Horse Racing: May Summary

race horses

Every month, Animal Liberation provides a summary of the NSW horse racing stewards reports. We provide a list of anti-racing behaviours exhibited by race horses, as well as their injuries and deaths.

The Australian racing industry claims that they are “committed to the welfare of the Australian racehorse”. If this were true, they would not be racing horses.

Welfare means providing and supporting “good fortune, health, happiness” and forcing an animal to race does not meet these requirements. Race horses are beaten with whips, have their tongues tied, are denied their natural behaviours, often forced to travel long distances, and undergo extreme training regimes. Ontop of this, injuries are common and can result in death.

In May alone, five horses died on NSW tracks, whilst another horse died during routine trackwork. In addition, 152 horses suffered from injures during the races.

With so many alternative entertainment options available, an industry founded on exploiting others should cease to exist.

Additional Deaths

The stewards reported two addition deaths from March, 2020.

23 MarchGlobetrotterKILLED – fractious, reared over partition, escaped, slipped over and suffered a soft tissue trauma and lameness
20 MarchWarwickVandusenDIED – Catastrophic breakdown with a sudden death

Horses not wanting to race

In May, 292 horses displayed behaviours that indicate an unwillingness to race. Many horses were labeled as having a “poor” performance, being “uncompetitive” or “unresponsive”, whilst others bucked in protest, were resistant to load into the barrier, were fractious in the barrier, or missed the start.

The following table lists the horses and their behaviour, along with the date and racetrack. All information was taken from the NSW Stewards Reports Diary.

7 MayLeetonMosolinoAttempted to buck
21 MayWagga WaggaGlenleigh LadAttempted to buck and uncompetitive
1 MaySkellatar ParkAyliffeBroke through the barrier
5 MayHawkesburyReadathonDifficult to ride
5 MayHawkesburyEyeknowDifficult to load and poor racing manners
10 MayWellingtonVersifierDifficult to load and poor racing manners
1 MaySkellatar ParkPoitaDifficult to ride
1 MayWagga WaggaNieces and NephewsDifficult to ride
2 MayRandwickCutadeelDifficult to ride
4 MayGraftonWilliamDifficult to ride
7 MayLeetonSwift RevengeDifficult to ride
9 MayNewcastleKerrisdaleDifficult to ride
9 MayRandwickDerby StarDifficult to ride
16 MayKemblaApril StormDifficult to ride
17 MayParkesTokyo BulletDifficult to ride
18 MayTamworthLaughs LoudestDifficult to ride
3 MaySapphireMajor DangerDislodged the rider
28 MayGosfordGold RhapsoduFailed to finish race – follow up
1 MaySkellatar ParkSkull CapFlatfooted
7 MayKemblaMisty SummerFlatfooted
16 MayRosehillWild ImpactFlatfooted
7 MayKemblaMalthouseFlatfooted – poor barrier manners
6 MayCanberraSweet KnuckleFlatfooted and poor performance
18 MayDubboSome NightsFlatfooted and poor pre-race manners – RETIRED
1 MaySkellatar ParkShuswaggiFractious and broke through the barrier
25 MayTareeKate’s PearlFractious and cast in barrier stalls
17 MayQueanbeyanJesta DivaFractious and got head stuck on barrier stall
17 MayQueanbeyanPlum PuddingFractious and kicked out back gates
15 MayAlburyStryke A StarFractious and poor performance
4 MayTamworthSir DonaldFractious and reared at start
16 MayKemblaAffilliateFractious and reared in barrier
12 MayTareeChillie CodFractious and slipped over in mounting yard (injured)
26 MayArmidaleFlying HonourFractious during parade, dislodged rider, jumped the outside rail, and outside fence
16 MayKemblaC’est La VieFractious in barrier
16 MayRosehillHarpo MarxFractious in barrier
16 MayTuncurryDarmasunFractious in barrier
16 MayTuncurryWalton HallFractious in barrier
17 MayParkesFestival of LightFractious in barrier
9 MayNewcastleShe’s So SavvyFractious in barrier
3 MaySapphireFarageFractious in barrier – missed the start
1 MaySkellatar ParkRubino VeloceFractious in barrier – missed the start
18 MayTamworthPatagonianFractious in barrier – missed the start
10 MayWagga WaggaVillicanaFractious in barrier – near hind leg caught
10 MayWellingtonStorm ForceFractious in barrier and became cast
21 MayWagga WaggaThe Big GuyFractious in barrier and dislodged rider
10 MayWellingtonGood DrawFractious in barrier and poor barrier manners
2 MayRandwickIntrepidaciousFractious in barrier and poor performance
16 MayTuncurryThe Grey CrusaderFractious in mounting enclosure
18 MayDubboJesseiraFractious in mounting enclosure
16 MayNarromineNicka NarcellsFractious in mounting enclosure and dislodged rider – poor pre-race behaviour
11 MayQuirindiSnipex AbaaFractious in the barrier
27 MayCanterburyBlack MeteorFractious in the barrier
10 MayWellingtonEye On AmericaFractious in the barrier – poor barrier manners
27 MayCanterburyAssault’n’bathoryFractious in the barriers
10 MayWellingtonProffaseeFractious on the float
11 MayQuirindiWar Of ThronesFractious, reared in barrier, and became cast over dividing partition
17 MayQueanbeyanDorbeenFractious, reared, off-foreleg stuck – poor barrier manners
3 MaySapphireSilver NookJumped on track and blundered
24 MaySkellatarHot DreamerKicked another runner at the start and dislodged the rider and gallopped riderless
22 MayCoffsSugar BabyLunged forward in barrier
1 MaySkellatar ParkMiss EfficiencyMissed the start
1 MaySkellatar ParkTupouMissed the start
3 MaySapphireRubaiyaMissed the start
4 MayTamworthMagic PleasureMissed the start
4 MayTamworthLord TonyMissed the start
10 MayWagga WaggaObjectiveMissed the start
11 MayQuirindiReigning SupremeMissed the start
11 MayQuirindiGerwigMissed the start
18 MayTamworthStroke Of MidnightMissed the start
19 MayPort MacquarieLeave Me SomeMissed the start
24 MayGoulburnMorgatoMissed the start
26 MayArmidaleAcclaim To FameMissed the start
19 MayKemblaSebourgMissed the start and poor performance
8 MayCoffsVelvet AeroplaneMissed the start, kicked out and got near hind leg caught between the gates – poor barrier manners
15 MaySconeAquilla SkyeMissed the start, stood flatfooted, and uncompetitive
1 MayWagga WaggaVia CondottiPoor barrier manners
6 MayCanterburyLady HerbertPoor barrier manners
1 MaySkellatar ParkRizzutoPoor performance
1 MayWagga WaggaJuaphikoaPoor performance
1 MayWagga WaggaSmart SuccessPoor performance
1 MayWagga WaggaLa SantePoor performance
1 MayWagga WaggaKaapfeverPoor performance
2 MayRandwickCanastaPoor performance
2 MayRandwickKyleasePoor performance
2 MayRandwickReady To ProphetPoor performance
2 MayNewcastleLord TropicanaPoor performance
2 MayNewcastleBizarroPoor performance
2 MayNewcastleSeventh SealPoor performance
3 MayDubboDia Del AmorPoor performance
3 MayDubboDreams Out WestPoor performance
3 MaySapphireRaven’s RabbitPoor performance
4 MayGraftonMagnalanePoor performance
4 MayTamworthShe’s A ThrillPoor performance
4 MayTamworthPerpetual MotionPoor performance
5 MayHawkesburyWhiskey MagicPoor performance
5 MayHawkesburySavaspurPoor performance
5 MayHawkesburyHidden AcePoor performance
6 MayCanberraTyrrhenianPoor performance
6 MayCanterburyNational GuardPoor performance
6 MayCanterburyMocamboPoor performance
6 MayCanterburyRafha’s ChoicePoor performance
7 MayKemblaSilent AgendaPoor performance
7 MayKemblaSan AntonioPoor performance
7 MayKemblaMissile HeatPoor performance
7 MayLeetonLutecePoor performance
8 MayCoffsFudginitPoor performance
8 MayCoffsDreamtime MagicPoor performance
8 MayGoulburnTribunaPoor performance
8 MayGoulburnEnigmaPoor performance
9 MayNewcastleClever GentPoor performance
9 MayNewcastleSavvy ValentinoPoor performance
9 MayNewcastleRambler RebelPoor performance
9 MayNewcastleAston BlairPoor performance
9 MayRandwickTactical AdvantagePoor performance
9 MayRandwickMurilloPoor performance
10 MayWagga WaggaBalmacedaPoor performance
11 MayQuirindiWhite EaglePoor performance
12 MayTareeJest MagicPoor performance
13 MayWarwick FarmInvincible LadPoor performance
13 MayWarwick FarmDuennaPoor performance
14 MayMoruyaMiss FarlooPoor performance
14 MayMoruyaDubai EaglePoor performance
14 MayMoruyaEighth ImmortalPoor performance
15 MayAlburyRocky HighPoor performance
15 MayAlburyCoolybossPoor performance
16 MayKemblaSide HustlePoor performance
16 MayKemblaTresse D’orPoor performance
16 MayKemblaToulousePoor performance
16 MayNarromineAdmit OnePoor performance
16 MayRosehillShamusu ShoPoor performance
16 MayRosehillAsharaniPoor performance
18 MayDubboShwanky DooPoor performance
18 MayTamworthDoublee CheckPoor performance
18 MayTamworthFantasmaPoor performance
19 MayPort MacquarieFire In The HolePoor performance
19 MayPort MacquarieJest MagicPoor performance
20 MayRandwickFrosty RocksPoor performance
20 MayRandwickPrivate ThoughtsPoor performance
20 MayRandwickMorenoPoor performance
20 MayRandwickSignificancePoor performance
20 MayRandwickReformistPoor performance
21 MayClarendonApril ThunderPoor performance
21 MayClarendonTough CasePoor performance
21 MayClarendonDevil DanPoor performance
21 MayWagga WaggaBell SerenadePoor performance
22 MayCanberraSunstonePoor performance
22 MayCoffsDanitesPoor performance
22 MayCoffsPraeferoxPoor performance
22 MayCoffsShe’s SpicyPoor performance
22 MayCoffsValue AbbeyPoor performance
23 MayMudgeePlectrumPoor performance
23 MayMudgeeLifetime QuestPoor performance
23 MayRandwickBad Boy For LovePoor performance
23 MayRandwickBold And WildPoor performance
23 MayRandwickKyleasePoor performance
23 MayRandwickSophiellaPoor performance
24 MaySkellatarInkeriPoor performance
24 MaySkellatarRadical ImpactPoor performance
25 MayAlburyZaberfeldiePoor performance
25 MayTareeSpecial UnionPoor performance
25 MayTareeMiss DevinciPoor performance
25 MayTareeChosen MonarchPoor performance
26 MayArmidaleIn A SpringPoor performance
26 MayArmidaleReign Over MePoor performance
27 MayCanterburyLe VizirPoor performance
27 MayCanterburyBattlegroundPoor performance
27 MayCanterburyMoon PantherPoor performance
27 MayCanterburyPrinvinciblePoor performance
27 MayCanterburyDream CirclePoor performance
30 MayKemblaMiss KeiraPoor performance
30 MayKemblaIrish AngelPoor performance
30 MayRosehillSakuraPoor performance
30 MayRosehillBottegaPoor performance
4 MayGraftonI’m FluentPoor performance
8 MayCoffsSupreme DivaPoor performance
28 MayBathurstSolid FoundationPoor performance
3 MayDubboMarokawaPoor performance
30 MayKemblaKnightPoor performance
2 MayNewcastleTrue MarvelPoor performance
2 MayNewcastleSuper DancePoor performance – “does not appreciate running”
16 MayRosehillVillamiPoor performance – future TBA
30 MayKemblaExplosive TruthPoor performance – future TBA
21 MayClarendonTyrrhenianPoor performance – leaving stable
21 MayClarendonTrengganuPoor performance – leaving stable
11 MayQuirindiRamiginingPoor performance – leaving stable
19 MayKemblaLeami AstrayPoor performance – leaving stable
11 MayQuirindiSytusPoor performance – RETIRED
21 MayWagga WaggaSimply StrikingPoor performance – RETIRED
24 MayGoulburnAnother SnappyPoor performance – RETIRED
25 MayTareeShuswaggiPoor performance – RETIRED
9 MayRandwickLesagePoor performance – Spelled
2 MayRandwickAxePoor performance – throat abnormality requre epiglottic entrapment surgery
30 MayRosehillTamarackPoor performance (upping grade despite slow to recover)
6 MayCanberraSpicy RestaurantPoor performance and agitated
21 MayClarendonVarinkaPoor performance and flatfooted
9 MayRandwickRule The WorldPoor performance and poor racing manners
20 MayRandwickHead LegislatorPoor performance and poor racing manners
6 MayCanberraWaihekePoor performance and racing manners
3 MayDubboShowboyPoor performance and uncompetitive
14 MayMoruyaTitan StarPoor performance and uncompetitive
21 MayClarendonWhitchety GrubPoor performance and uncompetitive
17 MayQueanbeyanSkaiffePoor performance and uncompetitive
28 MayBathurstLilieroPoor performance and uncompetitive – leaving stable
17 MayParkesSupergazePoor performance and unresponsive
23 MayMudgeeKirroPoor performance and unresponsive
28 MayBathurstJetlinePoor performance and unresponsive
28 MayGosfordPrincess SunlightPoor performance and unresponsive
7 MayKemblaDutyPoor performance and unresponsive
15 MayAlburyVinnievegaPoor performance and unresponsive
23 MayRandwickCanastaPoor performance and unresponsive
15 MaySconeBobbingPoor performance and unresponsive – future TBA
6 MayCanterburyBallisticaPoor performance and unresponsive – leaving stable
28 MayBathurstTwilight SunPoor performance and unresponsive – leaving stable
19 MayKemblaSybellaPoor performance and weakened
24 MaySkellatarDiddly DeePoor performance, blundered, and unresponsive
9 MayCobarReady Set GoPoor performance, raced flat
20 MayRandwickFlindersPoor performance, raced flat
30 MayRosehillImprovementPoor performance, raced flat – RETIRED (stud)
23 MayMudgeeNothern LightsPoor performance, raced flat, and unresponsive
18 MayDubboDemonizePoor performance, raced flat, and unresponsive
28 MayBathurstDeep LovePoor performance, raced flat, and unresponsive (injured) – leaving stable
10 MayWellingtonBuckin RippaPoor performance, raced flatfooted
3 MayDubboDeviatePoor performance, unresponsive
16 MayKemblaApiciusPoor performance, unresponsive
19 MayPort MacquarieDivisaderoPoor performance, unresponsive
7 MayKemblaHistoryPoor performance, unresponsive, and weakened (cardiac arrhythmia)
4 MayTamworthRapid EaglePoor pre-race behaviour
22 MayCanberraSide CutPoor pre-race behaviour
25 MayTareeModifyPoor pre-race manners taking charge of the rider en route to barriers and galloping
5 MayHawkesburyDebriefPoor racing manners
9 MayRandwickOverlordPoor racing manners
24 MaySkellatarCharlie FlyerPoor racing manners
30 MayRosehillStarspangled RodeoPoor racing manners
16 MayNarromineStill UndauntedPre-race: fractious in float
23 MayMudgeeMissile RainPre-race: fractious in float
30 MayRosehillAgent PippaPre-race: fractious in float – injured
16 MayTuncurryStevenPre-race: leg up in barrier
25 MayAlburyMy Blue JeansRan with head up
13 MayWarwick FarmNishkaReared after being loaded into barriers
18 MayTamworthDenim StreetReared and dislodged rider when barriers opened
11 MayMurwillumbahAmirykalReared in barrier and became cast
14 MayMoruyaBlack JacamarReared in barrier and made contact with front of gates
22 MayCanberraCarruthersReared on jumping, dislodged rider, remained in barriers, didnt leave
26 MayNewcastleZouologistReared on jumping, dislodged rider, remained in barriers, didnt leave
26 MayArmidalePageant QueenReared over the mounting enclosure
3 MayDubboManadriaRefused to load into barriers
28 MayBathurstKate LeaRefused to load into barriers
7 MayLeetonSoomayyaRefused to load into barriers
11 MayQuirindiKate’s PearlRefused to load into barriers
17 MayParkesThe SprookerRefused to load into barriers
9 MayLismoreMontana MistRefused to load into barriers and poor barrier manners
26 MayArmidaleHolly And WineRefused to parade the start
17 MayQueanbeyanShe’s So ReadyReluctant to be loaded
2 MayNewcastleSuperscriptRestless in barrier
16 MayKemblaMomackRestless in barrier
30 MayKemblaLibrarianStood flatfooted
30 MayKemblaVarinkaStood flatfooted
7 MayKemblaHighjackerStood flatfooted
9 MayNewcastleTrematonStood flatfooted
16 MayKemblaSocial SmileStood flatfooted
9 MayMoreeSkull CapStood flatfooted and poor racing manners
9 MayCobarEngagingStood flatfooted and poor race manners
30 MayKemblaMaglevStood flatfooted and uncompetitive
2 MayKempseySugarland ExpressThrew head in the air on jumping
3 MayDubboDivine MissileUncompetitive
3 MayDubboRotoitiUncompetitive
3 MayDubboEl Rey DoradoUncompetitive
3 MaySapphireMargeeUncompetitive
9 MayCobarValemUncompetitive
9 MayNewcastleChivadahliiUncompetitive
10 MayWellingtonKitty’s OwnUncompetitive
11 MayMurwillumbahFlying EurosUncompetitive
21 MayClarendonYour Hand In MineUncompetitive
21 MayClarendonMrs WashingtonUncompetitive
22 MayCoffsSon Of A BrutUncompetitive
23 MayNewcastleFeeling MightyUncompetitive
23 MayNewcastleContestUncompetitive
23 MayNewcastleDrusillaUncompetitive
25 MayAlburyMore GeeUncompetitive
30 MayKemblaPolar StarUncompetitive
30 MayKemblaCrimson JewelUncompetitive
18 MayTamworthSki MissileUncompetitive – leaving stable
4 MayTamworthKynunaUncompetitive – RETIRED
16 MayTuncurryDegrasseUncompetitive – RETIRED
2 MayKempseyCaptain’s LegendUnresponsive
7 MayKemblaAny WishUnresponsive
10 MayWagga WaggaZonestarUnresponsive
10 MayWagga WaggaDemanding MoUnresponsive
13 MayWarwick FarmKing TomlolaUnresponsive
16 MayRosehillBandersnatchUnresponsive
19 MayPort MacquarieMy DesireUnresponsive
30 MayKemblaInvasion DayUnresponsive and weakened

Slow to begin

In addition to these behaviours, 462 horses were slow at the start. Many of these horses overlap with having a poor performance or injury.

All information was taken from the NSW Stewards Reports Diary.

1 MaySkellatar ParkUpsideSlow to begin
1 MaySkellatar ParkMiss AubreySlow to begin
1 MaySkellatar ParkReign Over MeSlow to begin
1 MaySkellatar ParkOur TitoSlow to begin
1 MaySkellatar ParkUniversal ThiefSlow to begin
1 MaySkellatar ParkWicked WillySlow to begin
1 MaySkellatar ParkFanmaliaSlow to begin
1 MaySkellatar ParkClub TownSlow to begin
1 MayWagga WaggaBiscaraSlow to begin
1 MayWagga WaggaCarruthersSlow to begin
1 MayWagga WaggaSupreme KittySlow to begin
1 MayWagga WaggaGlorious DreamSlow to begin
1 MayWagga WaggaTreasure BossSlow to begin
1 MayWagga WaggaWho’s ShoutSlow to begin
1 MayWagga WaggaTryingSlow to begin
1 MayWagga WaggaLet’s Get AnimalSlow to begin
1 MayWagga WaggaWar BluesSlow to begin
1 MayWagga WaggaRockarosaSlow to begin
2 MayKempseyHer OptionSlow to begin
2 MayKempseyJungle RoseSlow to begin
2 MayKempseyCosmic EnergySlow to begin
2 MayKempseyGwennybeggSlow to begin
2 MayKempseyDashing SavannaSlow to begin
2 MayKempseyMister HootabellSlow to begin
2 MayKempseyCaptain’s LegendSlow to begin
2 MayKempseyKabeloSlow to begin
2 MayKempseyAlshahhadSlow to begin
2 MayRandwickLord DesanimauxSlow to begin
2 MayRandwickRocha ClockSlow to begin
2 MayRandwickTrumbullSlow to begin
2 MayRandwickThe GetawaySlow to begin
2 MayNewcastleHigh IntellectSlow to begin
2 MayNewcastleEncostar GlorySlow to begin
2 MayNewcastleStick ‘Em UpSlow to begin
2 MayNewcastlePythiaSlow to begin
2 MayNewcastleFreddie EddieSlow to begin
2 MayNewcastleMore OomphSlow to begin
2 MayNewcastleChamisalSlow to begin
2 MayNewcastleTrematonSlow to begin
2 MayNewcastleSuperscriptSlow to begin
2 MayNewcastleLettre D’AmourSlow to begin
2 MayNewcastleFanciful DreamSlow to begin
2 MayNewcastleJoy And MirthSlow to begin
3 MayDubboWild RocketSlow to begin
3 MayDubboShwanky DooSlow to begin
3 MayDubboRotoitiSlow to begin
3 MayDubboRegina MargheritaSlow to begin
3 MayDubboJarmanagicSlow to begin
3 MayDubboEl Rey DoradoSlow to begin
3 MayDubboMount GenepSlow to begin
3 MayDubboGrand ExitSlow to begin
3 MayDubboBen ShoofSlow to begin
3 MaySapphireRaven’s RabbitSlow to begin
3 MaySapphireOne AyeSlow to begin
3 MaySapphireEye RockSlow to begin
3 MaySapphireDutch DelughtSlow to begin
3 MaySapphireMorgatoSlow to begin
3 MaySapphireZou YorkSlow to begin
3 MaySapphireJohn BoySlow to begin
3 MaySapphireJanessaSlow to begin
3 MaySapphireMiss VerneSlow to begin
3 MaySapphireMargeeSlow to begin
3 MaySapphireBeaut BopaSlow to begin
3 MaySapphireAmerican GeniusSlow to begin
3 MaySapphireEeyoreSlow to begin
3 MaySapphireIron CraftSlow to begin
3 MaySapphireLegislationSlow to begin
3 MaySapphireSimply StrikingSlow to begin
4 MayGraftonBrazen DynamoSlow to begin
4 MayGraftonFire In The HoleSlow to begin
4 MayGraftonLock And LaunchSlow to begin
4 MayGraftonPoint of AttackSlow to begin
4 MayGraftonSequential PearlSlow to begin
4 MayGraftonMy Best SellerSlow to begin
4 MayGraftonOhchebelcavalloSlow to begin
4 MayGraftonIslamaxSlow to begin
4 MayGraftonOn A HandshakeSlow to begin
4 MayGraftonThe Last WarriorSlow to begin
4 MayGraftonGalwaySlow to begin
4 MayGraftonMidweek HusslerSlow to begin
4 MayTamworthJust On SpecSlow to begin
4 MayTamworthChilli ChilliSlow to begin
4 MayTamworthFicsmm DaveSlow to begin
4 MayTamworthTariff TrumpSlow to begin
4 MayTamworthHenson Park BluebagSlow to begin
4 MayTamworthFrozen AssetSlow to begin
5 MayHawkesburyCandy PantsSlow to begin
5 MayHawkesburyInvictus FelixSlow to begin
5 MayHawkesburyReadathonSlow to begin
5 MayHawkesburyBacinblacSlow to begin
6 MayCanberraDux on the PondSlow to begin
6 MayCanberraHinvictusSlow to begin
6 MayCanberraOld TraffordSlow to begin
6 MayCanberraTighlight SunSlow to begin
6 MayCanberraRosebankSlow to begin
6 MayCanberraLolita GoldSlow to begin
6 MayCanberraMossy OakSlow to begin
6 MayCanberraGrosvenor BridgeSlow to begin
6 MayCanberraOnsettling DownSlow to begin
6 MayCanberraCasino TimeSlow to begin
6 MayCanberraStreet CreedSlow to begin
6 MayCanterburyZoumistSlow to begin
6 MayCanterburySwitch PlaySlow to begin
6 MayCanterburyReformistSlow to begin
6 MayCanterburyRevenireSlow to begin
6 MayCanterburySoul StarSlow to begin
7 MayKemblaDoctor ManciniSlow to begin
7 MayKemblaAndermattSlow to begin
7 MayLeetonThree WhorlsSlow to begin
7 MayLeetonRare GemSlow to begin
7 MayLeetonAstirSlow to begin
7 MayLeetonPittsburghSlow to begin
7 MayLeetonLuteceSlow to begin
7 MayLeetonBoreasSlow to begin
7 MayLeetonRocky HighSlow to begin
8 MayCoffsAdmiral AshSlow to begin
8 MayCoffsSuper RockerSlow to begin
8 MayCoffsPrue’s ProphetSlow to begin
8 MayCoffsBold RushSlow to begin
8 MayCoffsBouquetsSlow to begin
8 MayCoffsSir AngusSlow to begin
8 MayCoffsAll About CharlieSlow to begin
8 MayCoffsCash BundleSlow to begin
8 MayCoffsDash for VanSlow to begin
8 MayCoffsMetre EaterSlow to begin
8 MayGoulburnMake a PromiseSlow to begin
8 MayGoulburnFirst ReadingSlow to begin
8 MayGoulburnMy Blue JeansSlow to begin
8 MayGoulburnNever Been AnotherSlow to begin
8 MayGoulburnSassy Snow StormSlow to begin
8 MayGoulburnRenwickSlow to begin
8 MayGoulburnGolden EclipseSlow to begin
8 MayGoulburnAngainst the TideSlow to begin
8 MayGoulburnNo What To KeepSlow to begin
8 MayGoulburnCatapultSlow to begin
9 MayCobarAllied InvasionSlow to begin
9 MayLismoreLoaban Tai TaiSlow to begin
9 MayLismoreOlenaSlow to begin
9 MayLismoreHeza Magic ManSlow to begin
9 MayMoreeMagic PleasureSlow to begin and whipped excessively
9 MayMoreeDawn LoverSlow to begin
9 MayMoreeMore Than GoodSlow to begin
9 MayMoreeRadiant ChoiceSlow to begin
9 MayNewcastleJaziratSlow to begin
9 MayNewcastleAll Too SassySlow to begin
9 MayNewcastleObsceneSlow to begin
9 MayNewcastlePerfect RadianceSlow to begin
9 MayNewcastleTrematonSlow to begin
9 MayNewcastleChateaux ParkSlow to begin
9 MayNewcastleAytobeSlow to begin
9 MayNewcastleMaissaSlow to begin
9 MayNewcastleDancing RachelSlow to begin
9 MayNewcastleAutumn RainSlow to begin
9 MayNewcastleShe’s So SavvySlow to begin
9 MayNewcastleChief KidderSlow to begin
9 MayNewcastleTake To HeartSlow to begin
9 MayNewcastleEmanuelaSlow to begin
9 MayNewcastleTodwickSlow to begin
9 MayNewcastleThree SheetsSlow to begin
9 MayNewcastleShuswaggiSlow to begin
9 MayNewcastleOakfield JetSlow to begin
9 MayRandwickLuna MiaSlow to begin
9 MayRandwickEqual BalanceSlow to begin
9 MayRandwickPauperSlow to begin
9 MayRandwickValaquentaSlow to begin
9 MayRandwickOxford TycoonSlow to begin
9 MayRandwickSurreal StepSlow to begin
9 MayRandwickDestiny’s OwnSlow to begin
9 MayRandwickLoveseatSlow to begin
9 MayRandwickSweet ThomasSlow to begin
9 MayRandwickScarlet DreamSlow to begin
9 MayRandwickChauffeurSlow to begin
9 MayRandwickInsensataSlow to begin
10 MayWagga WaggaWilly White SocksSlow to begin
10 MayWagga WaggaShadow of PylonSlow to begin
10 MayWagga WaggaRock ‘n’ ToriSlow to begin
10 MayWagga WaggaAhadi FarasiSlow to begin
10 MayWagga WaggaDhiagaSlow to begin
10 MayWagga WaggaRiverbend ChiefSlow to begin
10 MayWagga WaggaLennox RoadSlow to begin
10 MayWagga WaggaIn FioreSlow to begin
10 MayWellingtonForgiatoSlow to begin
10 MayWellingtonJungle RoseSlow to begin
10 MayWellingtonClever MissileSlow to begin
10 MayWellingtonBel AttraitSlow to begin
10 MayWellingtonWestern ParadeSlow to begin
10 MayWellingtonGood HostSlow to begin
10 MayWellingtonSorry I’m AwesomeSlow to begin
10 MayWellingtonRawson CrossingSlow to begin
11 MayMurwillumbahFlying EurosSlow to begin
11 MayMurwillumbahOn A HandshakeSlow to begin
11 MayMurwillumbahCharge PerminuteSlow to begin
11 MayMurwillumbahHollymedeSlow to begin
11 MayMurwillumbahAnacreonSlow to begin
11 MayMurwillumbahFlying PrettySlow to begin
11 MayMurwillumbahRogueSlow to begin
11 MayMurwillumbahCane CutterSlow to begin
11 MayMurwillumbahPortuguese TartSlow to begin
11 MayQuirindiGlendorSlow to begin
11 MayQuirindiKyaniteSlow to begin
11 MayQuirindiBulletsonSlow to begin
11 MayQuirindiPressing MattersSlow to begin
11 MayQuirindiDanspurSlow to begin
11 MayQuirindiPalace StreetSlow to begin
12 MayTareeLucky ShadowSlow to begin
12 MayTareeEveryready BunnySlow to begin
12 MayTareeMiss ClambakeSlow to begin
12 MayTareeHitmanSlow to begin
12 MayTareeTorbaSlow to begin
12 MayTareeCoolaminyah KidSlow to begin
12 MayTareeCondover HallSlow to begin
13 MayWarwick FarmDiorissimaSlow to begin
13 MayWarwick FarmGenjiroSlow to begin
13 MayWarwick FarmTempradoSlow to begin
13 MayWarwick FarmBallistaSlow to begin
13 MayWarwick FarmBound To WinSlow to begin
14 MayMoruyaResolving To WinSlow to begin
14 MayWyongKippaxSlow to begin
14 MayMoruyaWho Loves the ZouSlow to begin
14 MayMoruyaFinally RealiseSlow to begin
14 MayMoruyaTitan StarSlow to begin
14 MayMoruyaLes AmoreauxSlow to begin
14 MayMoruyaGunaluvaSlow to begin
14 MayMoruyaAuvergneSlow to begin
14 MayMoruyaInkjetSlow to begin
14 MayMoruyaHoly EmpressSlow to begin
14 MayMoruyaCamp RifleSlow to begin
15 MayAlburyFuscaSlow to begin
15 MayAlburyRiverbend ChiefSlow to begin
15 MayAlburyAnother Jay BrownSlow to begin
15 MayAlburyMaster KnightSlow to begin
15 MayAlburySounds FamousSlow to begin
15 MayAlburyKeitaroSlow to begin
15 MayAlburyCoolybossSlow to begin
15 MaySconeMiss AubreySlow to begin
15 MaySconeCommando HuntSlow to begin
15 MaySconeVan GizSlow to begin
15 MaySconeDivine ApproachSlow to begin
15 MaySconeLegendofozSlow to begin
15 MaySconeBells ‘N’ BowsSlow to begin
15 MaySconeBlack On GoldSlow to begin
15 MaySconeBobbingSlow to begin
15 MaySconeDarlebSlow to begin
15 MaySconeBlack SunriseSlow to begin
16 MayKemblaReverseSlow to begin
16 MayKemblaSocial SmileSlow to begin
16 MayKemblaLibrarianSlow to begin
16 MayKemblaHollywood DreamingSlow to begin
16 MayKemblaMomackSlow to begin
16 MayKemblaSide HustleSlow to begin
16 MayKemblaBlack WandSlow to begin
16 MayKemblaBelle De VegaSlow to begin
16 MayKemblaEugenioSlow to begin
16 MayNarromineMendonsa Kiss-PoySlow to begin
16 MayNarromineLa La LoopsySlow to begin
16 MayNarromineDizzy DylanSlow to begin
16 MayNarromineBen ShoofSlow to begin
16 MayNarromineGive us a WinnerSlow to begin
16 MayNarromineRoyal AbbeySlow to begin
16 MayRosehillLeg WorkSlow to begin
16 MayRosehillLa GrisaSlow to begin
16 MayRosehillBroken ArrowsSlow to begin
16 MayRosehillTrumbullSlow to begin
16 MayRosehillSir BacchusSlow to begin
16 MayRosehillMoss TripSlow to begin
16 MayRosehillNoble BoySlow to begin
16 MayRosehillProphet’s ThumbSlow to begin
16 MayTuncurryMexican StandoffSlow to begin
16 MayTuncurryCaptain’s LegendSlow to begin
16 MayTuncurrySplash Of LimeSlow to begin
16 MayTuncurryZioptimusSlow to begin
16 MayTuncurrySkob BoomSlow to begin
17 MayParkesElectrostepSlow to begin
17 MayParkesStella’s StarSlow to begin
17 MayParkesEl NeitoSlow to begin
17 MayParkesNewtown BelleSlow to begin
17 MayParkesA Martin PlacepickSlow to begin
17 MayParkesGinger’s VoiceSlow to begin
17 MayQueanbeyanBaynessSlow to begin
17 MayQueanbeyanHey DugeeSlow to begin
17 MayQueanbeyanHard CoreSlow to begin
17 MayQueanbeyanMogartoSlow to begin
17 MayQueanbeyanOppositeSlow to begin
17 MayQueanbeyanJudge’s DaughterSlow to begin
18 MayDubboHarwok’N’ZoffSlow to begin
18 MayDubboLaggan LassSlow to begin
18 MayDubboFrozen AssetSlow to begin
18 MayDubboDream in ColourSlow to begin
18 MayDubboEl Rey DoradoSlow to begin
18 MayDubboFanny ChenalSlow to begin
18 MayTamworthI’m SavvySlow to begin
18 MayTamworthUpsideSlow to begin
18 MayTamworthStar dreamerSlow to begin
18 MayTamworthDouble CheckSlow to begin
18 MayTamworthStarbugSlow to begin
18 MayTamworthNip QuickSlow to begin
18 MayTamworthSki MissileSlow to begin
18 MayTamworthBills A GoodieSlow to begin
18 MayTamworthOpinionsSlow to begin
18 MayTamworthToe TapperSlow to begin
18 MayTamworthAgrapartSlow to begin
19 MayKemblaHyannis PortSlow to begin
19 MayKemblaEssential SkySlow to begin
19 MayKemblaBluff ‘n’ BlusterSlow to begin
19 MayKemblaSebourgSlow to begin
19 MayKemblaLady HerbertSlow to begin
19 MayKemblaTawaretSlow to begin
19 MayKemblaStar Of O’ReillySlow to begin
19 MayKemblaTenorinoSlow to begin
19 MayKemblaCeltic LoveSlow to begin
19 MayPort MacquarieNijinskaSlow to begin
19 MayPort MacquariePhylaveSlow to begin
19 MayPort MacquarieOur TitoSlow to begin
19 MayPort MacquarieFire In The HoleSlow to begin
19 MayPort MacquarieSing Us A SongSlow to begin
19 MayPort MacquarieFrench CommandSlow to begin
19 MayPort MacquarieChosen PrinceSlow to begin
20 MayRandwickYulong CodeSlow to begin
20 MayRandwickStoogeSlow to begin
20 MayRandwickAnna’s JoySlow to begin
20 MayRandwickDynamitedSlow to begin
20 MayRandwickGhostlySlow to begin
20 MayRandwickAesop’s FableSlow to begin
20 MayRandwickMoney MagicSlow to begin
20 MayRandwickGot Your SixSlow to begin
20 MayRandwickOrceinSlow to begin
20 MayRandwickMiss RedobleSlow to begin
21 MayClarendonCamp DavidSlow to begin
21 MayClarendonInvictus FelixSlow to begin
21 MayClarendonRizzutoSlow to begin
21 MayWagga WaggaThree WhorlsSlow to begin
21 MayWagga WaggaCapsicoSlow to begin
21 MayWagga WaggaSimply StrikingSlow to begin
22 MayCanberraDiamond AffairSlow to begin
22 MayCanberraSuperscriptSlow to begin
22 MayCanberraOur Cheeky MonkeySlow to begin
22 MayCanberraShaddySlow to begin
22 MayCanberraClassic KingdomSlow to begin
22 MayCanberraMossy OakSlow to begin
22 MayCanberraRosebankSlow to begin
22 MayCanberraMiss CharlieSlow to begin
22 MayCanberraOur FinvarraSlow to begin
22 MayCanberraFarthing WoodSlow to begin
22 MayCanberraKimmyleeSlow to begin
22 MayCoffsDanitesSlow to begin
22 MayCoffsRecortarSlow to begin
22 MayCoffsSay It Ain’t SoSlow to begin
22 MayCoffsTie BreakerSlow to begin
22 MayCoffsKing of MonacoSlow to begin
22 MayCoffsLady WahooSlow to begin
22 MayCoffsHard MerchandiseSlow to begin
22 MayCoffsShe’s SpicySlow to begin
22 MayCoffsKellstormSlow to begin
22 MayCoffsHot SceneSlow to begin
22 MayCoffsSon Of A BrutSlow to begin
22 MayCoffsWarburtonSlow to begin
23 MayMudgeeAthena’s LadSlow to begin
23 MayMudgeeShadesmarSlow to begin
23 MayMudgeeSassy Snow StormSlow to begin
23 MayMudgeeHarley Fat BoySlow to begin
23 MayMudgeeGlendorSlow to begin
23 MayMudgeeWild RocketSlow to begin
23 MayMudgeeEngagingSlow to begin
23 MayMudgeeChur BroSlow to begin
23 MayNewcastleBrutalitySlow to begin
23 MayNewcastleSaquonSlow to begin
23 MayNewcastleMagic On IceSlow to begin
23 MayNewcastleMr GrumpySlow to begin
23 MayNewcastleElaborateSlow to begin
23 MayNewcastleShe’s So SavvySlow to begin
23 MayNewcastleMollycoddleSlow to begin
23 MayNewcastleJomajekiSlow to begin
23 MayNewcastleLive The MomentSlow to begin
23 MayNewcastleMercurySlow to begin
23 MayNewcastleThe Iron MaidenSlow to begin
23 MayNewcastleMiss FialkaSlow to begin
23 MayRandwickOverlordSlow to begin
23 MayRandwickMouse AlmightySlow to begin
23 MayRandwickReadathonSlow to begin
23 MayRandwickLady CuveeSlow to begin
23 MayRandwickNovember ManSlow to begin
23 MayRandwickOakfield MissileSlow to begin
23 MayRandwickSo TakenSlow to begin
24 MayGoulburnReoffenderSlow to begin
24 MayGoulburnRosy DawnSlow to begin
24 MayGoulburnGlamour CruiseSlow to begin
24 MayGoulburnDeludeSlow to begin
24 MayGoulburnCorbinSlow to begin
24 MayGoulburnOnthetakeSlow to begin
24 MayGoulburnOur RosemareeSlow to begin
24 MayGoulburnNostro ReSlow to begin
24 MayGoulburnI ArizeSlow to begin
24 MayGoulburnGrand AwakeningSlow to begin
24 MayGoulburnAirfreeSlow to begin
24 MayGoulburnDorbeenSlow to begin
24 MaySkellatarInferno MissSlow to begin
24 MaySkellatarSchool GirlSlow to begin
24 MaySkellatarCoolaminyah KidSlow to begin
24 MaySkellatarDiddly DeeSlow to begin
25 MayAlburyDhiagaSlow to begin
25 MayTareeMy Sonny’s FaithSlow to begin
25 MayTareeThe Polar ExpressSlow to begin
25 MayTareeWaterslideSlow to begin
25 MayTareeNaughty NicciSlow to begin
25 MayTareeCool MissileSlow to begin
25 MayTareeDevanSlow to begin
25 MayTareeChiakiSlow to begin
25 MayTareeKarlu DreamingSlow to begin
26 MayArmidaleGerwigSlow to begin
26 MayArmidaleAldaneSlow to begin
26 MayArmidaleIllinois GuruSlow to begin
26 MayArmidaleGeotimeSlow to begin
26 MayArmidaleLunar LustreSlow to begin
26 MayArmidaleReign Over MeSlow to begin
26 MayArmidaleTime StalkerSlow to begin
26 MayArmidaleSalty RainSlow to begin
26 MayNewcastleAll ThingsSlow to begin
26 MayNewcastleSoul PurposeSlow to begin
26 MayNewcastleHighjackerSlow to begin
26 MayNewcastleCalifornia SpellSlow to begin
26 MayNewcastleHigh PrioritySlow to begin
26 MayNewcastleKippaxSlow to begin
26 MayNewcastleTiger on FireSlow to begin
26 MayNewcastlePast TenseSlow to begin
26 MayNewcastleNeanderthalSlow to begin
26 MayNewcastleManabarSlow to begin
27 MayCanterburyJetskiSlow to begin
27 MayCanterburyMummentumSlow to begin
27 MayCanterburySmart DecisionSlow to begin
27 MayCanterburyContinuationSlow to begin
27 MayCanterburyToulon BrookSlow to begin
27 MayCanterburyCleverleySlow to begin
27 MayCanterburyDrachenfelsSlow to begin
27 MayCanterburyAssault’n’bathroySlow to begin
28 MayBathurstFiveashSlow to begin
28 MayBathurstPetra’s SpiritSlow to begin
28 MayBathurstVictorySlow to begin
28 MayBathurstAusbreed CooeeSlow to begin
28 MayBathurstSolid FoundationSlow to begin
28 MayGosfordAtomic FeatherSlow to begin
28 MayGosfordBrechfast BeersSlow to begin
28 MayGosfordGreat NewsSlow to begin
28 MayGosfordDon’t recallSlow to begin
28 MayGosfordStar Of HaradaSlow to begin
30 MayKemblaNo Doubt A StarSlow to begin
30 MayKemblaIrish AngelSlow to begin
30 MayKemblaNational GuardSlow to begin
30 MayMoreeMidnight MagicSlow to begin
30 MayMoreeMore Than GoodSlow to begin
30 MayMoreeMadam MoutonSlow to begin
30 MayMoreeJust A DameSlow to begin
30 MayMoreeTurmoilSlow to begin
30 MayMoreeAnother PlanSlow to begin
30 MayMoreeBeaconSlow to begin
30 MayRosehillLeg WorkSlow to begin
30 MayRosehillAtlantic KingSlow to begin
30 MayRosehillTrumbullSlow to begin
30 MayRosehillNoble BoySlow to begin
30 MayRosehillInsensataSlow to begin
30 MayRosehillBottegaSlow to begin
30 MayRosehillNindamosSlow to begin
30 MayRosehillRagged rascalSlow to begin
Horse racing injury
Example for horses falling during racing.


Racing horses at extreme speeds, places them at a risk of an injury. In May, five horses died on NSW tracks and one horse died during routine trackwork. An additional 152 horses sustained injuries or health issues, such as, suffering from abnormal respiratory noises, bleeding in the lungs, abrasions, lacerations, muscle soreness, lameness, or were slow to recover. This list excludes bruising caused by the whip.

The following table lists the horses and their injury, along with the date and racetrack. All information was taken from the NSW Stewards Reports Diary.

5 MayHawkesburyWhiskey MagicAbnormal respiratory noise
16 MayKemblaVinci LadyAbnormal respiratory noise
16 MayKemblaToulouseAbnormal respiratory noise
1 MaySkellatar ParkBlack SunriseAbnormal respiratory noise and slow to recover
9 MayLismoreSinepariAbrasion on colt’s nose
1 MaySkellatar ParkTupouAbrasion to near side stifle
30 MayMoreeJetty LaneAbrasion to off hind leg
1 MaySkellatar ParkThe Neon KnightAggravated old injury – proud flesh apparent
9 MayLismoreMy Cousin SteveAtrial Fibrillation – heart arrhythmia
24 MaySkellatarPoetic DesignBled during the race
26 MayNewcastleDancing PhryneBled from both nostirls
2 MayRandwickParty HostBled from both nostrils
3 MayDubboDeviateBled from both nostrils
9 MayMoreeKing JoffreyBled from both nostrils
15 MayAlburyMedusa’s SonBled from both nostrils
17 MayParkesMayamanBled from both nostrils
19 MayKemblaContalmaisonBled from both nostrils
21 MayClarendonMiss Sure ShotBled from both nostrils
22 MayCoffsJakutaBled from both nostrils
23 MayMudgeeThe PoetBled from both nostrils
23 MayNewcastleSpring SecretBled from both nostrils
26 MayWarwick FarmChemainusBled from both nostrils
4 MayGraftonIslamaxBled from both nostrils – RETIRED
5 MayHawkesburyCappamoreBled from both nostrils – RETIRED
9 MayRandwickPauperBled from both nostrils – RETIRED
14 MayMoruyaBroadleaBled from both nostrils – RETIRED
26 MayRandwickLanciatoBled from both nostrils – RETIRED
7 MayKemblaThe GuruBled from nearside nostril
8 MayCoffsNorma’s JoyBled from off side nostril
13 MayWarwick FarmAccountabilityBled from one nostril
28 MayGosfordSwitch PlayBled from one nostril
3 MaySapphireCletus BrownBleeding attack
8 MayGoulburnGimme ShelterBleeding attack – 3 month ban
22 MayCoffsSugar BabyBlood in both nostrils from abrasions – lunged forward in barrier
16 MayKemblaSweet ReplyBlood in nearside nostril, after lunging forward and making contact with front gate
9 MayRandwickWord For WordBlood in one nostril
10 MayWagga WaggaBalmacedaBlood in right nostril, coughed
6 MayCanterburyShaddyBounded on jumping lost ground
7 MayKemblaHistoryCardiac arrhythmia
9 MayNewcastleBig SuzieCardiac arrhythmia
9 MayNewcastleKyoCardiac arrhythmia
15 MayAlburyTipplerCardiac arrhythmia
23 MayRandwickMiss FabulassCardiac arrhythmia
24 MaySkellatarSpooky WookyCardiac arrhythmia
26 MayNewcastleZouologistCardiac arrhythmia
22 MayCoffsFlying EurosClipped heels and blundered
30 MayKemblaNational GuardClipped heels and blundered
1 MayWagga WaggaJuaphikoaCoughed
18 MayTamworthGalaxy RockCoughed several occasions
11 MayQuirindiDaisy PluckCoughed several times
9 MayRandwickRancho NotoriousDIED – Bled from both nostrils, collapsed and died
21 MayClarendonMiss MerlinFell – transported to hospital
8 MayCoffsGolden BoyHeat stress and tying up
4 MayTamworthRapid EagleHigh respiratory rate, significant exertion
13 MayWarwick FarmUnknown UniverseInjured during race ** no details
9 MayCobarGo LooseInjury to right eye
10 MayWellingtonTwice the ValueKicked in mounting yard and slower than usual recovery
12 MayTareeFast TycoonKILLED – Catastrophic Injury
15 MayAlburyBooradleyKILLED – catastrophic injury during trackwork
28 MayGosfordEgyptian PharaohKILLED – Injury to near foreleg
18 MayTamworthFuture RoadKILLED – Lame in near fore leg (4/5) – sustained ruptured suspensory apparatus
6 MayCanberraDispossessedKILLED – rupture to near foreleg and blundered
1 MayWagga WaggaAway She GoesLaceration on near fore fetlock
8 MayCoffsChargementLaceration on off fore leg
28 MayBathurstDeep LoveLaceration on off hind leg
16 MayRosehillImprovementLaceration on outside off hind cannon
16 MayRosehillAmangiriLaceration to outside of near hind cannon
12 MayTareeChillie CodLacerations on hind quarters
28 MayBathurstZohanLacerations on off hind leg and lame in same leg (3/5)
14 MayMoruyaSolarisLame bilaterally (2/5)
16 MayRosehillMy Nordic HeroLame in front, failure of near-fore suspensory apparatus
20 MayRandwickCasino MondialLame in near fore leg (1/2)
22 MayCoffsUnimpededLame in near fore leg (1/5)
16 MayKemblaSo CharmingLame in near fore leg (1/5)
23 MayRandwickVoilaLame in near fore leg (1/5)
30 MayRosehillSafe LandingLame in near fore leg (1/5)
18 MayDubboJust on SpecLame in near fore leg (2/5)
22 MayCanberraEcho LadLame in near fore leg (2/5)
28 MayGosfordHandfulLame in near fore leg (2/5)
2 MayRandwickCouruLame in near fore leg (2/5)
5 MayHawkesburyNowyunomiLame in near fore leg (2/5)
19 MayKemblaDoctor ManciniLame in near fore leg (2/5)
24 MayGoulburnLunar TrampLame in near fore leg (2/5)
27 MayCanterburyPinvincibleLame in near fore leg (2/5)
16 MayNarromineAdmit OneLame in near fore leg (2/5)
7 MayKemblaRoyal PopcornLame in near fore leg (2/5) – RETIRED
9 MayRandwickSurreal StepLame in near hind leg
6 MayCanterburyReward SeekerLame in near hind leg (1/5)
4 MayTamworthFicsmm DaveLame in near hind leg (2/5)
21 MayClarendonAlaskan RidgeLame in near hind leg (2/5)
22 MayCoffsCentral WitnessLame in near hind leg (3/5)
11 MayQuirindiThe PremierLame in near hind legs (3/5)
17 MayParkesZambadaLame in off fore leg (1/5)
23 MayMudgeeDivine MissileLame in off fore leg (1/5) – RETIRED
9 MayCobarShe’s Pretty ZippyLame in off fore leg (2/5)
10 MayWagga WaggaDemanding MoLame in off fore leg (2/5)
2 MayRandwickCalifornia SaltoLame in off fore leg (2/5)
18 MayTamworthIllinois GuruLame in off fore leg (2/5)
20 MayRandwickCalipariLame in off fore leg (2/5)
27 MayCanterburyFound Our ThrillLame in off fore leg (2/5)
30 MayRosehillMilitary MagicLame in off fore leg (2/5)
16 MayRosehillGolden TycoonLame in off fore leg (3/5)
30 MayKemblaPioneerLame in off fore leg (3/5)
3 MayDubboStar of MosheLame in off fore leg (4/5)
16 MayRosehillMasked CrusaderLame in off fore leg due to a stone bruise
14 MayMoruyaDragon’s BeautyLame in off fore leg, lame in near foreleg
20 MayRandwickFastconiLame in off hind leg (2/5)
26 MayArmidaleSyrian SeaLame in off hind leg (2/5)
9 MayMoreeYawkyawkLame in off hind leg (3/5)
5 MayHawkesburyDame MargotMidly saw in off hind leg
16 MayKemblaDominant LadyMinor Abrasion to mouth
15 MaySconeSteamboat SallyNondisplaced left scapula fracture – future tba
18 MayDubboWhimpSevere exertional stress – RETIRED
8 MayCoffsLake PlacidShin soreness
17 MayParkesLateral MissileSlow to recover
2 MayRandwickKyleaseSlow to recover
4 MayTamworthThink Of LegendSlow to recover
6 MayCanterburyAqueousSlow to recover
6 MayCanterburyRoman WolfSlow to recover
8 MayGoulburnEnigmaSlow to recover
9 MayNewcastlePizzlySlow to recover
9 MayRandwickKinlochSlow to recover
10 MayWellingtonLeogangSlow to recover
11 MayQuirindiJay’N’JaySlow to recover
14 MayMoruyaCamp RifleSlow to recover
16 MayKemblaLancerSlow to recover
20 MayRandwickMy SwashbucklerSlow to recover
21 MayClarendonTough CaseSlow to recover
23 MayRandwickShock AlertSlow to recover
26 MayNewcastleDerby StarSlow to recover
27 MayCanterburyKaraunaSlow to recover
27 MayCanterburySong And A PrayerSlow to recover
30 MayRosehillProud MiaSlow to recover
30 MayRosehillTamarackSlow to recover
30 MayRosehillStatuesquelySlow to recover
30 MayRosehillSakuraSlow to recover
30 MayRosehillSally’s DaySlow to recover – follow up
9 MayRandwickOcean EmperorSlow to recover – spelled
8 MayCoffsCan’t Beat MeSlow to recover, restricted oxygen intake – going to use a tongue tie in future
8 MayCoffsSupreme DivaSmall laceration to hind fetlock
22 MayCoffsFudgeinitSmall laceration to near hind pastern
4 MayTamworthAmelikaSore over the back
22 MayCanberraCarruthersSoreness to right shoulder
6 MayCanberraSpicy RestaurantSpeedy cuts to near foreleg
6 MayCanberraQuissentSpeedy cuts to near foreleg
15 MaySconeRocky CashelStringhalt off hind leg – RETIRED
17 MayQueanbeyanTag And ReleaseSustained an injury to near fore tendon – RETIRED
25 MayAlburySilks ‘N’ StarsSwelling to front fetlock
1 MayWagga WaggaKaapfeverSwollen eye after being hit with a clod during the running event
11 MayMurwillumbahAnnie EthylSymptoms of jarred up
19 MayPort MacquariePure RubickThumps
9 MayRandwickDestiny’s OwnThumps, coughing – leaving stable
14 MayWyongMiss KyeemaTrack Work: Bled from both nostrils
7 MayKemblaYulong FocusTrack Work: Bled from both nostrils – RETIRED
2 MayNewcastlePurposeful MissTying up
18 MayTamworthArminaTying up behind
23 MayRandwickFoxboroughWeaked
18 MayTamworthTreschaWeakened – future tests

Pre-race Injuries

Before they even entered a race, 28 horses suffered from an injury.

All information was taken from the NSW Stewards Reports Diary.

17 MayParkesGeneralissimoPre-race: Bi-lateral nasal discharge and coughing
3 MaySapphireAlqaabPre-race: coughing with nasal discharge
25 MayTareeRed Light DancerPre-race: didn’t race on vet advice
16 MayKemblaAmorettiPre-race: displaced a tooth – made to race
2 MayNewcastlePythiaPre-race: external blood in nearside nostril
16 MayTuncurryAyitaPre-race: injured and not raced
26 MayNewcastleZouspectrePre-race: injured no race based on vet advice
10 MayWagga WaggaExpress CourierPre-race: injured on the walker
18 MayTamworthKilmarnockPre-race: injury to off hind hoof during transport
30 MayRosehillAgent PippaPre-race: laceration to head
26 MayArmidaleFlying HonourPre-race: lacerations to near side legs
23 MayMudgeeArenpalPre-race: lame in near fore leg (1/5)
10 MayWagga WaggaVillicanaPre-race: lame in near hind leg
9 MayRandwickTangledPre-race: lame in off fore leg
2 MayKempseyKeiretsuPre-race: lame in off hind leg (2/5)
7 MayLeetonPractical JokePre-race: lame in right hind leg (3/5)
21 MayWagga WaggaExcitablePre-race: lame in the front
2 MayRandwickDirty WorkPre-race: made contact with the fence
6 MayCanberraIdeePre-race: made contact with the running rail enroute to course
2 MayNewcastleEngadinePre-race: made heavy contact with running rail, dislodged rider, ran
10 MayWagga WaggaAbyssiniaPre-race: minor abrasions
6 MayCanterburyValley PrincePre-race: minor wound to off foreleg
23 MayRandwickBolero KingPre-race: not raced based on vet advice
19 MayKemblaPerfect ImpressionPre-race: not raced based on vet advice
23 MayNewcastleKittyhawk FlyerPre-race: signs of colic
3 MaySapphireMajor DangerPre-race: skin lacerations to both front legs
2 MayKempseyEdeaPre-race: swelling on off fore leg
2 MayKempseyPhantom SparkPre-race: swelling on off fore leg

Made Contact With Others

On NSW tracks, 187 horses made contact with each other, the barrier, or the running rail, many were noted to become unstable after the collision. Racing large animals in a close proximity to one another places horses at risk of collision and possible injury.

All information was taken from the NSW Stewards Reports Diary.

8 MayCoffsIn Ya SkyrocketMade contact
8 MayCoffsRamrodMade contact
8 MayCoffsWith CertaintyMade contact
8 MayCoffsBlevioMade contact
8 MayCoffsCrackneckMade contact
8 MayCoffsDangerous DanMade contact
8 MayCoffsNicconi LassMade contact
11 MayQuirindiQueen’s SongMade contact
11 MayQuirindiMick’s RegretMade contact
12 MayTareeEurogemMade contact
12 MayTareeDivine DreamMade contact
22 MayCoffsMesmerMade contact
22 MayCoffsQukesMade contact
22 MayCoffsCiao UnoMade contact
22 MayCoffsFirst SightMade contact
22 MayCoffsPay the PlumberMade contact
22 MayCoffsTravelling MatildaMade contact
22 MayCoffsVallejoMade contact
22 MayCoffsBold RushMade contact
22 MayCoffsGuestMade contact
22 MayCoffsRocks the CoveMade contact
22 MayCoffsFearnleyMade contact
22 MayCoffsWinklerMade contact
22 MayCoffsSniperessMade contact
26 MayNewcastleUnderbossMade contact
8 MayCoffsGood ExcuseMade contact
12 MayTareeCondover HallMade contact and blundered
12 MayTareeIrish ThunderMade contact and unbalanced
12 MayTareeQueen of ManhattanMade contact and unbalanced
7 MayLeetonSheeza MenziesMade contact Eastern Breeze
2 MayRandwickCaesars PalaceMade contact with Able Hill
19 MayKemblaCaptain ManeringMade contact with Accoy
28 MayBathurstDelacourMade contact with After Dinner
23 MayRandwickAdanaMade contact with Agassi
4 MayGraftonShow Some HeartMade contact with another horse
4 MayGraftonDark ImageMade contact with another horse
4 MayGraftonWilliamMade contact with another horse
4 MayGraftonDrachenfelsMade contact with another horse
4 MayGraftonMagnalaneMade contact with another horse
22 MayCoffsArroganteMade contact with another horse
4 MayGraftonOhchebelcavalloMade contact with another horse
4 MayGraftonAl Me GalMade contact with another horse
4 MayGraftonSnobby ShoresMade contact with another horse
4 MayGraftonSylvia’s DreamMade contact with another horse
8 MayCoffsZip Zap Cop ThatMade contact with another horse
8 MayCoffsWarburtonMade contact with another horse
9 MayNewcastleContalmaisonMade contact with another horse
11 MayMurwillumbahSir SwayzeMade contact with another horse
11 MayMurwillumbahVoodoo CrownMade contact with another horse
11 MayMurwillumbahSomniaMade contact with another horse
11 MayMurwillumbahCharge PerminuteMade contact with another horse
11 MayMurwillumbahShy BoyMade contact with another horse
16 MayTuncurryBrisbane BoyMade contact with another horse
11 MayMurwillumbahAnnie EthylMade contact with another horse
9 MayLismoreThe Raptor’s TalonMade contact with another horse and became unbalanced
16 MayKemblaRalph’s FollyMade contact with April Storm
28 MayGosfordOur FoxMade contact with Archery Butts
3 MayDubboLaggan LassMade contact with Arrivederci
9 MayNewcastleLady HighlyMade contact with Aston Blair
16 MayRosehillCostelloMade contact with barrier
30 MayKemblaDelicatelyMade contact with barrier partition
27 MayCanterburyJailbreakMade contact with Battleground
30 MayRosehillOur WinnieMade contact with Birth Of Venus
30 MayRosehillRiva CapriMade contact with Birth Of Venus
23 MayRandwickMont GenepMade contact with Biscara
23 MayNewcastleTime For PeaceMade contact with Boomko
9 MayCobarJawsomeMade contact with Bray
15 MayAlburyFat GeckoMade contact with Chap’s Dream
28 MayBathurstHurricane HarbourMade contact with Chapelis
28 MayBathurstKazumiMade contact with Chapelis
21 MayClarendonBrazen GemMade contact with Charlie Chap
9 MayCobarLeviticonMade contact with Cinders, then Not Negotiating
8 MayGoulburnNuremburg CastleMade contact with Citizen Scientist
23 MayNewcastleLass VegasMade contact with Citrouille
10 MayWellingtonOpera DudeMade contact with Cloud Factory
9 MayRandwickBad Boy For LoveMade contact with Cock Match
7 MayKemblaVivid ArtMade contact with Confined Thoughts
19 MayKemblaRubielieMade contact with Cubman
9 MayNewcastleOpinionsMade contact with Dame Kiri
27 MayCanterburyVienna RainMade contact with Darleb and Lillemor
10 MayWagga WaggaHajdukMade contact with Deal Maser, Riverbend Chief
30 MayKemblaBig DataMade contact with Debrief
28 MayBathurstLand of ValensMade contact with Delacour
7 MayKemblaZounateMade contact with Design Ahead
25 MayAlburyWrigglesMade contact with Dhiaga
30 MayKemblaRunning WolfMade contact with Dinado
19 MayKemblaLeami AstrayMade contact with Dual Escape
28 MayGosfordWaihora JewelMade contact with Duchess Marizza
16 MayRosehillAmangiriMade contact with Dyslexic
7 MayKemblaAkela’s CharmMade contact with Eberlee
3 MayDubboWho’s TinnyMade contact with Electrostep
22 MayCanberraHinvictusMade contact with fight for love
30 MayRosehillNoble BoyMade contact with Fituese, unbalanced
18 MayDubboSweet April LoveMade contact with Fiveash
19 MayKemblaPioneerMade contact with front gates
26 MayNewcastleDivine ElevenMade contact with Fulmina
17 MayParkesLateral MissileMade contact with Geotech Jack
9 MayCobarMiss CranMade contact with Go Loose
26 MayNewcastleTrajectionMade contact with Golwen
5 MayHawkesburyShuhoodMade contact with High Acadmey
6 MayCanberraFor DollyMade contact with Hinvictus
27 MayCanterburyBattlegroundMade contact with Jailbreak
9 MayCobarWell DecoratedMade contact with Jawsome and became unbalanced
2 MayNewcastleRouchelMade contact with Jeronimos
16 MayKemblaComarcoMade contact with Knight
6 MayCanterburyRafha’s ChoiceMade contact with Kosciusko
10 MayWellingtonAll HollywoodMade contact with La La Loopsy, then Enigami
14 MayMoruyaFoxy FreeMade contact with Lady Julianna
13 MayWarwick FarmDissoluteMade contact with Lass Vegas
23 MayRandwickCaesars PalaceMade contact with left side of barrier
2 MayNewcastleStick ‘Em UpMade contact with Lord Tropicana
23 MayRandwickLord GododdinMade contact with Love Seat
17 MayParkesAkela’s CharmMade contact with Lucky Lucia
13 MayWarwick FarmYangtze RapidsMade contact with Macleay
9 MayNewcastleClever GentMade contact with Mahervellous on a number of occasions
9 MayRandwickLongbottomMade contact with Malea Magic
19 MayKemblaExtreme JewelMade contact with Malthouse
16 MayRosehillBellevue StarMade contact with Marboosha
21 MayClarendonEast AsiaMade contact with Miss Sure Shot
7 MayKemblaMiss Sure ShotMade contact with Missile Heat
13 MayWarwick FarmJoey’s DestinyMade contact with Mixed Blossom
13 MayWarwick FarmInvincible LadMade contact with Mixed Blossom and became unbalanced
13 MayWarwick FarmNishkaMade contact with Moinda
14 MayMoruyaTormundMade contact with Motime
16 MayKemblaTresse D’orMade contact with nearside barrier partition
5 MayHawkesburyDebriefMade contact with nearside partition
7 MayKemblaRubielieMade contact with No Doubt A Star
9 MayNewcastleSacred SuiteMade contact with Oakfield Poet
21 MayClarendonSianMade contact with Obscene
16 MayKemblaConcealedMade contact with Obvious Step
9 MayRandwickIt’s So ObviousMade contact with Our Rosemaree, became unbalanced
19 MayPort MacquarieNightmareMade contact with Our Tito
7 MayKemblaKentucky AwardMade contact with Out To Lunch
28 MayGosfordBacinblacMade contact with partition of barrier
15 MayAlburySquaw ValleyMade contact with Princess Cordelia
28 MayGosfordFirst FleetMade contact with Princess Sunlight
2 MayRandwickSancyMade contact with Private Agent
28 MayGosfordSkyrayMade contact with Rambler Rebel
6 MayCanterburyYulong HeroMade contact with Real Peace
10 MayWellingtonBroo BossMade contact with running rail and became unbalanced
18 MayDubboCliodhnaMade contact with running rail and unbalanced
16 MayNarromineAdmit OneMade contact with running rail, lame in near fore leg (2/5)
9 MayNewcastleOakfield PoetMade contact with Sacred Suite and then Bob’s Your Uncle
16 MayRosehillFitueseMade contact with Sally’s Day and became unbalanced
30 MayRosehillSally’s DayMade contact with Satin Socks
23 MayNewcastleLeningradMade contact with Shamamour and blundered
3 MayDubboCloudless SkyMade contact with Shazza
14 MayMoruyaDakshaMade contact with Shuwaamekh
2 MayNewcastleAmorettiMade contact with Sian
19 MayKemblaKermandingMade contact with Sihouette
6 MayCanterburyOnedayclosertoyouMade contact with Silk Trail
28 MayBathurstLegislationMade contact with Snippetsline
16 MayKemblaFashchanelMade contact with Social Smile
9 MayRandwickSurreal StepMade contact with Solider of love
30 MayKemblaKimberley RainMade contact with Soubob
26 MayNewcastlePrince SixMade contact with Space Is Deep
15 MaySconeBeelladeelMade contact with Special Privilege
23 MayRandwickBlazing MissMade contact with St Covet’s Spirit
30 MayKemblaCollectivelyMade contact with Steel Diamond
20 MayRandwickStrategistMade contact with Street Dancer
9 MayRandwickSpanish DreamMade contact with Super Star Bob
18 MayDubboMiss VerneMade contact with Sweet April Love
28 MayGosfordNamazuMade contact with Switch Play
30 MayKemblaSuperlunaMade contact with Teronito
21 MayClarendonLord TropicanaMade contact with the Hind Quaters
6 MayCanterburyLady HerbertMade contact with the running rail
9 MayNewcastleBrook HillMade contact with Tiger On Fire, became unbalanced
19 MayKemblaBlack BoltMade contact with Toostar
16 MayKemblaLadies’ GemMade contact with Tresse D’or
27 MayCanterburyDarlebMade contact with Vienna Rain
20 MayRandwickSegrillMade contact with Viren – unbalanced
16 MayRosehillShelby SixtysixMade contact with Without Risk
9 MayRandwickBrimham RocksMade contact with Yulong Prince
22 MayCanberraWallopingMade contact with Zatsaone, then Opposite
9 MayRandwickDerby StarMade contact with Zelago
16 MayKemblaShadow ChaserMade contact with Zohan
22 MayCoffsFior the TigerMade contact, unbalanced
1 MayWagga WaggaSmart SuccessMade heavy contact
1 MayWagga WaggaLouis the GreatMade heavy contact
15 MayAlburyBillabong BilbyMade heavy contact
22 MayCoffsTycoon AnnaMade heavy contact
24 MaySkellatarInferno MissMade heavy contact
8 MayGoulburnBright IdeaMade heavy contact with Dangerous Breeding
23 MayNewcastleLoves A HitMade heavy contact with Pepikhani
7 MayKemblaEither OarMade heavy contact with Princess Zeddy
15 MaySconeLando BayMade heavy contact with Secretly Awesome
7 MayKemblaWe Could Be HeroesMade heavy contact with You’re Next

What you can do

Together, we can end the routine cruelty and suffering. Simply:

  1. Making the decision to never attend or bet on a horses life again: take the pledge
  2. Share this information with your friends and family.
happy horses

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