Meet Clarabelle & Valentine

rescue dairy cow and calf

Clarabelle and Valentine live at Edgars Mission.

Clarabelle, a ‘spent’ jersey cow, was rescued from the dairy industry while she was pregnant. Edgar’s Mission managed to save her before she was sent to slaughter, taking her to the happiest place she could ever imagine. After years of pregnancies, stolen babies, and milking machines, life as she knew it was about to change.

rescue dairy cow
Clarabelle when she first arrived.

On Valentine’s day, the team noticed that Clarabelle wasn’t acting herself. She was last to the feeding station, kept casting a glance behind her, and had an engorged teat. This meant one thing – she had given birth early and was hiding her baby to protect them. The team quickly began looking around the paddock, as a nervous Clarabelle watched on. Hidden inside a small patch of forest, among the tall grass and fallen logs, was a bundle of brownness. The tiny heifer was named Valentine in honour of the love between mother cows and their babies.

rescue dairy calf
Valentine hiding in the grass.

Gazing up at the humans with big brown bug eyes, was the sweetest little face. The volunteers quickly realised that she wasn’t a newborn! Her mother had successfully hidden her for a few days, cleaning both her and the afterbirth up and leaving no trace of her birth.

rescue dairy cow and calf
Valentine drinking her mum’s milk.

Clarabelle vividly remembers how her babies had been taken from her on the dairy farm, and she wanted to make sure that she would get to keep and care for her baby this time, as nature intended. Even though Valentine was left with her mother, Clarabelle continued to hide her in different places around the sanctuary, nervous that her heart would once again be broken.

rescue dairy cow and calf
Clarabelle and Valentine.

Thankfully, six years on, Clarabelle and Valentine are living in peace at Edgar’s Mission and will spend the rest of their days safe, together. Support the wonderful work of Edgar’s Mission by donating today.

The dairy industry paints a picture of rolling fields and happy cows when in reality, it is founded on the exploitation of mothers and the deaths of their babies.