INVESTIGATE: Pelorus Project

Investigate pelorus project

The development of a boutique resort on Pelorus Island has exposed a cruel experiment involving two wild-caught dingoes destined to kill and be killed was more about making millionaire developers money than protecting an allegedly “fragile” ecosystem.

The native animals were captured, neutered, tagged and had an experimental “time-bomb” capsule of 1080 poison subcutaneously implanted in their bodies before they were finally released onto the remote island. Their mission? To kill Pelorus’ resident goats, who were abandoned after colonial mariners resettled on the mainland. Their payment? A slow death via 1080 after they served their sole purpose two years later.

They sold the island, but we won’t buy their lies.

The lie that this was an attempt to restore the island and save a delicate island ecosystem from abandoned goats has been exposed. Right now, three years later, plans for the development of a multi-million-dollar boutique resort have emerged, promising to bring pollution and destruction directly to the “fragile” island.

Don’t let them get away with this. Together, we can demand justice for the dingoes who lost their lives in the name of profit.

Ask Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to review the process, from the moment the dingoes were trapped until the second ground is broken to build the multi-million-dollar boutique resort.

Animal Liberation was instrumental in the cancellation of the Pelorus Project. We obtained documents through a Right to Information request:

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