Meet Banjo

rescue turkey

Written by Bede, A Poultry Place

Banjo is one turkey who never turned up on a table at Christmas.

Banjo’s new life of waking up on a bed of straw and spending the morning on a grassy field before retreating to the shade of fruit trees to nap as the day warmed up was a far cry from the windowless shed he came from. That shed denied him the ability to do any of the things that come naturally to him and his mates, like dustbathing, flapping his wings, dancing, and running.

turkey farm
An Australian Turkey Farm.
Credit: Animal Liberation

Despite his luck, Banjo carried the scars of having been a factory-farmed turkey. Part of his beak was cut off and never grew back; he had a slow-healing wound on his right shoulder where his brothers walked over him in the crowded shed to get food; and, his infant skeleton struggled to support his 15kg bodyweight.

Rescue Turkey

He found his ‘15 minutes of fame’ by being selected to be the original poster boy for the factory-farmed turkeys in Australia: Big Birds, Big Cruelty campaign.

Banjo enjoyed a number of years of carefree life at A Poultry Place before he passed – much longer than his siblings who were slaughtered when they were just months old.