Kevin Deserved Better

Demand justice for Kevin

Ripping An Animals Head Off Should Be A Criminal Offence.

On Friday, Kevin the Kookaburra was decapitated and killed by a disgruntled pub patron. Kevin’s crime? Knicking a cheeky potato chip off a plate.

After customers witnessed the horrifying act, it was reported to the RSPCA. The charity then issued the following statement: “Animal welfare law in WA is based on cruelty and suffering, and due to the quick nature of this bird’s demise, it does not appear to meet the level of suffering required to become an offence under the law”.

Killing an animal is not considered “proof of an offence” of under WA’s Animal Welfare Act. The accused currently faces no charges of animal cruelty simply because Kevin’s death was “quick”. 

Though the WA’s Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions is conducting a joint investigation with the WA Police Force, there is little chance that Kevin’s death will be avenged under the current regulatory regime.

Join us today to demand the establishment of an Independent Office of Animal Welfare.