Hunting Alternatives

Hunting causes both inevitable pain and suffering to the animals involved. While people hunt for a number of different reasons, many of these, such as connecting with nature, being outdoors, enjoying the scenery, and the thrill, can be done without taking the life of an innocent animal. Here are a few animal-friendly fun suggestions!

Take up hiking and photography

If you love being one with nature, spending time outdoors, and enjoying the scenery, why not go for a hike and shoot with a camera? “Take pictures, not lives.”


If you hunt for the ‘thrill’, why not feel like you’re in a real life action movie by heading to paintball with your friends? Gear up and spend the day running around the battlefield while trying not to get shot yourself!

Laser Tag

If paintball seems a little too extreme or expensive, there is always laser tag!

Clay Shooting

Another option is to go clay shooting. Facilities for clay shooting can operate in a few different ways. One is a course that operates on an open natural terrain, the clay discs are shot into the air from bushes, trees, and fields, presenting you with the training sensation and thrill, without the kill. Another is where shooters are stationed in a “cage”, and the targets are launched at different angles, trajectories, and speeds, to mimic animals.


Join a Cat Rescue Group

Trap, neuter, rehome and release,