Meet Quacker

Back in February 2015, Quacker was one of two ducklings rescued from an intensive duck farm where they were being fattened up for slaughter with no water to swim in or bathe in – natural behaviours for ducks; and they had no mother to keep them safe and warm just in a shed with thousands of other scared little ones wandering around in their own poo.

Quacker had a severely deformed beak, which resulted in his nostrils closing up and exposing his tongue, which due to the conditions inside the shed had become dry and scabby. Somehow he adapted to his situation and learnt to eat and drink, though his breathing was always laboured.

rescue meat ducks
Quacker eating!

Quite a vocal duck from the time he arrived at A Poultry Place at no more than four weeks old he quickly made friends with some of the other resident ducks and found a bestie in another Pekin duckling who arrived 10 days later a result of a school hatching project. The two became inseparable as they navigated their way to duck adulthood.

rescue meat ducks
Quacker and his best friend, Bombay.

Despite expectations, Quacker enjoyed two-and-a-half years of being one of the flock in the duck paddock at A Poultry Place before he passed in August 2017. He had defied expectations of his longevity and had got to experience the normal life of a duck – he had a dam to swim in, friends to play with, safe and secure shelter, a healthy diet and experienced loved from humans rather than being seen as a commodity. He had become quite the charmer and would always approach visitors to say hello.

rescue meat ducks