Horse Racing: March Summary

Horse racing

The racing industry is responsible for unnecessary cruelty to animals. Horses are forced to race and are pushed beyond their natural limits.

The following is a summary of all NSW racehorses who have acted in a way that is indicative of not wanting to race and the injuries horses have sustained.

Horses “protesting” their involvement

In March, 245 horses protested their involvement through various behaviours. From bucking and dislodge their riders, to not want to enter the barrier or being fractious in the barrier, missing the start, running slow, being unresponsive, and uncompetitive. These are all signs indicating their reluctance to race. Despite this, they are ignored, whipped and repeatedly entered into the race. Five horses were retired because of their behaviours and three will be leaving the stables.

The following table lists the horses and their behaviour, along with the date and racetrack. All information was taken from the NSW Stewards Reports Diary.

21 MarCasinoDispensationBucked and dislodged jockey
28 MarDubboLuckenbach TexasBucked and dislodged jockey
15 MarCoonambleZagayaBucked and dislodged jockey
15 MarCoonambleBlue ChannelBucked and poor racing manners
20 MarAlburyCorazon de OroCast in box
21 MarKemblaHighmasterCast in tie-up stalls
12 MarRiversideAll Guns A DancerDifficult to ride
6 MarDubboChicoDislodged rider, galloped riderless
29 MarArmidaleWildcardDislodged rider, galloped riderless
14 MarBroken HillAussie BobDislodged rider, galloped riderless – RETIRED
3 MarKemblaUnderground MusicFailed to finish
6 MarNewcastleHoly SundayFailed to finish
18 MarRandwickCovert OpsFailed to finish
27 MarMuswellbrookRagged RascalFlatfooted and missed the start
22 MarMuswellbrookRoy’s CommandFractious and unresponsive
7 MarLismorePaddlesFractious at the start
21 MarRosehillHanseaticFractious at the start, poor performance
6 MarDubboAdsumFractious in barrier
7 MarCorowaJay Vee TeeFractious in barrier
10 MarWyongFor LoveFractious in barrier
13 MarKemblaPioneerFractious in barrier
14 MarRosehillNobuFractious in barrier
21 MarRosehillSee You SoonFractious in Barrier
21 MarRosehillThermosphereFractious in barrier
22 MarTowacPhotogenicFractious in barrier
25 MarWarwickHeroessFractious in barrier
28 MarDubboRed RussianFractious in Barrier
28 MarWyongPrincess BettyFractious in barrier
1 Mar 20MudgeeSnippetslineFractious in barrier
16 MarSconeBill ‘N’ TedFractious in barrier
7 MarCorowaDerby GirlFractious in barrier
8 MarCanberraAlways RosesFractious in barrier and became cast
16 MarSconeBanffFractious in barrier and became cast
3 MarKemblaGo For GoldFractious in barrier and became cast
15 MarCoonambleScottish SoldierFractious in barrier and became cast
29 MarArmidaleLes AmoureuxFractious in barrier and missed the start
28 MarRosehillRiver BirdFractious in barrier, lunged forward and made contact
12 MarGoulburnSon Of DukeFractious in barrier, poor barrier manner
28 MarWyongSpin That WheelFractious in barrier, reared and cast over front gate
15 MarCoonambleShehrozFractious in mounting yard, dislodged rider
19 MarAlburySharlieFractious in mounting yard, reared over
30 MarWagga WaggaCertain ShaftFractious in tie up stall
15 MarCoonambleReward SeekerFractious on float
12 MarGoulburnIconistaJumped up in barrier and got leg up on running board
13 MarTareePoetic HarmonyKicked out
11 MarWarwickMissybeelLunged forward and removed from barriers
13 MarTareeThe Light Of DayLunged forward in barrier
8 MarCanberraEmerald FortuneLunged forward, made contact with gate
5 MarPort MacquarieJungle RoseMissed the start
12 MarRiversideOurtheoMissed the start
22 MarMuswellbrookPerhaps DedayMissed the start
22 MarMuswellbrookElotroladoMissed the start
22 MarMuswellbrookMr WongMissed the start
22 MarMuswellbrookGood As GoldMissed the start
27 MarMuswellbrookBulletsonMissed the start
28 MarWagga WaggaMiss VerneMissed the start
30 MarWagga WaggaCosta Chin ChinMissed the start
7 MarRandwickSpiritual PursuitPoor barrier manner
2 MarSapphire CoastAphro ManPoor barrier manner and poor performance
13 MarTareeFrom The HipPoor barrier manners – back leg up on running board
28 MarRosehillTrumbullPoor performance
14 MarRosehillIlovemyselfPoor performance
1 Mar 20ArmidaleWhiskey ApplePoor performance
1 Mar 20MudgeeForbidden PalacePoor performance
1 Mar 20MudgeeSneak PreviewPoor performance
2 MarCowraFirst FleetPoor performance
2 MarCowraSmart AttirePoor performance
2 MarSapphire CoastTycoon TillyPoor performance
3 MarKemblaQuintessaPoor performance
3 MarKemblaFirst CrownPoor performance
4 MarRandwickFixatedPoor performance
4 MarRandwickMayaasehPoor performance
4 MarRandwickDeferencePoor performance
5 MarPort MacquarieQukesPoor performance
6 MarDubboToulon BrookPoor performance
6 MarDubboHamoganyPoor performance
6 MarNewcastleOur FrauleinPoor performance
6 MarNewcastleWay Back WhenPoor performance
7 MarCorowaContaminatedPoor performance
7 MarClaredonFarnesePoor performance
7 MarClaredonShapurPoor performance
7 MarRandwickBlaze A TrailPoor performance
7 MarRandwickYao DashPoor performance
7 MarRandwickAlizeePoor performance
9 MarCanberraFirecrackerPoor performance
9 MarCanberraLucid DreamerPoor performance
9 MarCanberraSavouryPoor performance
9 MarCanberraImitation GamePoor performance
9 MarCoffs HarbourLeshracPoor performance
10 MarWagga WaggaStand Your GroundPoor performance
11 MarWarwickShe’s FearlessPoor performance
12 MarGoulburnCapri LanePoor performance
13 MarKemblaMonte DittoPoor performance
14 MarBallinaStormy LeoPoor performance
14 MarBerriganVolerePoor performance
14 MarRosehillDylan’s RomancePoor performance
14 MarRosehillDonndubhanPoor performance
14 MarRosehillKaakit AkitPoor performance
15 MarGraftonLuvdiscPoor performance
16 MarMoruyaLady IvyPoor performance
17 MarClarendonVox PopuliPoor performance
17 MarClarendonAffogatoPoor performance
19 MarAlburyFlight CommanderPoor performance
19 MarNewcastleGeoPoor performance
19 MarNewcastleTrumbullPoor performance
19 MarNewcastleGolden TycoonPoor performance
19 MarNewcastleIt’s So ObviousPoor performance
20 MarPort MacquarieRock SonicPoor performance
21 MarKemblaSecretivelyPoor performance
21 MarKemblaReignitePoor performance
21 MarKemblaCottenhamPoor performance
21 MarKemblaModern DancePoor performance
21 MarKemblaOff Her RocaPoor performance
21 MarKemblaSophomorePoor performance
21 MarKemblaFrankely AwesomePoor performance
21 MarQueanbeyanBig Boss Bee KayPoor performance
23 MarGoulburnClassic GamingPoor performance
23 MarGoulburnAntarctic OceanPoor performance
25 MarWarwickHot Spring GoldPoor performance
26 MarNarromineArkam AsylumPoor performance
26 MarNarromineHogesPoor performance
27 MarMuswellbrookShock AlertPoor performance
27 MarSapphire CoastBrennamanPoor performance
27 MarSapphire CoastEl NietoPoor performance
28 MarDubboDoubellPoor performance
28 MarDubboIzzonsongPoor performance
28 MarDubboThe TruckPoor performance
28 MarDubboBaby MerlinPoor performance
28 MarRosehillMaid Of OrePoor performance
28 MarRosehillVillamiPoor performance
28 MarRosehillDiplomaticoPoor performance
28 MarWyongLameloPoor performance
28 MarWyongCelestial DollPoor performance
29 MarArmidaleStella De RockPoor performance
29 MarArcherDollareuroPoor performance
29 MarArcherMystery TrickPoor performance
30 MarWagga WaggaIndiana RosePoor performance
14 MarGosfordBovalinoPoor performance
9 MarCanberraCinquedeaPoor performance
9 MarCanberraAbidingPoor performance
7 MarRandwickBookerPoor performance – future plans tba
3 MarKemblaGreat AffairPoor performance – leaving stable
28 MarDubboMarpennyPoor performance – RETIRED
29 MarArmidaleGolden LegacyPoor performance – RETIRED
1 Mar 20MudgeeEquilibriumPoor Performance – spelled
6 MarNewcastleAll StandPoor performance – spelled
7 MarRandwickSupreme IdeaPoor performance – spelled
9 MarCoffs HarbourPoetic AffairPoor performance – spelled
11 MarWarwickLewisPoor performance – spelled
20 MarAlburyEtnaPoor performance – spelled
27 MarSapphire CoastLady TycoonPoor performance – spelled
1 Mar 20ArmidaleMister SmarteePoor performance – spelled
7 MarCorowaThe ChaplainPoor performance and unresponsive
9 MarCanberraEastenderPoor performance and unresponsive
7 MarClaredonAuntyPoor performance and unresponsive
11 MarWarwickWillowheartPoor performance and unresponsive – spelled
14 MarBroken HillGreat White HopePoor pre race behaviour
15 MarCoonambleFestival Of LightPoor pre-race behaviour: became cast on rear gate of barriers
15 MarCoonambleAdsumPoor pre-race behaviour: off hind leg cast in barrier
4 MarRandwickCitizen’s ArrestPoor racing manners
10 MarWyongRubick’s MagicPoor racing manners
10 MarWyongWicked WillyPoor racing manners
17 MarClarendonGrand EaglePoor racing manners
18 MarRandwickLady Of LuxuryPoor racing manners
21 MarCasinoMini MePoor racing manners
21 MarRosehillChains Of HonourPoor racing manners
22 MarMuswellbrookFenderPoor racing manners
27 MarMuswellbrookDreamfyrePoor racing manners
28 MarDubboEmo GirlReared at the start – RETIRED
8 MarTamworthShiver Me TimbersReared at the start – spelled
13 MarTareeThe Grey CrusaderReared in barrier and became cast
7 MarClaredonShadow CrushReared in mounting enclosure and dislodged rider
12 MarRiversideSharply AttiredRefused to load into barriers
1 Mar 20MudgeeBrother BassyRefused to load into barriers
2 MarCowraRegina MargheritaRefused to load into barriers
3 MarGraftonSadler’s DivaRefused to load into barriers
23 MarMurwillumbahDragon PursuitRefused to load into barriers
26 MarNarromineTattingerRefused to load into barriers
30 MarWagga WaggaBalansaRefused to load, got leg up in the barrier
5 MarPort MacquarieYuralla QueenRefused to proceed to barrier stalls
1 Mar 20MudgeeFast TalkingReluctant to load into barrier
18 MarRandwickCostelloReluctant to load into barrier
4 MarRandwickHiloReluctant to load into barrier
17 MarClarendonDevil DanReluctant to load into barrier
17 MarClarendonMaccomoRestless in barrier, got near hind leg case over barrier
1 Mar 20MudgeeDanetistRetired from race – poor performance
21 MarCasinoCathvalannaSlowed down
3 MarGraftonHappy BubblesStood flatfooted
12 MarRiversideStep To ExcelStood flatfooted
21 MarCasinoCristal CazStood flatfooted
20 MarAlburyThe Doctor’s SonStood flatfooted and missed the start
21 MarKemblaNever In DoubtStood flatfooted and missed the start
7 MarCorowaMonkeryStood flatfooted and missed the start
30 MarWagga WaggaWejaStood flatfooted and missed the start
28 MarRosehillSausedgeStood flatfooted and missed the start
8 MarTamworthFantastic FilleStood flatfooted and missed the start – spelled
1 Mar 20ArmidaleBon VavontStood flatfooted, missed the start, and poor barrier manner
13 MarTareeLingalonga LassStood flatfooted, missed the start, and uncompetitive – RETIRED
1 Mar 20MudgeePhotogenicStood flatfooted, refused to jump, and uncompetitive
14 MarBroken HillMiss CranUncompetitive
1 Mar 20ArmidaleMajor DisruptionUncompetitive
1 Mar 20MudgeeDefies LogicUncompetitive
2 MarCowraMoon over MenahUncompetitive
2 MarSapphire CoastAl’n’bishUncompetitive
2 MarSapphire CoastGaze ‘N’ DreamUncompetitive
6 MarDubboBeeby HoffUncompetitive
7 MarLismoreDegradgraUncompetitive
7 MarLismoreMonte SantoUncompetitive
8 MarCanberraOverflyUncompetitive
14 MarBroken HillBel TwistaUncompetitive
14 MarBroken HillOreziraUncompetitive
16 MarMoruyaMyboycollyUncompetitive
17 MarClarendonFinecastingUncompetitive
19 MarNewcastleQuick FinanceUncompetitive
21 MarCasinoFusi FoxUncompetitive
22 MarTowacTiz a HeartacheUncompetitive
23 MarGoulburnReelwaveUncompetitive
25 MarWarwickMcGrawUncompetitive
26 MarNarromineNobbyUncompetitive
26 MarNarromineWhimpUncompetitive
29 MarArmidaleMinoan SpiritUncompetitive
29 MarArmidaleBlinkin LegendUncompetitive
30 MarWagga WaggaCome Get MeUncompetitive
6 MarNewcastleMy KristineUncompetitive – leaving stable
7 MarClaredonPower and RhythmUncompetitive – leaving stable
17 MarClarendonGooky’s GiftUncompetitive – leaving stable
6 MarDubboSpinning GoldUncompetitive – RETIRED
10 MarWyongFound OutUncompetitive – RETIRED
14 MarGosfordPower To PayUncompetitive – spelled
3 MarGraftonOcean RulerUncompetitive and “lazy”
1 Mar 20ArmidaleCarillonUnresponsive
5 MarPort MacquarieUp The StairsUnresponsive
10 MarWagga WaggaNicoteraUnresponsive
13 MarKemblaIsland MissileUnresponsive
13 MarKemblaSurreal StepUnresponsive
14 MarBroken HillMiss LonUnresponsive
14 MarRosehillZoustyleUnresponsive
17 MarClarendonMariseUnresponsive
20 MarAlburyAttorneyUnresponsive
21 MarKemblaBullet FlyUnresponsive
22 MarMuswellbrookMy EmpireUnresponsive
22 MarTowacWelcome ArtUnresponsive
28 MarWyongDestiny’s SonUnresponsive and failed to finish
1 Mar 20MudgeeNorthern ConquerorUnresponsive and poor performance
3 MarKemblaFantiniUnresponsive and raced flatfooted – spelled
Horse racing horse bucking
Winx bucking

Slow to begin

In addition to those horses, 479 were considered “slow to begin”.

Please note that there is some overlap between the horses listed below and those with “poor” behaviours and injuries.

1 Mar 20ArmidaleBrieflySlow to begin
1 Mar 20ArmidaleDual AspenSlow to begin
1 Mar 20ArmidaleJust A NevSlow to begin
1 Mar 20ArmidaleWarrah FlashSlow to begin
1 Mar 20ArmidaleLionneSlow to begin and spelled
1 Mar 20ArmidaleOurasianprincessSlow to begin
1 Mar 20ArmidaleBelbarooSlow to begin
1 Mar 20ArmidaleLainoSlow to begin
1 Mar 20ArmidaleUnder The PumpSlow to begin
1 Mar 20ArmidaleItascaSlow to begin
1 Mar 20ArmidaleBon BonSlow to begin
1 Mar 20ArmidaleFree BillySlow to begin
1 Mar 20ArmidaleMr De NiroSlow to begin
1 Mar 20ArmidaleScotty Be GottiSlow to begin
1 Mar 20ArmidaleBus TicketSlow to begin
1 Mar 20MudgeeUnresolvedSlow to begin and spelled
1 Mar 20MudgeeBlackadderSlow to begin
1 Mar 20MudgeeCavemanSlow to begin
1 Mar 20MudgeeWamiad AldawSlow to begin
1 Mar 20MudgeeSneak PreviewSlow to begin
1 Mar 20MudgeeHelstarSlow to begin
1 Mar 20MudgeeJust Schillin’Slow to begin
1 Mar 20MudgeeSlatey BaySlow to begin
1 Mar 20MudgeeYeomanSlow to begin
1 Mar 20MudgeeCaptain JimmySlow to begin
1 Mar 20MudgeeAveSlow to begin
1 Mar 20MudgeeIndiana WolfSlow to begin
1 Mar 20MudgeeAmerican StormSlow to begin
1 Mar 20MudgeeDusky DamselSlow to begin
2 MarCowraCosta Chin ChinSlow to begin
2 MarCowraSorry I’m AwesomeSlow to begin
2 MarCowraSky MissionSlow to begin
2 MarCowraCircus DancerSlow to begin
2 MarCowraMudgee RoadSlow to begin
2 MarCowraBrusselsSlow to begin
2 MarSapphire CoastBrennamanSlow to begin
2 MarSapphire CoastImitation GameSlow to begin
2 MarSapphire CoastCommon PurposeSlow to begin
2 MarSapphire CoastShangani PatrolSlow to begin
2 MarSapphire CoastPinch PassionSlow to begin
2 MarSapphire CoastAppoint PercySlow to begin
2 MarSapphire CoastRinviataSlow to begin
2 MarSapphire CoastMiss CromptonSlow to begin
3 MarGraftonFu HaoSlow to begin
3 MarGraftonGus LightningSlow to begin
3 MarGraftonBarbarySlow to begin
3 MarGraftonEvangelistSlow to begin
3 MarGraftonTickets for YouthSlow to begin
3 MarGraftonAngola MissSlow to begin
3 MarGraftonHavanna StormSlow to begin
3 MarGraftonOcean NymphSlow to begin
3 MarGraftonPat’s NipperSlow to begin
3 MarGraftonPenfoldSlow to begin
3 MarGraftonBrazen GypsySlow to begin
3 MarGraftonLunar LustreSlow to begin
3 MarGraftonSequential PearlSlow to begin
3 MarKemblaQuintessaSlow to begin
3 MarKemblaHavelkaSlow to begin
3 MarKemblaWilly WIlsonSlow to begin
3 MarKemblaSciconicSlow to begin
4 MarRandwickKobestarSlow to begin
4 MarRandwickReigniteSlow to begin
4 MarRandwickSaigonSlow to begin
4 MarRandwickCitizen’s ArrestSlow to begin
4 MarRandwickRockarosaSlow to begin
4 MarRandwickMarochSlow to begin
5 MarPort MacquarieHidden AceSlow to begin
5 MarPort MacquariePop PowerSlow to begin
5 MarPort MacquarieStrawberry BearSlow to begin
5 MarPort MacquarieSweet FuSlow to begin
5 MarPort MacquarieStraight HomeSlow to begin
5 MarPort MacquarieDreamfyreSlow to begin
5 MarPort MacquarieFrench CommandSlow to begin
6 MarDubboBlackrock PearlSlow to begin
6 MarDubboBring a Red AlongSlow to begin
6 MarDubboCounty TipperarySlow to begin
6 MarDubboDouble CheckSlow to begin
6 MarDubboGloverSlow to begin
6 MarDubboMum’s the WordSlow to begin
6 MarDubboSome NightsSlow to begin
6 MarDubboHenschelSlow to begin
6 MarDubboVonnegutesqueSlow to begin
6 MarDubboDream in ColourSlow to begin
6 MarNewcastleElotroladoSlow to begin
7 MarCorowaMagnuvitaSlow to begin
7 MarCorowaNot NowSlow to begin
7 MarCorowaImperial KingSlow to begin
7 MarCorowaQuattro PorteSlow to begin
7 MarCorowaRoyal ThunderSlow to begin
7 MarCorowaChe SpiritSlow to begin
7 MarClaredonOur BambinoSlow to begin
7 MarClaredonRusty HawkSlow to begin
7 MarClaredonCharlie ChapSlow to begin
7 MarClaredonSwitching To WinSlow to begin
7 MarClaredonBlazing BabeSlow to begin
7 MarClaredonIsabella Of AragonSlow to begin
7 MarClaredonWanda BeachSlow to begin
7 MarClaredonI’m A LegendSlow to begin
7 MarClaredonAccoySlow to begin
7 MarLismoreGlycine MaxSlow to begin
7 MarLismoreQuite Easily DoneSlow to begin
7 MarRandwickBegood Toya MotherSlow to begin
7 MarRandwickMister Sea WolfSlow to begin
7 MarRandwickDepriveSlow to begin
7 MarRandwickRaheen HouseSlow to begin
7 MarRandwickNettoyerSlow to begin
8 MarCanberraFuscaSlow to begin
8 MarCanberraElkanoSlow to begin
8 MarCanberraMark’s KingdomSlow to begin
8 MarCanberraBoom And ZoomSlow to begin
8 MarCanberraLevee BankSlow to begin
8 MarCanberraSausedgeSlow to begin
8 MarCanberraMr MaharajSlow to begin
8 MarCanberraTamerlaneSlow to begin
8 MarTamworthJustitaSlow to begin
8 MarTamworthTwo BillsSlow to begin
8 MarTamworthPolish TrainSlow to begin
8 MarTamworthGronkySlow to begin
8 MarTamworthCouruSlow to begin
8 MarTamworthPeloso LassSlow to begin
8 MarTamworthLigulateSlow to begin
8 MarTamworthEmanuelaSlow to begin
8 MarTamworthBarbassSlow to begin
8 MarTamworthWhitelySlow to begin
9 MarCanberraAntarctic OceanSlow to begin
9 MarCanberraNieces And NephewsSlow to begin
9 MarCanberraSidernoSlow to begin
9 MarCanberraCosta Chin ChinSlow to begin
9 MarCanberraGirls Are ReadySlow to begin and spelled
9 MarCanberraHavin’ FunSlow to begin
9 MarCanberraPrimitivoSlow to begin
9 MarCoffs HarbourLost LightSlow to begin
9 MarCoffs HarbourVital StepSlow to begin
9 MarCoffs HarbourGangikaSlow to begin
9 MarCoffs HarbourSugar BabySlow to begin
9 MarCoffs HarbourQueen of AllSlow to begin
9 MarCoffs HarbourAusbred TrumpSlow to begin
9 MarCoffs HarbourMinni MinnahSlow to begin
9 MarCoffs HarbourLeshracSlow to begin
9 MarCoffs HarbourTexas TargetSlow to begin
9 MarCoffs HarbourDashing SavannaSlow to begin
9 MarCoffs HarbourLawanSlow to begin
10 MarWagga WaggaKatatonicSlow to begin
10 MarWagga WaggaBelleistic LadSlow to begin
10 MarWagga WaggaRefireSlow to begin
10 MarWagga WaggaDesigner DanceSlow to begin
10 MarWagga WaggaOld TraffordSlow to begin
10 MarWagga WaggaLa SanteSlow to begin
10 MarWagga WaggaGraterraSlow to begin
10 MarWagga WaggaReiditeSlow to begin
10 MarWagga WaggaFive Star MissSlow to begin
10 MarWagga WaggaPecuniary InterestSlow to begin
10 MarWagga WaggaDark AlibiSlow to begin
10 MarWagga WaggaSouthern AppealSlow to begin
10 MarWagga WaggaMayor of MethulSlow to begin
10 MarWyongQuestingSlow to begin
10 MarWyongDecisions at DawnSlow to begin
10 MarWyongChuisleSlow to begin
10 MarWyongMocial ChiefSlow to begin
10 MarWyongSurf SonicSlow to begin
10 MarWyongWicked WillySlow to begin
10 MarWyongHard RealitySlow to begin
10 MarWyongQueen SnipSlow to begin
10 MarWyongEngadine EmpressSlow to begin
10 MarWyongScreenagerSlow to begin
10 MarWyongOpinionsSlow to begin
10 MarWyongChuck’n’PaulSlow to begin
10 MarWyongSalsa ManSlow to begin
10 MarWyongMohicanSlow to begin
10 MarWyongVeha De LagoSlow to begin
11 MarWarwickLa TigresaSlow to begin
11 MarWarwickDanaatSlow to begin
11 MarWarwickEye See ThingsSlow to begin
11 MarWarwickKiller InstinctSlow to begin
11 MarWarwickOn The White TurfSlow to begin
12 MarGoulburnKing’s ChampSlow to begin
12 MarGoulburnHowgoodisvegasSlow to begin
12 MarGoulburnRadioheadSlow to begin
12 MarGoulburnAzousticSlow to begin
12 MarGoulburnTemperateSlow to begin
12 MarGoulburnBoston IvySlow to begin
12 MarGoulburnZombieSlow to begin
12 MarGoulburnFast MelodySlow to begin
12 MarGoulburnBitofastarSlow to begin
12 MarRiversideGet Up AlbySlow to begin
12 MarRiversidePair Of HeelsSlow to begin
12 MarRiversideBurbankSlow to begin
12 MarRiversideMarcus CassiusSlow to begin and spelled
12 MarRiversideInvincible BotSlow to begin
12 MarRiversidePretext’s DreamSlow to begin
12 MarRiversidePurestSlow to begin
13 MarKemblaSisseckSlow to begin
13 MarKemblaRunning WolfSlow to begin
13 MarKemblaClassic KingdomSlow to begin
13 MarKemblaHighmasterSlow to begin
13 MarKemblaLady MakfiSlow to begin
13 MarKemblaIsland MissileSlow to begin
13 MarKemblaLady TravistaSlow to begin
13 MarKemblaGame Of ThornsSlow to begin
13 MarKemblaRoverSlow to begin
13 MarKemblaSeel The DealSlow to begin
13 MarTareeBadge Of HonourSlow to begin
13 MarTareeFrosty OlafSlow to begin
13 MarTareeUnder The PumpSlow to begin
13 MarTareeRicochet BulletSlow to begin
13 MarTareeTake To HeartSlow to begin
13 MarTareeShadesmarSlow to begin
13 MarTareeLobban DynamiteSlow to begin
13 MarTareeFinancialSlow to begin
14 MarBallinaAtherton’s BelleSlow to begin
14 MarBallinaBlonde HusseySlow to begin
14 MarBallinaMinistry Of FearSlow to begin
14 MarBallinaLady Eighty EightSlow to begin
14 MarBallinaAquajewelSlow to begin
14 MarBallinaTinderSlow to begin
14 MarBerriganFeisty FlameSlow to begin
14 MarBerriganSizzleonthebridgeSlow to begin
14 MarBerriganVeedoubleSlow to begin
14 MarBroken HillHardashianSlow to begin
14 MarBroken HillKing’s SpiritSlow to begin
14 MarGosfordAlchermesSlow to begin
14 MarGosfordI ArizeSlow to begin
14 MarGosfordStartrekkingSlow to begin
14 MarGosfordThundozerSlow to begin
14 MarGosfordShadow CrushSlow to begin
14 MarGosfordElisa CarolinaSlow to begin
14 MarGosfordParry SoundSlow to begin
14 MarGosfordJerieSlow to begin
14 MarGosfordDirectorySlow to begin
14 MarRosehillDomedSlow to begin
14 MarRosehillPhilizzySlow to begin
14 MarRosehillTactical AdvantageSlow to begin
14 MarRosehillKubrickSlow to begin
14 MarRosehillNight’s WatchSlow to begin
14 MarRosehillI Am SupermanSlow to begin
14 MarRosehillNobuSlow to begin
14 MarRosehillDanceteriaSlow to begin
15 MarCoonambleKing QinSlow to begin
15 MarCoonambleMega CelebrationsSlow to begin
15 MarCoonambleWamiad AldawSlow to begin
15 MarCoonambleAveSlow to begin
15 MarCoonambleMiss AcademySlow to begin
15 MarGraftonSapphire’s DreamSlow to begin
15 MarGraftonSpiced GoldSlow to begin
15 MarGraftonBut First We DanceSlow to begin
15 MarGraftonTaikun TommySlow to begin
15 MarGraftonBold AssertionSlow to begin
15 MarGraftonDorissSlow to begin
15 MarGraftonLuvdiscSlow to begin
15 MarGraftonTickets for YouthSlow to begin
15 MarGraftonI’ve Got ThisSlow to begin
15 MarGraftonBrazen GypsySlow to begin
15 MarGraftonIndian DreamerSlow to begin
16 MarMoruyaPepitaSlow to begin
16 MarMoruyaSucroseSlow to begin
16 MarMoruyaMr DreamySlow to begin
16 MarMoruyaBella TarougaSlow to begin
16 MarMoruyaMargeeSlow to begin
16 MarMoruyaMrs PicklemanSlow to begin
16 MarMoruyaThe LookdownSlow to begin
16 MarMoruyaAbundanceSlow to begin
16 MarMoruyaMad FoxSlow to begin
16 MarSconeCut The MustardSlow to begin
16 MarSconeLoves A HitSlow to begin
16 MarSconeIzzatSlow to begin
16 MarSconeFanmaliaSlow to begin
16 MarSconeVol Au VentSlow to begin
16 MarSconeMorwellaSlow to begin
16 MarSconeHubbleSlow to begin
16 MarSconeValue AbbeySlow to begin
16 MarSconeAchi BabaSlow to begin
16 MarSconeForever JudeSlow to begin
16 MarSconeHead OnSlow to begin
17 MarClarendonWilly WilsonSlow to begin
17 MarClarendonFinecastingSlow to begin
17 MarClarendonDevil DanSlow to begin
17 MarClarendonMandalong TapitSlow to begin
18 MarRandwickGorshinSlow to begin
18 MarRandwickAuntySlow to begin
18 MarRandwickCrown AffairSlow to begin
18 MarRandwickTerwillikerSlow to begin
18 MarRandwickRe EditSlow to begin
18 MarRandwickEstradoSlow to begin
19 MarAlburyBlue Jean babySlow to begin
19 MarAlburyVeedoubleSlow to begin
19 MarAlburyHuon MagicSlow to begin
19 MarAlburyBy Blue Eyed BellaSlow to begin
19 MarAlburyFive Star MissSlow to begin
19 MarAlburyExpress CourierSlow to begin
19 MarAlburyBig TeddySlow to begin
19 MarAlburyMonkerySlow to begin
19 MarAlburyDemonstrateSlow to begin
19 MarAlburyRhyming PuppetSlow to begin
19 MarAlburyYeldarbSlow to begin
19 MarAlburyPittsburghSlow to begin
19 MarNewcastleOwhata CrumpettSlow to begin
19 MarNewcastleKikikapowSlow to begin
19 MarNewcastleGrande AmiciSlow to begin
19 MarNewcastleFavraSlow to begin
19 MarNewcastleSoul PurposeSlow to begin
19 MarNewcastleLuminosoSlow to begin
19 MarNewcastleDynamic ImpactSlow to begin
19 MarNewcastleZouologistSlow to begin
19 MarNewcastleQuick FinanceSlow to begin
19 MarNewcastleTitusSlow to begin
19 MarNewcastleCompatriotSlow to begin
19 MarNewcastleTrumbullSlow to begin
19 MarNewcastleThrough The CracksSlow to begin
20 MarAlburyGhost TownSlow to begin
20 MarAlburySun MasterSlow to begin
20 MarAlburyGretzkySlow to begin
20 MarAlburyBellarina MagicSlow to begin
20 MarAlburySilks ‘n’ StarsSlow to begin
20 MarAlburyKopaonikSlow to begin
20 MarPort MacquarieContestSlow to begin
20 MarPort MacquarieTrematonSlow to begin
20 MarPort MacquarieDouble CheckSlow to begin
20 MarPort MacquarieMy Sonny’s FaithSlow to begin
20 MarPort MacquarieNew York NickSlow to begin
20 MarPort MacquarieDreamfyreSlow to begin
20 MarPort MacquarieAlshahhadSlow to begin
20 MarPort MacquarieOakfield JetSlow to begin
20 MarPort MacquarieSugar BabySlow to begin
20 MarPort MacquarieTime StalkerSlow to begin
20 MarPort MacquariePhantom SparkSlow to begin
21 MarCasinoClycine MaxSlow to begin
21 MarCasinoCristal CazSlow to begin
21 MarCasinoYouwaitandseeSlow to begin
21 MarCasinoCold PowerSlow to begin
21 MarKemblaShepherd Of FireSlow to begin
21 MarKemblaCottenhamSlow to begin
21 MarKemblaModern DanceSlow to begin
21 MarKemblaHistorySlow to begin
21 MarKemblaDoctor ManhattanSlow to begin
21 MarKemblaFrankely AwesomeSlow to begin
21 MarKemblaAccoySlow to begin
21 MarQueanbeyanBoys Day OutSlow to begin
21 MarQueanbeyanHeat is onSlow to begin
21 MarQueanbeyanZenyasaSlow to begin
21 MarQueanbeyanMaci TessSlow to begin
21 MarQueanbeyanInstrumentsSlow to begin
21 MarQueanbeyanKeep Me PostedSlow to begin
21 MarQueanbeyanLittle ClangaSlow to begin
21 MarQueanbeyanGraterraSlow to begin
21 MarQueanbeyanOur JohnnieSlow to begin
21 MarQueanbeyanSofalasogoodSlow to begin
21 MarQueanbeyanShoulder ChargeSlow to begin
21 MarRosehillDesignatedSlow to begin
21 MarRosehillYogiSlow to begin
21 MarRosehillChenierSlow to begin
21 MarRosehillThermosphereSlow to begin
21 MarRosehillGrey ShadowSlow to begin
22 MarMuswellbrookRapid EagleSlow to begin
22 MarMuswellbrookValar DohaerisSlow to begin
22 MarMuswellbrookBelle De VegaSlow to begin
22 MarMuswellbrookMisterzeeSlow to begin
22 MarMuswellbrookBobbingSlow to begin
22 MarMuswellbrookWhosyourhousemateSlow to begin
22 MarMuswellbrookHerzegovinaSlow to begin
22 MarMuswellbrookGumshoeSlow to begin
22 MarMuswellbrookRoy’s CommandSlow to begin
22 MarTowacCosta Chin ChinSlow to begin
22 MarTowacIsland BeauSlow to begin
22 MarTowacTis a HeartacheSlow to begin
22 MarTowacCountry TipperarySlow to begin
22 MarTowacLishadesSlow to begin
22 MarTowacAthena’s VoiceSlow to begin
22 MarTowacMuzzleburstSlow to begin
22 MarTowacIndiana WolfSlow to begin
23 MarGoulburnCharm MakerSlow to begin
23 MarGoulburnRenwickSlow to begin
23 MarGoulburnSidernoSlow to begin
23 MarGoulburnErotemeSlow to begin
23 MarGoulburnDeal MasterSlow to begin
23 MarGoulburnFirst CourrierSlow to begin
23 MarMurwillumbahDegradgraSlow to begin
23 MarMurwillumbahMotown MinxSlow to begin
23 MarMurwillumbahNo Harm DoneSlow to begin
23 MarMurwillumbahSidero StarSlow to begin
23 MarMurwillumbahVentures SightSlow to begin
23 MarMurwillumbahThe EqualizerSlow to begin
23 MarMurwillumbahAngels LoveSlow to begin
23 MarMurwillumbahHollywood AlSlow to begin
23 MarMurwillumbahLook A’likeSlow to begin
23 MarMurwillumbahMcgradySlow to begin
25 MarWarwickToo Much ClassSlow to begin
25 MarWarwickImpavidoSlow to begin
25 MarWarwickKavalmoSlow to begin
26 MarNarromineGuinnessSlow to begin
26 MarNarromineJungle RoseSlow to begin
26 MarNarromineOcean WalzerSlow to begin
26 MarNarromineHokkaidoSlow to begin
26 MarNarromineSome NightsSlow to begin
26 MarNarromineClass AplentySlow to begin
26 MarNarromineHogesSlow to begin
26 MarNarromineHumboldtSlow to begin
26 MarNarromineEl Rey DoradoSlow to begin
27 MarMuswellbrookConfinementSlow to begin
27 MarMuswellbrookForbidden PalaceSlow to begin
27 MarMuswellbrookYorkshire RockSlow to begin
27 MarMuswellbrookBelle Of PortugalSlow to begin
27 MarMuswellbrookRepositionSlow to begin
27 MarMuswellbrookAll HollywoodSlow to begin
27 MarMuswellbrookWrongfully WrongSlow to begin
27 MarMuswellbrookTawfiq BoySlow to begin
27 MarMuswellbrookDrachenfelsSlow to begin
27 MarMuswellbrookSmart MoveSlow to begin
27 MarSapphire CoastAppoint PercySlow to begin
27 MarSapphire CoastThat’s The TicketSlow to begin
27 MarSapphire CoastLittle WandSlow to begin
27 MarSapphire CoastShow TicketsSlow to begin
27 MarSapphire CoastFace The DaySlow to begin
27 MarSapphire CoastAtomic BlastSlow to begin
28 MarDubboOurtheoSlow to begin
28 MarDubboThe Last JewelSlow to begin
28 MarDubboQueen MajestySlow to begin
28 MarDubboReady Set GoSlow to begin
28 MarDubboShadesmarSlow to begin
28 MarDubboVonngutesqueSlow to begin
28 MarDubboShe’s SizzlingSlow to begin
28 MarDubboJawsomeSlow to begin
28 MarRosehillCondorSlow to begin
28 MarRosehillInsensataSlow to begin
28 MarRosehillNight’s WatchSlow to begin
28 MarRosehillHouse Of CartierSlow to begin
28 MarRosehillBrave SongSlow to begin
28 MarRosehillDaceteriaSlow to begin
28 MarRosehillFascinoSlow to begin
28 MarRosehillContritionSlow to begin
28 MarRosehillGirl TuesdaySlow to begin
28 MarRosehillMaurusSlow to begin
28 MarWagga WaggaBarcoo BillSlow to begin
28 MarWagga WaggaLove ‘n’ DesireSlow to begin
28 MarWagga WaggaFifi GirlSlow to begin
28 MarWagga WaggaSaturationSlow to begin
28 MarWagga WaggaMetro MissileSlow to begin
28 MarWagga WaggaSenoritavilleSlow to begin
28 MarWagga WaggaOld EliSlow to begin
28 MarWagga WaggaStorm ForceSlow to begin
28 MarWagga WaggaZatsaoneSlow to begin
28 MarWyongIzzatSlow to begin
28 MarWyongEncostar GlorySlow to begin
28 MarWyongSea StitchSlow to begin
28 MarWyongWhisky MagicSlow to begin
28 MarWyongAtomic SunriseSlow to begin
28 MarWyongFeelin’ AlrightSlow to begin
28 MarWyongRhythmic PulseSlow to begin
28 MarWyongHammond LaneSlow to begin
28 MarWyongJoy And MirthSlow to begin
28 MarWyongNatureSlow to begin
29 MarArmidaleStarbrookSlow to begin
29 MarArmidaleAll Too SassySlow to begin
29 MarArmidaleFanmaliaSlow to begin
29 MarArmidaleMackellar’s VoiceSlow to begin
29 MarArmidaleGerwigSlow to begin
29 MarArmidaleFergus En MarcheSlow to begin
29 MarArmidalePair Of HeelsSlow to begin
29 MarArmidaleKilmarnockSlow to begin
29 MarArmidaleBarbarySlow to begin
29 MarArmidaleOdds Or EvensSlow to begin
29 MarArcherChuck A YouiSlow to begin
29 MarArcherHothands LizSlow to begin
29 MarArcherRio De JaneiroSlow to begin
29 MarArcherRunning WolfSlow to begin
29 MarArcherTamperingSlow to begin
29 MarArcherQuick FinanceSlow to begin
29 MarArcherQueen Of ManhattanSlow to begin
29 MarArcherGlamourushSlow to begin
29 MarArcherShenziSlow to begin
30 MarWagga WaggaNangaSlow to begin
30 MarWagga WaggaSilver NookSlow to begin
30 MarWagga WaggaLeg WorkSlow to begin
30 MarWagga WaggaCome Get MeSlow to begin
30 MarWagga WaggaDemanding MoSlow to begin
30 MarWagga WaggaSovietSlow to begin
30 MarWagga WaggaCryfowlSlow to begin
30 MarWagga WaggaManhattan ZipSlow to begin
30 MarWagga WaggaDemonstrateSlow to begin
30 MarWagga WaggaLogan RiverSlow to begin


In March, 168 horses suffered from injuries during the races. These range from abnormal respiratory noises and cardiac arrythmia to bleeding, lameness, lacerations, and being slow to recover. Six horses were retired because of their injuries.

These numbers do not include horses who suffer from bruising as a result of the whip.

Two horses were killed as a result of their injuries.

The stewards were also notified of the death of Vibes, who collapsed and died after competing at Grafton on 27 Jan 2020. They suffered from an internal haemorrhage caused by a ruptured artery.

The following table lists the horses and their behaviour, along with the date and racetrack. All information was taken from the NSW Stewards Reports Diary.

6 MarNewcastleInsensataAbnormal behaviour – vet clearance
3 MarGraftonLippy And PearlsAbnormal lung sounds
10 MarWagga WaggaPrincess NiamhAbnormal respiratory noises
11 MarWarwickMajellaAbnormal respiratory noises
19 MarNewcastleMystery TrickAbnormal respiratory noises
28 MarWyongOnly MineAbnormal respiratory noises
28 MarWyongMeticulousAbnormal respiratory noises
16 MarSconeEgyptian PharaohAbrasion to near hind leg
10 MarWyongDarleneAbrasion to off hind fetlock
7 MarRandwickEmeraldsBled from both nostrils
14 MarRosehillZoustyleBled from both nostrils
22 MarMuswellbrookJetelloBled from both nostrils
28 MarWyongUrbinoBled from both nostrils
29 MarArmidaleBarbaryBled from both nostrils
14 MarBallinaFriends Of WrenBled from both nostrils – 3 month ban
3 MarKemblaUno ThatBled from both nostrils – lifetime ban
11 MarWarwickBrixBled from both nostrils – lifetime ban
14 MarBerriganDidn’t Even Kiss MeBled from both nostrils – RETIRED
9 MarCoffs HarbourBel AcademyBled from off side nostril
28 MarRosehillRiver BirdBled from off side nostril – external trauma
10 MarWagga WaggaCardinetBled from one nostril, bumped heavily with another horse
25 MarWarwickDrizzleBled in near side nostril
10 MarWyongAsudemBled in off side nostril
29 MarArcherPrince Of PuzzleBleeding attack
9 MarCanberraEastenderBleeding attack – 3 month ban
9 MarCanberraGlamour StripBleeding attack – retired
21 MarKemblaCharmed PrincessBlood in anterior chamber of eye
18 MarRandwickCultural AmnesiaBumped heavily with another horse
25 MarWarwickTip Top TimingBumped heavily with another horse
6 MarNewcastleSeawayCardiac Arrhythmia
10 MarWyongStagecoach MaryCardiac Arrhythmia
11 MarWarwickBrabhamCardiac Arrhythmia
13 MarTareeSonneireCardiac Arrhythmia
14 MarBerriganCorryong ConnieCardiac Arrhythmia
28 MarRosehillDiplomaticoCardiac Arrhythmia
20 MarAlburyFuscaColic
22 MarMuswellbrookAldeeEUTHANISED: Carpal fracture
8 MarTamworthCharlotte’s HeartEUTHANISED: Fell, sustained humeral fracture to off fore leg
12 MarGoulburnCock MatchGalloped on near hind leg
14 MarRosehillInvincible GemGalloped on near hind leg
21 MarRosehillWu GokGalloped on near hind leg
27 MarSapphire CoastFoxy FreeGalloped on near hind leg
19 MarNewcastleSmittenGalloped on off hind leg
28 MarRosehillScorpzInjury to off fore ligament – RETIRED (21 march 2020)
15 MarCoonambleArkam AsylumLaceration to near fore leg
4 MarRandwickJust FieldLaceration to near side knee
18 MarRandwickUnderstatementLaceration to off fore heel bulb
1 Mar 20MudgeeRisk and RewardLaceration to off fore leg
23 MarGoulburnFirst LadyLaceration to off fore leg
9 MarCoffs HarbourThe ActressLaceration to off hind heel
25 MarWarwickXylarooLaceration to off hind pastern
21 MarKemblaRiver ChargeLacerations to near hind hock and cannon
12 MarGoulburnChloebella RoseLacerations to off fore leg
1 Mar 20MudgeeIrish SpyLame in near fore leg (1/5)
4 MarRandwickRe EditLame in near fore leg (2/5)
10 MarWagga WaggaStand Your GroundLame in near fore leg (2/5)
12 MarRiversideKadarchiLame in near fore leg (2/5)
15 MarGraftonTaikun TommyLame in near fore leg (2/5)
21 MarRosehillPrince FawazLame in near fore leg (2/5)
22 MarMuswellbrookMy EmpireLame in near fore leg (2/5)
1 Mar 20MudgeeNationsLame in near fore leg (3/5)
15 MarCoonambleMiss AcademyLame in near fore leg (3/5)
28 MarWyongTahunaLame in near fore leg (3/5)
19 MarAlburyMr TrumpLame in near fore leg (4/5)
3 MarGraftonI’m On The ProwlLame in near fore tendon (2/5), injury
21 MarCasinoAct Of FameLame in near foreleg (2/5)
12 MarRiversideCan She StepLame in near hind leg (2/5)
4 MarRandwickDeferenceLame in off fore leg (1/5)
7 MarCorowaContaminatedLame in off fore leg (1/5)
8 MarCanberraRare EpisodeLame in off fore leg (1/5)
10 MarWyongSacred SwordLame in off fore leg (1/5)
14 MarBroken HillEllavanelleLame in off fore leg (1/5)
19 MarNewcastleThink StraightLame in off fore leg (1/5)
28 MarDubboOurtheoLame in off fore leg (1/5)
11 MarWarwickShe’s FearlessLame in off fore leg (2/5)
17 MarClarendonParcheLame in off fore leg (2/5)
23 MarGoulburnFight The KneadLame in off fore leg (2/5)
7 MarRandwickDeferenceLame in off fore leg (3/5) (sup report for Kensington 4 March)
13 MarKemblaNordic LoverLame in off fore leg (4/5)
30 MarWagga WaggaTestigo EstrellaLame in off fore leg (4/5)
9 MarCoffs HarbourSonic BloomLame in off fore tendon (3/5) and bowed
10 MarWyongSending LoveLame in off hind leg (1/5)
14 MarBerriganSpudLame in off hind leg (1/5)
19 MarAlburyFlight CommanderLame in off hind leg (1/5)
28 MarDubboAny Loose ChangeLame in off hind leg (1/5)
14 MarBroken HillPin Up BoyLame in off hind leg (2/5)
1 Mar 20ArmidaleCarillonLame in off hind leg (3/5)
1 Mar 20ArmidaleChilly Cha ChaLame in off hind leg (3/5)
23 MarGoulburnFast MelodyLame in off hind leg (3/5)
23 MarGoulburnBottoms Up BabeLame in off hind leg (3/5)
29 MarArmidaleFrosty OlafLame in off hind leg (3/5)
3 MarKemblaTexas ForeverLame in offside leg, swelling in offside hock
27 MarMuswellbrookSir LeoLame off fore leg (4/5), strained lower flexor tendon
27 MarMuswellbrookAll HollywoodMuscle soreness offside shoulder
14 MarGosfordBovalinoPoor performance
21 MarKemblaCottenhamPoor post race
21 MarKemblaOff Her RocaPoor post race
21 MarKemblaSophomorePoor post race
21 MarKemblaFrankley AwesomePoor post race
30 MarWagga WaggaCome Get MePossible sore shin
14 MarRosehillActingPuncture to off fore sole
14 MarBerriganFeisty MyersPuncture wound to off side front pastern
20 MarPort MacquarieMiddenSigns of tying up
19 MarNewcastleGeoSlow to recover
21 MarKemblaBullet FlySlow to recover
8 MarCanberraOur VolantisSlow to recover
29 MarArcherBudderoo KnightSlow to recover
1 Mar 20ArmidaleDenman UnlimitedSlow to recover
3 MarKemblaFirst CrownSlow to recover
4 MarRandwickSea Of LifeSlow to recover
7 MarClaredonOur Blue MoonSlow to recover
5 MarPort MacquarieUp The StairsSlow to recover
7 MarRandwickBookerSlow to recover
7 MarRandwickAlizeeSlow to recover
13 MarKemblaRoverSlow to recover
13 MarTareeInwithachanceSlow to recover
15 MarCoonambleNicka NarcellsSlow to recover
15 MarCoonambleBrother BassySlow to recover
15 MarGraftonItsallkaySlow to recover
15 MarGraftonMidweek HusslerSlow to recover
17 MarClarendonFinecastingSlow to recover
17 MarClarendonMariseSlow to recover
18 MarRandwickSignificanceSlow to recover
18 MarRandwickCovert OpsSlow to recover
21 MarRosehillInvictus SaluteSlow to recover
22 MarMuswellbrookRoy’s CommandSlow to recover
25 MarWarwickRaison D’EtreSlow to recover
26 MarNarromineHibernSlow to recover
26 MarNarromineSupreme TimesSlow to recover
27 MarMuswellbrookShock AlertSlow to recover
27 MarSapphire CoastMillimeSlow to recover
27 MarSapphire CoastEl NietoSlow to recover
28 MarRosehillAftermathSlow to recover
29 MarArmidaleStep On FireSlow to recover
29 MarArmidaleGold CodesSlow to recover
8 MarTamworthHeaven’s HighSlow to recover – spelled
11 MarWarwickRoman WolfSlow to recover and displayed sustained tachycardia
1 Mar 20ArmidaleWhiskey AppleSlow to recover and distressed (endoscopic exam)
15 MarCoonambleAveSlow to recover, lame in off hind leg (1/5) – RETIRED
8 MarTamworthRed CupcakeSore over the back
2 MarCowraSeawatchSore over the back
15 MarGraftonBrazen GypsySore over the poll
7 MarRandwickYao DashSpeedy cut to off hind leg + endoscopic exam
7 MarClaredonAuntySuperficial wound to off hind cannon
21 MarRosehillScorpzSustained injury to off fore leg
8 MarCanberraAntonioSwelling to near fore common extensor tendon and lame (3/5) – spelled
15 MarGraftonSpecial BuyUnusual action – requires ve check
Horse racing horse with broken leg
Horse with broken leg

Pre-race injuries

In addition to these race injuries, 37 horses suffered from injuries before they even made it to the racecourse.

2 MarSapphire CoastMiss FarlooPre-race: abrasion to near hind leg in tie-up stall
27 MarSapphire CoastElement Of LuckPre-race: abrasion to near hip
28 MarWyongGunzelPre-race: abrasion to off side rump
14 MarRosehillSoothingPre-race: abrasions to both hind legs
7 MarCorowaDerby GirlPre-race: abrasions to hock region
23 MarGoulburnNevada DanePre-race: abrasions to off hing leg and lameness
19 MarAlburySharliePre-race: hit head in mounting yard, lame in near hind leg (2/5)
19 MarAlburyCity RoguePre-race: injured during transport
30 MarWagga WaggaEpaullo CreedPre-race: injured during transport
30 MarWagga WaggaMaddie’s The BossPre-race: injured whilst being loaded
27 MarMuswellbrookMalea MagicPre-race: injury to nose during trip
23 MarGoulburnRenalotPre-race: laceration on hip
14 MarRosehillSalsonicPre-race: Laceration to head
19 MarAlburyAppoint PercyPre-race: laceration to the chin during transport
29 MarArcherStagecoach MaryPre-race: lame in front (3/5)
10 MarWagga WaggaMickey JayPre-race: lame in left fore leg (3/5)
28 MarWyongThe Cat FactorPre-race: lame in near hind leg
19 MarAlburyMr IntegrityPre-race: Lame in near hind leg (3/5)
19 MarNewcastleLady LegendPre-race: lame in near hind leg after kicking out
3 MarKemblaBare Naked LadyPre-race: lame in off fore leg
27 MarMuswellbrookThe Light Of DayPre-race: lame in off fore leg (2/5)
20 MarPort MacquarieLuffPre-race: lame in off foreleg
28 MarRosehillAbdonPre-race: lame in off foreleg
13 MarTareeCelia La PalomaPre-race: Large laceration to near hind back leg
7 MarClaredonBottoms Up BabePre-race: made contact with the offside partition barrier
9 MarCanberraSpanish PearlPre-race: Minor abrasion to inside knee
14 MarBroken HillAussie BobPre-race: multiple lacerations on near side liegs and rump – RETIRED
25 MarWarwickLong WeekendPre-race: old wound in near foreleg
16 MarSconeWar CatPre-race: struck by another horse
7 MarCorowaJay Vee TeePre-race: struck head
10 MarWyongFor LovePre-race: struck head in barrier
7 MarClaredonShadow CrushPre-race: struck head in mounting enclosure
13 MarTareeThe Light Of DayPre-race: struck head, bleeding from external trauma
29 MarArmidaleClixPre-race: struck in mounting yard, abrasion to off hind cannon
27 MarSapphire CoastShartayPre-race: sustained injury on route to course
19 MarAlburyTrack BossPre-race: swelling in hind legs
15 MarGraftonFree BillyPre-race: swelling to off side knee

Other Issues

In addition to these injuries, 21 horses heavily collided with either another horse, the barrier gates, or the rail. Collisions show how unsafe the tracks and races are. Horses who collide with another horse are at risk of falling and injuring themselves.

7 MarRandwickSpiritual PursuitMade contact with barrier
14 MarGosfordMercuryMade contact with near side front gate of barrier
21 MarKemblaSide HustleMade contact with nearside partition of barrier
21 MarKemblaRinviataMade contact with nearside partition of barrier
10 MarWyongPink BeauMade contact with off side front gate of barrier
18 MarRandwickUnguardedMade contact with offside barrier partition
14 MarGosfordWar MemorialMade contact with offside front gate
4 MarRandwickShout The BarMade contact with the barrier
13 MarKemblaFui SanMade heavy contact with another horse
13 MarKemblaZenardiniMade heavy contact with another horse
14 MarBerriganDamsefly’s Kept (NZ)Made heavy contact with another horse
14 MarBerriganEmoclewMade heavy contact with another horse
15 MarCoonamblePoint Of InterestMade heavy contact with another horse
1 Mar 20MudgeeThe PoetMade heavy contact with another horse
18 MarRandwickDuennaMade heavy contact with another horse
6 MarNewcastleWarp SpeedMade heavy contact with another horse
7 MarClaredonJaywalkerMade heavy contact with another horse
17 MarClarendonHamish The SwiftMade heavy contact with another horse
30 MarWagga WaggaKarlainaMade heavy contact with another horse
30 MarWagga WaggaBlue Jean BabyMade heavy contact with another horse
7 MarRandwickThe Chosen OneeMade heavy contact with the rail

What you can do

No horses deserve to suffer in the name of entertainment. The only way to end the cruelty is to end the “sport”. You can help make this happen, by making the decision to never attend or bet on a horses life again.

You can also help by sharing this information with your friends and family.

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