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Be kept up-to-date on whats happening in the animal rights movement. get invited to upcoming events, receive delicious vegan recipes, and find out new ways you can help the animals!

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Become a member of Animal Liberation (AL) NSW and help us to save animals from cruelty. Your support ensures that we can continue the fight against exploitation and cruelty to animals. As a member you will be kept informed about current and on-going campaigns via our bi-annual magazine “ANIMAL“.


Animal Liberation is a NGO NFP charity.  We use our limited resources to shine a light on the rights of animals to live.  Compassion without compromise is our motto.  If you would like to help,  donate today and support a cause that can only make the world a better place.

Leave a Bequest

By leaving a bequest to Animal Liberation, you are continuing to help the lives of non-human animals well beyond your years. On your behalf, Animal Liberation will continue to investigate, educate, and liberate animals, helping to make the world a kinder place.

Take Action

Be a voice for the animals by signing petitions and sending letters. Click here to see our current campaigns.

Join our Outreach Crew

Our resources are our people! If you would like become part of the movement by volunteering, please sign up today.

Become a Vegan

There are great range of products and recipes available - and they are delicious and nutritious too!  You can also sign up and pledge to Drop Dairy.

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