Meet Freddie, Felix and Fritz

Written by their carer, Reem.

Meet Freddie, Felix and Fritz, the New Zealand White Rabbits rescued from a meat farm. These brothers were rescued together after 12 weeks of life in a cramped cage, just before being sent to slaughter.

rabbit farm
Example of a rabbit farm in Australia.
Exposed by Animal Liberation

It took several months for them to settle, but, with the proper emotional and physical rehabilitation, their docile and affectionate nature blossomed and so did their ability to show trust to humans. After already 3-years in sanctuary, they can look forward to a further 3 to 4-years of quality head rubs and kale treats!

rescue meat rabbit
Fritz, the fun-loving bun.

Their three personalities could hardly be more different. Freddie is the serious cunning bun, or as we call him ‘the top dog’, strategically leaving his scent around the house to show the cats who is really in charge. Felix is the sensitive timid one, runs for cuddles, preferring a head rub over food as he pushes his nose on his human’s ankles, tugging at trousers for more attention and licking hands in apparent appreciation. Then there is Fritz the ‘baby face brother’, who is a very demonstrative fun-loving bun showing gold-medal worthy acrobatics when he sees you and the veggies.

rescue meat rabbit
Freddie, the top dog

Living so intimately with these guys gives a great insight into those misunderstood sentient beings. They are all very aware of their surroundings, curious and affectionate in their own way. They value being clean and so are easily litter trained. They enjoy lying on their pet beds and will effortlessly run through the cat flap to go outdoors. They also spend time exploring the house, sometimes crowding around the fridge knowing the veggies are not too far away.

rescue meat rabbit
Felix, the cuddly one, giving kisses.

The ultimate reward for rescuing these guys is seeing them ‘binky’. It is hard to imagine a more overt display of pure joy than seeing them randomly leap into the air combined with all sorts of contortions. I would say the complete opposite of their early lives in a meat farm.

This is a little clip is of rescue meat rabbits all over the world, put together by EVER Sanctuary.