Meet Ray

Ray rescued black angus cow

Ray, like all other black angus calves, was destined to become someones’ meal, but thankfully, his fate was changed.

When Ray started his new life at Moo to Ewe, he was a timid and nervous little fella. Ray needed a little extra attention due to early stomach issues. His friend, Hope, also a black angus calf, was thriving and healthy. Ray fortunately soon ‘found his feet’, started eating well, and began to thrive.

Rescued black angus calves
Ray and Hope when they were calves.

Through the past year and a half, Ray has been generally selfless and chivalrous, especially where Hope is concerned. They can often be seen wandering together. Ray also likes to strut around in a knowing and carefree manner. He has been welcoming toward the subsequent rescue calves and his confidence has grown greatly amongst his friends. Perhaps Ray knows just how much he is loved by his human friends, as with his bovine friends.

ray and hope rescue black angus
Ray with his best friend, Hope.

As the carer of so many lucky animals, the M2E family are able to appreciate the differing personalities of all farmed animals. They, like many vegans, believe that if all people were able to meet and connect with the animals, they would surely put down the carving knife forever.

ray rescue cow
Ray getting some cuddles and scratches.

Moo to Ewe Farmed Animal Sanctuary welcome visitors to come and meet Ray, Hope, and their gorgeous friends!


To the food buckets,
Ray, you are often last,
perhaps selfless,
or just not fast.

Your personality,
you make us smile,
a wink or a strut,
you have so much style.

We love you very much,
so many visitors,
their hearts you touch.