Koalas Need You Now


Koalas need stronger – not weaker – laws to save them from extinction

URGENT: Commencing on the 6th of October, NSW Government Ministers from the Liberal National Party Coalition will be holding a cabinet meeting to determine critical decisions about the Guidelines which underpin the current “koala protection” State Environment Planning Policy (SEPP).

In NSW, our precious and iconic koalas are endangered and face a bleak future. Experts warn that their extinction is imminent without urgent action and stronger protective legislation. The SEPP and its Guidelines are patently inadequate and any further weakening will see koalas go extinct in NSW in the immediate future.

The Committee of the recent koala inquiry convincingly concluded in their report, Findings and 42 Recommendations, that we can’t continue to clear koala habitat. Ongoing land clearing is one of the greatest threats and is pushing koala populations to the brink of extinction.

As a bare minimum, the NSW Government must:

(1) retain existing koala protection measures;
(2) endorse and implement all 42 recommendations.

Koalas need your help now. Please add your name to help secure their future.

Please, add your name and send a letter to key NSW Government decision-makers today. Our politicians must provide permanent, strong and enforceable legal protection for the iconic and increasingly vulnerable NSW koala population. You can personalise and tailor your letter to have a greater impact. We also encourage you to also contact your state MP with the same urgent message.