Non-human animals are known to compete for resources, not so much status. Unless their life depends on it, they would not push themselves to a dangerous limit. The horses entered in racing competitions are beaten into compulsion with the use of the whip. Other trainers use illegal methods, such as electric jiggers, to train the horses to comply.

horse race
Horse racing places stress on their bodies

Horses labelled as difficult

In June, 298 horses could be seen as protesting their involvement. From bucking and escaping handlers to refusing to enter into the barrier, being “difficult” to ride or unresponsive to the rider, or “uncompetitive” or performing “poorly”. Some horses have been “retired” or “transferred” from their stable due to their actions, others will be forced to compete in future races.

In addition to these behaviours, 477 were noted as “slow to begin”. This means that the horse was slow to leave the gates.

Please note, that there is some overlap between horses who are exhibiting poor behaviours or are “slow” and those with injuries.

The following table lists the horses and their behaviour, along with the date and racetrack. All information was taken from the NSW Stewards Reports.

9 JuneCorowaCelebAttempted to Buck
28 JuneDubboKing QinAttempted to Buck, poor performance, poor racing manners
16 JuneTamworthMagic CharleeBroke through barriers, galloped riderless
25 JuneCasinoGitchee GumeeBroke through barriers, galloped riderless – raced
25 JuneCasinoWhat’s OnemoreBroke through barriers, galloped riderless – raced
29 JuneTareeCeremonial PrinceBucked
2 JuneCessnockKhitaamyDifficult in barrier – injured
2 JuneCessnockDenim StreetDifficult in barrier – off hind leg up on running board
6 JuneRandwickPhaistosDifficult to finish race
1 JuneDubboDusky DamselDifficult to load into barrier
12 JuneGoulburnTargarianDifficult to load into barrier
23 JuneHawkesburyPaprenaDifficult to load into barrier
20 JuneQuirindiSnipex AbaaDifficult to load into barrier, fractious in barrier, missed the start
21 JuneWagga WaggaBig TeddyDifficult to load into barrier, poor performance
2 JuneCessnockVoyagesDifficult to ride
3 JuneCanberraZambadaDifficult to ride
5 JuneWagga WaggaCurrawarDifficult to ride
5 JuneWagga WaggaSteparound GalDifficult to ride
6 JuneNewcastleOur LastDifficult to ride
6 JuneRandwickSavvy ValentinoDifficult to ride
7 JuneHawkesburyChief GeronimoDifficult to ride
8 JuneBallinaSara ManDifficult to ride
13 JuneNarranderaSurreal DealDifficult to ride
13 JuneNarranderaYou’re So NaturalDifficult to ride
13 JuneRosehillMeadow LandDifficult to ride
15 JuneAlburySomething FancyDifficult to ride
16 JuneTamworthCochysDifficult to ride
18 JuneWyongAl SnipDifficult to ride
20 JuneRandwickTejoriDifficult to ride
22 JuneWarrenGorn HoffDifficult to ride
25 JuneKemblaJenessaDifficult to ride
26 JuneSconeDanebrookDifficult to ride
26 JuneSconeGood Time CharlieDifficult to ride
30 JuneGosfordJaziratDifficult to ride
3 JuneCanberraPinch MemoryDifficult to ride, poor racing manners
27 JuneGundagaiThink MusicDifficult to settle
6 JuneGraftonChampagne GardenDislodged jockey in mounting yard, ran, and collided with running rail
29 JuneTareeHorshackDislodged rider, galloped, poor pre racing manners
5 JuneTareeHappy MoFractious at start, poor performance
3 JuneRandwickThe DenzelFractious in barrier
6 JuneNewcastleKittyhawk FlyerFractious in barrier
6 JuneRandwickHandle The TruthFractious in barrier
8 JuneWarwickFrosty RocksFractious in barrier
10 JuneCanterburyDamreelFractious in barrier
13 JuneRosehillLaburnumFractious in barrier
23 JunePort MacquarieSerlinaFractious in barrier
26 JuneMoruyaFantiniFractious in barrier
27 JuneRosehillTime To ReignFractious in barrier
2 JuneCessnockRevenireFractious in barrier and cast
13 JuneNarranderaWorking TogetherFractious in barrier and cast
3 JuneCanberraKezFractious in barrier, cast underneath stall – made contact with another horse
3 JuneCanberraTreasure BossFractious in barrier, reared multiple times, hit head
25 JuneKemblaCircus BoundFractious in barrier, reared, made contact with partition – poor barrier manners
2 JuneCessnockRiflesFractious in mounting enclosure, dislodged rider, and escaped
1 JuneDubboLitte CeasarFractious in mounting enclosure, flipped and dislodged rider
3 JuneCanberraGiocosoFractious in mounting yard, dislodged rider
2 JuneCessnockDe GoeyFractious in tie-up stalls
6 JuneNewcastleIn A WhileFractious in tie-up stalls, kicked out, raced
6 JuneTamworthTrip To LondonMissed the start
22 JuneSconeRazielMissed the start
26 JuneSconeSea LadyMissed the start
5 JuneWagga WaggaSpicy RestaurantMissed thee start, poor pre race behaviour
30 JuneGosfordExcelticOff hind leg up on running board
3 JuneCanberraRevolverPoor performance
22 JuneWarrenAttaleaPoor performance
24 JuneCanterburyMonasterioPoor performance
2 JuneCessnockIntimidatingPoor performance
3 JuneRandwickGiftgiverPoor performance
3 JuneRandwickAbsolutely FoxyPoor performance
3 JuneRandwickIndigenousPoor performance
3 JuneRandwickSedonaPoor performance
3 JuneRandwickDonandkimPoor performance
3 JuneRandwickBig Bad BrucePoor performance
5 JuneTareeRazanoPoor performance
6 JuneGraftonDangerous DanPoor performance
6 JuneNewcastleCoat Of ArmsPoor performance
6 JuneNewcastleAvostarPoor performance
6 JuneNewcastleYulong MonocerosPoor performance
6 JuneNewcastleAll But GonePoor performance
6 JuneRandwickAcrophobicPoor performance
6 JuneRandwickEnflouragePoor performance
6 JuneRandwickGuisePoor performance
6 JuneRandwickItz LilyPoor performance
6 JuneRandwickLa GrisaPoor performance
6 JuneTamworthAustinmerPoor performance
6 JuneTamworthHey DudePoor performance
7 JuneHawkesburyYoung HeartPoor performance
7 JuneSapphire CoastTerre Di BaccioPoor performance
7 JuneSapphire CoastRuler of AllPoor performance
8 JuneBallinaBlackwater BronnPoor performance
8 JuneWarwickRock DovePoor performance
9 JuneCorowaJust BusinessPoor performance
9 JuneSconeSaquonPoor performance
11 JuneGosfordMr CostiganPoor performance
11 JuneGosfordBushidoPoor performance
11 JuneGraftonSinepariPoor performance
12 JuneDubboCullingworthPoor performance
12 JuneDubboTokyo BulletPoor performance
12 JuneGoulburnGiordanoPoor performance
12 JuneGoulburnBacinclacPoor performance
12 JuneGoulburnTic Tock ManPoor performance
12 JuneGoulburnSpectrePoor performance
12 JuneGoulburnHinvictusPoor performance
13 JuneKemblaSam SpadePoor performance
13 JuneKemblaPower RushPoor performance
13 JuneRosehillShowtime LadyPoor performance
13 JuneRosehillBroken ArrowsPoor performance
13 JuneRosehillMurilloPoor performance
14 JunePort MacquarieCeremonial PrincePoor performance
14 JunePort MacquarieClevaniccPoor performance
15 JuneAlburyOrtezPoor performance
15 JuneBathurstEye WillPoor performance
16 JuneArcherKimberley RainPoor performance
16 JuneTamworthAcclaim To FamePoor performance
17 JuneWarwickHe’s A HotshotPoor performance
17 JuneWarwickSplit Not A ShockPoor performance
17 JuneWarwickWhat A GirlPoor performance
18 JuneWyongTimon StingerPoor performance
18 JuneWyongAlakahanPoor performance
19 JuneCanberraEurosayPoor performance
19 JuneCanberraMosolinoPoor performance
20 JuneNewcastleRhythmic PulsePoor performance
20 JuneQuirindiCrazyairePoor performance
20 JuneRandwickCyber InterventionPoor performance
20 JuneRandwickAnimaliaPoor performance
20 JuneRandwickRedoublePoor performance
20 JuneRandwickInvictus PricePoor performance
20 JuneRandwickThereeoodPoor performance
21 JuneWagga WaggaFever TreePoor performance
22 JuneSconeFancytatmoPoor performance
22 JuneSconeSurfPoor performance
22 JuneSconeNaughty NicciPoor performance
22 JuneSconeBullet RaidersPoor performance
22 JuneWarrenSeawatchPoor performance
22 JuneWarrenMusic MissPoor performance
23 JuneHawkesburyBroadside ArmourPoor performance
23 JunePort MacquarieYamba’s StarPoor performance
23 JunePort MacquarieTexas StormPoor performance
24 JuneCanterburyPrompt ProdigyPoor performance
24 JuneCanterburyTastebudPoor performance
24 JuneCanterburyHoly ReignPoor performance
25 JuneCasinoFinest ActPoor performance
25 JuneCasinoLady BowlerPoor performance
25 JuneKemblaThor’s ThunderPoor performance
26 JuneMoruyaRomanPoor performance
26 JuneMoruyaKatie Did ItPoor performance
26 JuneMoruyaNieces And NephewsPoor performance
26 JuneMoruyaJarrettPoor performance
26 JuneSconeDontforgetmonicaPoor performance
26 JuneSconeBandaharaPoor performance
26 JuneSconeBig RoyPoor performance
27 JuneGundagaiCheyseing IvyPoor performance
27 JuneGundagaiMiss FarlooPoor performance
27 JuneNewcastleBondi BluePoor performance
27 JuneNewcastleManabarPoor performance
27 JuneRosehillWichita WarriorPoor performance
27 JuneRosehillRed Hot ChillypinsPoor performance
27 JuneRosehillSpencerPoor performance
28 JuneDubboCutie PatoutiePoor performance
28 JuneDubboRaposaPoor performance
28 JuneDubboRazielPoor performance
28 JuneDubboSt AntonPoor performance
28 JuneDubboGood HostPoor performance
28 JuneDubboHaalanPoor performance
28 JuneDubboGenghis KhanPoor performance
28 JuneDubboKahloPoor performance
28 JuneGraftonRise’n’shinePoor performance
28 JuneGraftonEigerPoor performance
29 JuneTareeFirst Time LuckyPoor performance
30 JuneGosfordGalierroPoor performance
22 JuneWarrenPrivate PoetPoor performance
29 JuneTareeCod ByePoor performance
16 JuneTamworthZoulingPoor performance – leaving stable
22 JuneWarrenDreams Out WestPoor performance – leaving stable
28 JuneDubboGo LoosePoor performance – leaving stable
13 JuneMudgeeGrand ExitPoor performance – leaving stable
22 JuneSconeJust Two VeesPoor performance – RETIRED
7 JuneSapphire CoastLeami AstrayPoor performance (“disinterested”)
7 JuneSapphire CoastSheriffPoor performance (future TBA)
13 JuneRosehillCanastaPoor performance (requires throat surgery)
11 JuneGosfordLucciola BellePoor performance (whipped out of contention, future TBA)
12 JuneDubboRambler RebelPoor performance and racing manners
27 JuneNewcastleCan’t Duch DisPoor performance, difficult to ride
20 JuneQuirindiArminaPoor performance, lethargic
8 JuneWarwickBob’s Your UnclePoor performance, poor racing manners
3 JuneCanberraIrresistable GirlPoor performance, raced “tired”
13 JuneRosehillMaggie MissPoor performance, raced flat, future TBA
12 JuneDubboUniversal ThiefPoor performance, raced flat, unresponsive
9 JuneSconeHallowed LassPoor performance, ran with head up
7 JuneHawkesburySea BossPoor performance, uncompetitive
12 JuneGoulburnLand Of ValensPoor performance, uncompetitive
15 JuneBathurstNines EnoughPoor performance, uncompetitive
27 JuneGundagaiCoolgardiePoor performance, uncompetitive
5 JuneWagga WaggaNuremburg CastlePoor performance, unresponsive
6 JuneNewcastleSend Me WildPoor performance, unresponsive
6 JuneRandwickBurning CrownPoor performance, unresponsive
8 JuneWarwickBroadside ArmourPoor performance, unresponsive
13 JuneRosehillLjungbergPoor performance, unresponsive
20 JuneNewcastleCottenhamPoor performance, unresponsive
25 JuneCasinoRobindalePoor performance, unresponsive
25 JuneKemblaMendooranPoor performance, unresponsive
28 JuneGraftonEgyptian AmuletPoor performance, unresponsive
13 JuneKemblaPrincess SunlightPoor performance, unresponsive, future TBA
4 JuneWyongCalifornia SpellPoor performance, unresponsive, weakened
13 JuneKemblaWatchingPoor performance, unresponsive, weakened
3 JuneCanberraI Call Junee HomePoor performance, weakened
13 JuneRosehillCaptivarePoor performance, weakened
7 JuneSapphire CoastKuna MagicPoor racing manners
9 JuneCorowaQueen of WarPoor racing manners
10 JuneCanterburyBombasayPoor racing manners
11 JuneGosfordMexican StandoffPoor racing manners
27 JuneGundagaiCunningar LassPoor racing manners
27 JuneRosehillSebagoPoor racing manners
30 JuneGosfordRomper StomperPoor racing manners
2 JuneCessnockLoves A HitRaced flat – spelled
2 JuneCessnockJosie’s JetRaced flat – spelled
7 JuneHawkesburyChewie TwoRaced flat – spelled
6 JuneTamworthLet’s Fly CaitlynReared at start
12 JuneGoulburnIrish LucyReared at start
27 JuneNewcastleTower RoadReared at start
30 JuneGosfordSassy EmReared at start, uncompetitive
1 JuneDubboZorossaRefused to load
5 JuneTareeDiscomposeRefused to load
7 JuneHawkesburySwift ChickRefused to load
14 JuneMuswellbrookOwhata CrumpetRefused to load
20 JuneNewcastleOwhata CrumpetRefused to load
22 JuneSconeTrogan AngelRefused to load
25 JuneCasinoManaguaRefused to load
30 JuneGosfordVersifierRefused to settle, poor racing amnenrs
27 JuneRosehillMongolian WolfStood flatfooted
28 JuneGraftonGerwigStood flatfooted
23 JunePort MacquarieMy Sonny’s FaithStood flatfooted, missed the start
27 JuneGundagaiBlinkin NoodlesStood flatfooted, missed the start, poor performance
23 JuneHawkesburyPythiaStood flatfooted, uncompetitive
12 JuneGoulburnFlash BrewTrial: launched forward and dislodged rider
2 JuneCessnockWallopingUncompetitive
4 JuneWyongSonneireUncompetitive
6 JuneGraftonKrakan CoveUncompetitive
6 JuneTamworthShow PassUncompetitive
8 JuneBallinaBraddock DownUncompetitive
8 JuneBallinaShinarUncompetitive
12 JuneDubboDomesday DancerUncompetitive
13 JuneNarranderaSnatchaUncompetitive
20 JuneQuirindiDazzle StreetUncompetitive
22 JuneSconeReign Over MeUncompetitive
22 JuneWarrenArraignUncompetitive
22 JuneWarrenBattle AngelUncompetitive
22 JuneWarrenWilburglenUncompetitive
25 JuneCasinoTie BreakerUncompetitive
25 JuneCasinoSpin ‘n’ WinUncompetitive
27 JuneNewcastleBaba GanoujUncompetitive
25 JuneCasinoFencourtUncompetitive – future TBA
8 JuneBallinaYes KurtUncompetitive, future TBA
8 JuneBallinaPrivato MissUncompetitive, leaving stable
22 JuneSconeStarbugUncompetitive, poor performance
25 JuneCasinoDragon PursuitUncompetitive, poor performance
27 JuneNewcastleEl ToreadorUncompetitive, poor performance
28 JuneDubboNodeelUncompetitive, poor performance
30 JuneGosfordCrown AffairUncompetitive, poor performance
22 JuneWarrenDame RougeUncompetitive, poor performance – leaving stables
15 JuneBathurstMy Little SoldierUncompetitive, poor performance, leaving stable
15 JuneBathurstCongenial MistressUncompetitive, poor performance, weakened
29 JuneTareeDunoonUnresponsive to rider
7 JuneHawkesburyCalbucoUnresponsive to rider
7 JuneHawkesburySmart PantherUnresponsive to rider
9 JuneCorowaCash or CreditUnresponsive to rider
9 JuneSconeHamish The SwiftUnresponsive to rider
13 JuneKemblaWon’t Hurt YaUnresponsive to rider
14 JuneMuswellbrookHustledUnresponsive to rider
16 JuneTamworthRoman CandleUnresponsive to rider
20 JuneQuirindiSilent JackUnresponsive to rider
21 JuneWagga WaggaDeparting BulletUnresponsive to rider
22 JuneSconeThe Deel Is DoneUnresponsive to rider
22 JuneSconeBoom GateUnresponsive to rider
25 JuneKemblaShadow BridgeUnresponsive to rider
27 JuneGundagaiOppositeUnresponsive to rider
27 JuneRosehillHit The TargetUnresponsive to rider
6 JuneGraftonZip Zap Cop ThatUnresponsive to rider
22 JuneSconeBelitsaUnresponsive to rider – continually blundered
28 JuneGraftonCare To ThinkUnresponsive to rider – RETIRED
6 JuneRandwickSanto RasenUnresponsive to rider (after blundering)
7 JuneHawkesburyDawn Too GoodUnresponsive to rider, poor performance
16 JuneTamworthMore Than A SambaUnresponsive to rider, poor performance
20 JuneQuirindiMymillUnresponsive to rider, poor performance
23 JuneHawkesburyMcCallUnresponsive to rider, poor performance
23 JunePort MacquarieFindelleeUnresponsive to rider, poor performance
26 JuneSconeTreble ClefUnresponsive to rider, poor performance
30 JuneGosfordStar Of SuccessUnresponsive to rider, poor performance
7 JuneHawkesburyTourmasterUnresponsive to rider, poor performance (recovery tba)
7 JuneHawkesburyRizzutoUnresponsive to rider, poor racing manners
7 JuneHawkesburySuper SwishUnresponsive to rider, weakened

Poor pre-race behaviours

Before entering their races, the following horses were described as having poor pre-racing manners. Fractious means irritable, unruly, and difficult to control.

The following table lists the horses and their behaviour, along with the date and racetrack. All information was taken from the NSW Stewards Reports.

11 JuneGraftonI’m JackoPre-race: dislodged jockey
6 JuneTamworthZoulingPre-race: dislodged jockey, galloped
28 JuneDubboWalton HallPre-race: fractious in float, injured
8 JuneWarwickEdmondPre-race: fractious in tie-up stall, cast
2 JuneCessnockLucky SirenPre-race: fractious in transport float
4 JuneWellingtonAisle SixPre-race: fractious in transport float
20 JuneQuirindiPixmePre-race: fractious and struck head in race stall, while being saddled


175 horses suffered from injuries whilst racing on NSW tracks in June. Injuries range from minor, such as abrasions and overwhipping*, to major, such as severe bleeding attacks, lameness, and cardiac arrhythmia.

We would like to note that not all injuries are life-threatening, however, many can be indicative of a more serious health issue.

Bryon Roy and Bart died as a result of their injuries. My Nordic Hero was also killed after suffering from an injury in May.

*Not all horses who were over-whipped were listed due to a lack of information in the stewards’ reports.

The following table lists the horses and their behaviour, along with the date and racetrack. All information was taken from the NSW Stewards Reports.

28 JuneDubboZariz RaiderAbnormal hind limb action
23 JuneHawkesburyMcCallAbnormal respiratory noise
24 JuneCanterburyBella RosaAbnormal respiratory noise
25 JuneKemblaOojoobaAbnormal respiratory noise
27 JuneNewcastleBrownie’s SongAbnormal respiratory noise
28 JuneGraftonCare To ThinkAbnormal respiratory noises
13 JuneKemblaYou’re NextAbrasion to near hind bumper
3 JuneCanberraMissile MagicAbrasion to near hind pastern
25 JuneCasinoDragon PursuitAbrasions to both hind fetlocks
6 JuneGraftonKorrinAtrial Fibrillation
5 JuneTareeFearnleyBled from both nostrils
28 JuneDubboMaggies TimeBled from both nostrils
25 JuneCasinoLe MattanBled from both nostrils
30 JuneGosfordSassy EmBled from both nostrils – Leaving stable
6 JuneTamworthRubisingaBled from both nostrils – RETIRED
7 JuneSapphire CoastSacred SonBled from both nostrils – RETIRED
18 JuneWyongSebourgBled from both nostrils – RETIRED
30 JuneGosfordTwo SeasBled from both nostrils – RETIRED
8 JuneBallinaAlatoraBled from both nostrils and made contact on jumping – RETIRED
7 JuneSapphire CoastLord BoulevardBled from both nostrils, 3 month ban
16 JuneWarwickPassage Of imeBled from both nostrils, 3 month ban (trial)
25 JuneKemblaThe Irish YankeeBled from both nostrils, and made contact with You Rang, then Chillichoc
15 JuneRandwickRapid FireBled from both nostrils, RETIRED (trackwork)
28 JuneDubboPiped AboardBled from near side nostril
13 JuneRosehillTestashadowBled from offside nostril
16 JuneArcherGarryfromthebullBleeding attack, 3 month ban
27 JuneRosehillSebagoBlood present in mouth
1 JuneDubboDirty DigbyBlundered badly on jumping
1 JuneDubboZoutenantBlundered badly on jumping – Laceration on off fore leg
11 JuneGraftonMister MakerBlundered, quatered near hind heels
2 JuneCessnockZem FactorCardiac arrhythmia
3 JuneRandwickPrivate ThoughtsCardiac arrhythmia
28 JuneGraftonPenshurstCardiac arrhythmia
27 JuneRosehillGayatriCardiac arrhythmia
27 JuneNewcastleSuperbankCardiac Arrhythmia and tachycardia
4 JuneWellingtonLeica BenzCardiac arrhythmia, slow to recover
6 JuneRandwickTony’s RewardCondition “gave out”
1 JuneDubboForgiatoCoughed multiple times – endoscopic
28 JuneDubboKahloCoughing and displayed abnormal respiratory noise
6 JuneRandwickEnfleurageCoughing post race
7 JuneSapphire CoastBryan RoyDIED: suffered severe bleeding attack, collapsed, died.
7 JuneSapphire CoastBartDIED: suffered severe bleeding attack, collapsed, died.
15 JuneAlburyKeep it DownGraze inside left nostril
22 JuneWarrenMusic MissHematoma on off side shoulter
2 JuneCessnockMahogany BayInjury to off fore tendon – future TBA
20 JuneNewcastleBrunettaInjury to off fore tendon and associated lameness (Future TBA)
12 JuneDubboCullingworthJarred up
6 JuneGraftonMystic BrookJarring up
3 JuneRandwickCoco CuberLaceration in mouth
4 JuneWellingtonPapa JohnLaceration on off hind leg, slow to recover
28 JuneDubboOakfield PoetLaceration to near fore heel
6 JuneNewcastleSuperstasiaLaceration to near hind fetlock
1 JuneDubboAlison PrincessLaceration to near hind leg
12 JuneDubboMalibu StaceyLaceration to near hind leg
13 JuneNarranderaAmerican StormLaceration to right front fetlock, lame in same leg (1/5)
4 JuneWyongBluemoon DreamLame in both forelegs (1/5), slow to recover – RETIRED
6 JuneGraftonZip Zap Cop ThatLame in both forelegs (2/5) – Transferred from stable
28 JuneDubboGenghis KhanLame in both front legs
27 JuneGundagaiCoolgardieLame in left fore leg (1/5)
1 JuneDubboStar DreamerLame in near fore leg (1/5)
1 JuneDubboPolished PennyLame in near fore leg (1/5)
11 JuneGosfordRepositionLame in near fore leg (1/5)
12 JuneDubboGalleries SupremeLame in near fore leg (1/5)
12 JuneDubboShehrozLame in near fore leg (1/5)
4 JuneWyongEl ToreadorLame in near fore leg (2/5)
17 JuneWarwickSeventh SealLame in near fore leg (2/5)
22 JuneWarrenLanrizzLame in near fore leg (2/5)
24 JuneCanterburyBlack WandLame in near fore leg (2/5)
26 JuneMoruyaDanzureLame in near fore leg (2/5)
27 JuneRosehillCrack Me UpLame in near fore leg (2/5)
25 JuneKemblaStraight TorqueLame in near fore leg (2/5)
29 JuneTareeKabeloLame in near fore leg (3/5)
13 JuneMudgeeGetting ReadyLame in near hind leg (1/5)
27 JuneNewcastleMy TunesLame in near hind leg (1/5)
6 JuneTamworthRegal EyesLame in near hind leg (3/5)
8 JuneBallinaCoolwedgeLame in near hind leg (3/5)
10 JuneCanterburyOur GravanoLame in near hind leg (3/5), weakeened
27 JuneRosehillRed Hot ChillypinsLame in near hind leg (4/5)
1 JuneDubboDefies LogicLame in off fore leg (1/5)
5 JuneWagga WaggaDesert StormLame in off fore leg (1/5)
6 JuneRandwickWren’s DayLame in off fore leg (1/5)
27 JuneRosehillMilunkaLame in off fore leg (1/5)
1 JuneDubboAneesaLame in off fore leg (1/5) – RETIRED
5 JuneTareeHappy MoLame in off fore leg (2/5)
18 JuneWyongApiciusLame in off fore leg (2/5)
6 JuneRandwickDr DrillLame in off fore leg (2/5)
10 JuneCanterburyMilunkaLame in off fore leg (2/5)
13 JuneRosehillMarmarisLame in off fore leg (2/5)
18 JuneWyongOur Cheeky MonkeyLame in off fore leg (2/5)
20 JuneNewcastleHaleviLame in off fore leg (2/5)
20 JuneRandwickNew MajorLame in off fore leg (2/5)
20 JuneRandwickStar Of HaradaLame in off fore leg (2/5)
26 JuneMoruyaUzbekistanLame in off fore leg (2/5)
27 JuneRosehillSullyLame in off fore leg (2/5)
23 JunePort MacquarieScorching ZorroLame in off fore leg (3/5), suspected tendon injury
18 JuneWyongMick An’ NicksLame in off hind leg (2/5)
11 JuneGraftonMalakaiLame in off hind leg (2/5), weakened during event
20 JuneNewcastleAlrilloLamee in near fore leg (1/5)
29 JuneTareeLittle CocoLunged forward in barrier stalls
22 JuneSconeFancythatmoMonitor recovery for future
13 JuneKemblaWatchingMuscle soreness
6 JuneRandwickPrimitivoOverwhipped
13 JuneKemblaDummy RunOverwhipped
13 JuneKemblaWhisperedOverwhipped
13 JuneRosehillWord For WordOverwhipped
14 JunePort MacquarieChivadahliOverwhipped
21 JuneWagga WaggaBravado LassOverwhipped
21 JuneWagga WaggaBlazing ZoneOverwhipped
26 JuneSconeLeshemOverwhipped
27 JuneRosehillLatin BeatOverwhipped
28 JuneGraftonWanderOverwhipped
12 JuneDubboA Martin PlacepickOverwhipped – 9 times before 100m and 2 consecutive occasions
19 JuneCanberraBarging TessShin soreness
5 JuneTareeManly HanoverSigns of colic
1 JuneDubboNarrow Neck NelsonSlow to recover / poor recovery
3 JuneRandwickDonandkimSlow to recover / poor recovery
3 JuneRandwickBig Bad BruceSlow to recover / poor recovery
4 JuneWellingtonNeanderthalSlow to recover / poor recovery
4 JuneWellingtonJondy DesSlow to recover / poor recovery
4 JuneWellingtonBit of a BeautySlow to recover / poor recovery
6 JuneRandwickPurtonSlow to recover / poor recovery
8 JuneBallinaBlackwater BronnSlow to recover / poor recovery
8 JuneBallinaMontevideoSlow to recover / poor recovery
8 JuneWarwickDominant LadySlow to recover / poor recovery
8 JuneWarwickMansa MusaSlow to recover / poor recovery
8 JuneWarwickInvincible DivaSlow to recover / poor recovery
13 JuneKemblaPrincess SunlightSlow to recover / poor recovery
13 JuneKemblaOregon TrailSlow to recover / poor recovery
13 JuneRosehillPaths Of GlorySlow to recover / poor recovery
15 JuneBathurstNicka NarcellsSlow to recover / poor recovery
15 JuneBathurstCreidneSlow to recover / poor recovery
15 JuneBathurstTurfezeSlow to recover / poor recovery
16 JuneTamworthMore Than A SambaSlow to recover / poor recovery
17 JuneWarwickShe’s So SavvySlow to recover / poor recovery
17 JuneWarwickSplit Not A ShockSlow to recover / poor recovery
20 JuneRandwickAll StandSlow to recover / poor recovery
20 JuneRandwickHulkSlow to recover / poor recovery
20 JuneRandwickConvincedSlow to recover / poor recovery
22 JuneSconeRegal EyesSlow to recover / poor recovery
22 JuneSconeMagnificentlySlow to recover / poor recovery
23 JuneHawkesburySriniSlow to recover / poor recovery
24 JuneCanterburyChateaux ParkSlow to recover / poor recovery
24 JuneCanterburyHeart Of SienaSlow to recover / poor recovery
24 JuneCanterburyMonasterioSlow to recover / poor recovery
26 JuneMoruyaRomanSlow to recover / poor recovery
26 JuneMoruyaKatie Did ItSlow to recover / poor recovery
26 JuneMoruyaNieces And NephewsSlow to recover / poor recovery
28 JuneDubboHarwok’N’ZoffSlow to recover / poor recovery
30 JuneGosfordPrince SixSlow to recover / poor recovery
30 JuneGosfordIn Ya SkyrocketSlow to recover / poor recovery
8 JuneWarwickBroadside ArmourSlow to recover / poor recovery
20 JuneRandwickBirth Of VenusSlow to recover / poor recovery
22 JuneSconeJust Two VeesSlow to recover / poor recovery
13 JuneNarranderaSnatchaSlow to recover / poor recovery
23 JuneHawkesburyPitjaraSlow to recover / poor recovery
22 JuneWarrenMy ShiromiSlow to recover / poor recovery
18 JuneWyongMantelliSlow to recover / poor recovery
7 JuneHawkesburyYoung HeartSlow to recover / poor recovery – going to use tongue tie
23 JuneHawkesburyBroadside ArmourSlow to recover / poor recovery – Post test revealed internal haemorrhage
25 JuneKemblaMendooranSlow to recover / poor recovery – post test TBA
6 JuneRandwickRegal StageSlow to recover / poor recovery – TBA
20 JuneQuirindiMymillSlow to recover / poor recovery to be monitored
8 JuneWarwickUltimate ThinkerSlow to recover / poor recovery, abnormal respiratory noises
15 JuneBathurstCongenial MistressSlow to recover / poor recovery, blood taken
20 JuneRandwickAnimaliaSlow to recover / poor recovery, future TBA
20 JuneQuirindiArminaSlow to recover / poor recovery, lethargic
3 JuneCanberraBallistaSmall cut inside right foreleg
29 JuneTareeZa Za ZenaSpeedy cuts on off hind leg, slow to recover
3 JuneCanberraApril StormSpeedy cuts to left hind leg and showing stiffness
28 JuneGraftonChampagne GardenSprained off fore flexor tendon, lame (4/5)
22 JuneWarrenSeawatchWeakened (update needed)
18 JuneWyongArchery ButtsWeakened (update needed)
5 JuneTareeScorpion’s RevengeWeakened, slow to recover
12 JuneGoulburnHinvictusWeakened, slow to recover
7 JuneHawkesburySmart DecisionWeakened (update needed)
Horse racing nsw
The track where Bryan Roy and Bart died.

Made contact

Racing horses places them at risk of collision with each other, the barriers, and running rail. 213 horses collided whilst racing, placing them at risk of an injury.

The following table lists the horses and their behaviour, along with the date and racetrack. All information was taken from the NSW Stewards Reports.

DateRacecourseHorseMade Contact
11 JuneGraftonLucapMade contact
11 JuneGraftonRocks The CoveMade contact
11 JuneGraftonCanterbury KingMade contact
25 JuneCasinoPhil’s DreamMade contact
25 JuneCasinoOn A HandshakeMade contact
25 JuneCasinoTeo TorriateMade contact
25 JuneCasinoToffee DropMade contact
28 JuneGraftonFace the FactsMade contact
28 JuneGraftonTools DownMade contact
11 JuneGraftonIn Ya SkyrocketMade contact
25 JuneCasinoWillo TittoMade contact
11 JuneGraftonForzaMade contact after start
11 JuneGraftonThe Last WarriorMade contact after start
28 JuneGraftonIn FioreMade contact after start
28 JuneGraftonJust SizzlingMade contact after start
11 JuneGraftonWhat’s OnemoreMade contact, became unbalanced
26 JuneSconeMegalodonMade contact, became unbalanced
27 JuneGundagaiSmokey EyeMade contact, became unbalanced
23 JunePort MacquarieNullabornMade contact, became unbalanced
5 JuneTareeCasirinaMade contact on jumping
5 JuneWagga WaggaOur FinvarraMade contact on jumping
8 JuneBallinaQukesMade contact on jumping
8 JuneBallinaNothern StarMade contact on jumping
8 JuneBallinaDreamtime MagicMade contact on jumping
8 JuneBallinaEster’s RoseMade contact on jumping
8 JuneBallinaPortuguese TartMade contact on jumping
8 JuneBallinaShe’s ChoosieMade contact on jumping
9 JuneCorowaAhadi FarasiMade contact on jumping
9 JuneCorowaPay The DeelerMade contact on jumping
11 JuneGraftonAdelita RoseMade contact on jumping
11 JuneGraftonGem of the LochsMade contact on jumping
14 JunePort MacquarieSerene BeautyMade contact on jumping
21 JuneWagga WaggaKipeMade contact on jumping
23 JunePort MacquarieZoukiMade contact on jumping
25 JuneCasinoTie BreakerMade contact on jumping
25 JuneCasinoCome AliveMade contact on jumping
25 JuneCasinoOnsetMade contact on jumping
25 JuneCasinoBugalugsMade contact on jumping
27 JuneGundagaiAll About MeMade contact on jumping
8 JuneBallinaMiss ZinzinMade contact on jumping, became unbalanced
25 JuneCasinoGem Of the LochsMade contact on jumping and later
25 JuneCasinoMy Best SellerMade contact on jumping and later
5 JuneWagga WaggaCurrawarMade contact twice on jumping
4 JuneWyongUnknown UniverseMade contact with Academy
3 JuneRandwickSedonaMade contact with Accelerator
27 JuneNewcastleHoney Go LightlyMade contact with Aeecee Beau
18 JuneWyongGolden EclipseMade contact with Alakahan, became unbalanced
16 JuneArcherHavaduelMade contact with Alqaab
20 JuneNewcastleInvictus FelixMade contact with Alrillo
7 JuneHawkesburyLe VizirMade contact with Angel Helena
6 JuneGraftonFire In The HoleMade contact with another runner
8 JuneBallinaExplosive DeviceMade contact with another runner
13 JuneNarranderaGeileisMade contact with another runner
23 JunePort MacquarieDe GoeyMade contact with another runner
28 JuneGraftonRise’n’shineMade contact with another runner
29 JuneTareeMakubaMade contact with another runner
28 JuneGraftonNemingahMade contact with another runner three times, unbalanced
16 JuneTamworthDazzling BriMade contact with another runner, unbalanced
1 JuneDubboPatrick MayMade contact with Any Blinkin Day several times
4 JuneWyongNicci’s FlingMade contact with Apline Racer
4 JuneWellingtonBon RubyMade contact with Argyllscoot, then Cinders
13 JuneRosehillRockarosaMade contact with Banjo’s Voice
7 JuneSapphire CoastGarrosMade contact with Bart, blundered
22 JuneWarrenRufioMade contact with Beau Zariz
13 JuneRosehillCuban RoyaleMade contact with Bold and Wild
11 JuneGosfordBlack MeteorMade contact with Boomko
4 JuneWellingtonNanna BaxMade contact with Borrowed Time, small puncture wound on off fore leg
25 JuneKemblaStolen GlanceMade contact with Bowery Breeze
1 JuneDubboArrivederciMade contact with Brad’s Voice then Harley Fat Boy
23 JuneHawkesburySegoshaMade contact with Brazen Sequel twice
13 JuneNarranderaMiss CleoMade contact with Bro
11 JuneGosfordKellstormMade contact with By Design
26 JuneMoruyaPeyton PlaceMade contact with Caccini
26 JuneMoruyaHard CoreMade contact with Caccini
18 JuneWyongDelicatelyMade contact with Californiafirebird
10 JuneCanterburyCovent GardenMade contact with Camerlengo, slow to recover
25 JuneKemblaHighburyMade contact with Chloebella Rose
4 JuneWellingtonSmall DreamMade contact with Chochys
6 JuneNewcastleCosmic MissMade contact with Comarco
6 JuneRandwickPelethroniusMade contact with Come Along
19 JuneCanberraHello ChinaMade contact with Confident Lad
11 JuneGosfordTempradoMade contact with Controlthewitness twice
28 JuneDubboFatalieMade contact with Costa Chin Chin, became unbalanced
20 JuneNewcastleApexMade contact with Crazy Train
6 JuneRandwickRe EditMade contact with Curata Princess
20 JuneRandwickPirate BenMade contact with Cyber Intervention
25 JuneKemblaConstanziaMade contact with Dambulla
26 JuneMoruyaGlamourushMade contact with Danzure on jumping
17 JuneWarwickPapal WarriorMade contact with Darleb
28 JuneDubboA Room SomewhereMade contact with Deshawn
13 JuneKemblaChateaux ParkMade contact with Doctor Mancini
3 JuneRandwickLe LudeMade contact with Donandkim
13 JuneKemblaPressitaMade contact with Duchess
6 JuneRandwickCome AlongMade contact with Dylan’s Romance, unbalanced
27 JuneNewcastleLaila De VegaMade contact with Eerised
7 JuneSapphire CoastSir WinzalotMade contact with El Nieto
4 JuneWellingtonAldaneMade contact with Electrostep
17 JuneWarwickZero To HundredMade contact with Escape Artist
15 JuneAlburyLord CedrickMade contact with Euphemia
23 JuneHawkesburyFire DragonMade contact with First Fleet
7 JuneSapphire CoastAdmire GratziMade contact with Georgian Court – blundered badly
4 JuneWyongNishkaMade contact with Hard Lady
8 JuneWarwickParty LadyMade contact with Heart Of Siena
19 JuneCanberraColesbergyMade contact with Hello China
2 JuneCessnockIntimidatingMade contact with Heza Gentleman
24 JuneCanterburyTight RopesMade contact with Honoured Vow
4 JuneWellingtonAtumMade contact with Hu Hit Hu
27 JuneNewcastleMercuryMade contact with I Am A Country Boy
12 JuneDubboDomesday DancerMade contact with I Promise You
20 JuneNewcastleAble HillMade contact with In A While on jumping
13 JuneRosehillBroken ArrowsMade contact with Inanup
7 JuneHawkesburyMccallMade contact with Invictus Felix
7 JuneHawkesburyDoin’ ShotsMade contact with Invictus Felix
7 JuneHawkesburyTimely ShadowMade contact with Invictus Felix, became unbalanced
11 JuneGosfordGunaluvaMade contact with Joe’s Joy
27 JuneGundagaiIs Anyone ThereMade contact with Keep Me Posted, unbalanced
18 JuneWyongAesop’s FableMade contact with Kimmylee, unbalanced
6 JuneNewcastleSpace Is DeepMade contact with Kippax on multiple occasions
12 JuneDubboUnder the ThumbMade contact with kookabaa
13 JuneRosehillPinch RiverMade contact with Laburnum on jumping
18 JuneWyongApiciusMade contact with Ladies’ Gem
20 JuneNewcastleTitled TycoonMade contact with Lake Marion
25 JuneKemblaPhar RoadMade contact with Lateral Missile
9 JuneCorowaFrench HeiressMade contact with Leneva Noir and Allout Stropie
19 JuneCanberraEasy MoverMade contact with Loch River
3 JuneCanberraLord DesanimauxMade contact with Mingalarba and Jackman
6 JuneNewcastleKyaniteMade contact with Mission Way
23 JuneHawkesburyAusbred CooeeMade contact with Mollycoddle
28 JuneGraftonToots Is TopsMade contact with Money Heist and blundered
24 JuneCanterburyTeronitoMade contact with Mooy
11 JuneGosfordBoomkoMade contact with Mr Colorful
28 JuneDubboKrissy KrystynaMade contact with Mr Whiteacre and unbalanced
23 JuneHawkesburyCorrelateMade contact with My Khaleesi
22 JuneWarrenGorn HoffMade contact with Narrow Neck Nelson
30 JuneGosfordPast TenseMade contact with near side partition
13 JuneKemblaRedconditeMade contact with nearside barrieer partition
27 JuneRosehillSpencerMade contact with New Arrangement
15 JuneBathurstTastebudMade contact with Nicci’s Fling
4 JuneWyongRed Hot ChillypinsMade contact with Nishka
7 JuneHawkesburyLive and LoadedMade contact with Notabadidea
20 JuneRandwickSuperiumMade contact with Oakfield Twilight
13 JuneKemblaShadow ChaserMade contact with offside barrier partition
30 JuneGosfordCamerlengoMade contact with Opal Glory
20 JuneNewcastleMon AmoreMade contact with Open War
24 JuneCanterburyCasltecomerMade contact with Oregon
30 JuneGosfordCanton KidMade contact with Oscar Zulu
12 JuneDubboStar CrossedMade contact with Our Sasha
27 JuneRosehillHome Of The BraveMade contact with Outrageous
25 JuneKemblaUltimate ThinkerMade contact with outside barrier partition
26 JuneMoruyaCacciniMade contact with Peyton Place and Hard Core
13 JuneKemblaPrincess KalliMade contact with Pieloce
4 JuneWyongTorbaMade contact with Piscopia
12 JuneDubboHappiestMade contact with Planet Ex
4 JuneWellingtonKrissy KrystynaMade contact with Poster Man – unbalanced
20 JuneNewcastleFrench ResponseMade contact with Prince Camelot
13 JuneKemblaCanton KidMade contact with Princess Sunlight
30 JuneGosfordKelvinsideMade contact with Private Detective
3 JuneRandwickZourheaMade contact with Proletariat
8 JuneWarwickRebel RamaMade contact with Psychic
18 JuneWyongAbsolutely FoxyMade contact with Pure Rubick
20 JuneNewcastleSacred SwordMade contact with Quantico, unbalanced
17 JuneWarwickRadianceMade contact with Rahni Factor
13 JuneNarranderaStrapping ConquestMade contact with Rebecca’s Quest
4 JuneWellingtonCaszarMade contact with Redemption Road
27 JuneRosehillStonecold FlexMade contact with Ronan’s Rock
9 JuneCorowaAnother Jay BrownMade contact with running rail
27 JuneGundagaiKeep Me PostedMade contact with running rail and Is Anyone There
4 JuneWellingtonDobroydeMade contact with running rail, became badly unbalanced
18 JuneWyongPatricianMade contact with running rail, became unbalanced
25 JuneKemblaDivine BreathMade contact with Sahra
8 JuneWarwickUrban WarriorMade contact with Scenic Warrior, became unbalanced
4 JuneWyongGiselle AnneMade contact with Segosha
23 JuneHawkesburyMowanjumMade contact with Segrill
28 JuneDubboCotton on GeorgeMade contact with Self Imposed
1 JuneDubboUniversal ThiefMade contact with Shehroz
13 JuneMudgeeMurdie CourtMade contact with Small Dream
22 JuneWarrenSturgeon MoonMade contact with Small Dream
7 JuneHawkesburyMoon PantherMade contact with Smart Decision, became unbalanced
6 JuneRandwickMisteedMade contact with Snow Valley
20 JuneRandwickMisteedMade contact with Snow Valley
23 JuneHawkesburyMandalong BeyondMade contact with Sole Heir
24 JuneCanterburyGlobal QueenMade contact with Sprout Wings
25 JuneKemblaChillichocMade contact with Stargirl
25 JuneKemblaLucy RoseMade contact with Stone Cold
25 JuneKemblaJosephusMade contact with Straight Torque
13 JuneRosehillOh SayMade contact with Superbellaa
28 JuneDubboIdeeMade contact with Supreme Times
4 JuneWellingtonSeawatchMade contact with Swiftly Mango
12 JuneGoulburnAviat CavallMade contact with Taikun on jumping
17 JuneWarwickDiamonds And RustMade contact with The Bounty, became unbalanced
27 JuneNewcastleAlakahanMade contact with The Right Stuff
20 JuneRandwickSpanish DreamMade contact with Threeood
13 JuneKemblaRoseirroMade contact with Tochi, became unbalanced
6 JuneNewcastleSacred SwordMade contact with Two Up
17 JuneWarwickLouderMade contact with What A Girl
22 JuneWarrenGrass CutterMade contact with What Diddy Say
13 JuneKemblaTochiMade contact with Whispered
7 JuneHawkesburySmart DecisionMade contact with Without RIsk, and Moon Panther – weakened during race (condition TBA)
27 JuneRosehillFulminaMade contact with Word For Word
28 JuneDubboKing QinMade contact with Yak
10 JuneCanterburySophiellaMade contact witth D’Oro Rain
3 JuneRandwickZourheaMade contact with Proletariat
28 JuneDubboFearless MilaMade contact with Gisela’s Crown
20 JuneQuirindiLe RocherMade heavy contact, became unbalanced
25 JuneCasinoArcaletteMade heavy contact, became unbalanced
2 JuneCessnockPrince CamelotMade heavy contact with Borough
13 JuneKemblaFoxy RocketMade heavy contact with Dummy Run, became unbalanced
20 JuneNewcastleAll A LadyMade heavy contact with Garrison, became unbalanced
20 JuneRandwickZaniahMade heavy contact with inside of barrier, became unbalanced
7 JuneHawkesburyUnder OrdersMade heavy contact with Misty Brooks
4 JuneWyongCelebratorMade heavy contact with Phylave
4 JuneWellingtonSnipselvaMade heavy contact with Quirion
6 JuneNewcastleMiss FialkaMade heavy contact with Wild Sheila, became unbalanced
Horses bumping each other
Horses “bumping” or “made contact” with each other.

Pre-race Injuries

In addition to the on-track injuries, 28 horses sustained an injury prior to entering a race. We record these to monitor the horses future.

All information was taken from the NSW Stewards Reports.

DateRacecourseHorsePre-race Injuries
20 JuneRandwickSilhouettePre-race: Abrasion to near fore leg in wash bay
20 JuneRandwickDesert FlamePre-race: Abrasion to nearside shoulder
3 JuneCanberraTreasure BossPre-race: fractious, hit head
2 JuneCessnockKhitaamyPre-race: fractious, kicked out, lunged forward and hit head
15 JuneAlburyFlying CyrilPre-race: injured during transport
13 JuneRosehillMiss EinsteinPre-race: kicked by another runner, raced
1 JuneDubboStar Of IndiaPre-race: kicked in left hock
2 JuneCessnockLucky SirenPre-race: laceration above near side eye
20 JuneQuirindiPixmePre-race: laceration to near side nostril, hit head
6 JuneGraftonRuby Red SlippersPre-race: lacerations to left hip
9 JuneCorowaSingle ZeroPre-race: lame
8 JuneWarwickEdmondPre-race: lame in front
16 JuneTamworthIllinois GuruPre-race: lame in hind legs (3/5)
1 JuneDubboMiss ConcheetaPre-race: lame in off fore leg (1.5)
12 JuneDubboWithout ShamePre-race: lame in off hind leg (1/5)
7 JuneSapphire CoastDeal MasterPre-race: lame on arrival
5 JuneTareeSt HilaryPre-race: made contact with running rail
25 JuneCasinoFranglaisPre-race: minor trauma to head and mouth
10 JuneCanterburyLong WeekendPre-race: scratched based on vet advice
14 JunePort MacquarieMen In TightsPre-race: scratched based on vet advice
15 JuneAlburyJoyfull PrincePre-race: scratched based on vet advice
15 JuneAlburyFunky FarmPre-race: scratched based on vet advice
23 JunePort MacquarieBring Me SomePre-race: scratched, lame in off hind leg
4 JuneWyongCosta ZouPre-race: signs of colic
12 JuneGoulburnExpress PrincessPre-race: slipped over after escaping tie up stall, lacertion to near hock
6 JuneRandwickIt’s So ObviousPre-race: slipped over in mounting yard – raced
11 JuneGraftonCold PowerPre-race: swelling, heat, pain in off fore tendon
28 JuneDubboWalton HallPre-race: tendon effusion near fore leg

What you can do

The racing industry does not have the horses wellbeing at heart. If a person truly loved their horse, they would not risk their life for money. Far too many horses are suffering in the name of entertainment. The only way to end the cruelty is to end the “sport”. You can help make this happen, by choosing to not support the industry.

You can also help by sharing this information with your friends and family.

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Each month we provide a summary of the horses protesting their involvement and the injuries sustained on NSW tracks.
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