Meet Bubbles

This little piggy was found on a regional highway dodging traffic, when she was just hours old! Her small, frail body was covered in scrapes, and she was missing a nail from one of her trotters – a tell-tale sign that she fell off of a livestock truck. The couple who found her, couldn’t leave her all alone and managed to capture her safely. Thankfully, her rescuers found a sanctuary for her, and this is how Bubbles became part of the Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary family!

bubbles rescue pig

When Bubbles arrived, she weighed just 950-grams! She needed medication for a bacterial infection and round the clock care to heal.

rescue pig

She was improving more and more every day, and her infectious personality began to shine. Bubbles has a gentle, sassy, and curious nature that has won the hearts of so many. They call her the sanctuary socialite, as she loves making friends with all of the residents. Just like a puppy, she absolutely loves cuddles, playing, and delicious treats.

rescue animals

Her best friend is Seamus, a blind lamb. Bubbles took it upon herself to be his carer, never leaving his side. She guides him through the day with her piggy grunts. Although they love to play chasing, they also enjoy relaxing together in the sunshine. 

rescue animals

If Bubbles hadn’t fallen off of the truck, there is a high possibility that she would have been killed, just like the other 5.5 million pigs in Australia. But Bubbles journey isn’t over, she is on a mission to inspire change for not just her kind, but all of her farmed friends.