Meet Shakira

rescue wild goat

This adorable little kid was found all alone in the middle of the bush when she was just a week old. There is a chance that she was separated from her mother during mustering or a hunt. With no mother or herd in sight, the people who found her couldn’t bear to leave her there and took her home. Their mum instantly fell in love and named her Shakira. She spent her days playing with and following her carer, and her nights snuggling her. After a month or so, her carer knew that life in a suburban house was no place for a goat and that she would eventually need property and some friends to run around with.

rescue goat shakira

Her carer called the Animal Liberation office, asking us if we could help find Shakira a forever home, which is when she came into my care! I had to bring her to a foster family who was going to care for her until she was big enough to go to her forever home. When she first arrived she was a little shy, but after quickly exploring the house and a bottle of milk, her vibrant personality began to shine. She loved to eat, run, jump, climb on the furniture, cuddle, and play – just like a little puppy.  She was curious about everything I was doing, and didn’t want to leave my side.

rescue wild goat
She loved kale and sleeping on the furniture.

After settling in, Shakira was introduced to my dogs. They were equally confused by each other, but after a few nervous sniffs, she ended up chasing them around! She was frolicking around, kicking her legs in the air, and showing she wanted to play with soft head bumps. In adults headbutting is to establish dominance, but in kids to is a sign of wanting to play and friendship.

rescue wild goat playing
Shakira wanting to play!

After a few weeks with her foster carer, Shakira was big enough to go to her forever home! She is now living in safety with other goat friends and she will stay here for the rest of her life.

rescue wild goat sleeping
She chose to sleep on the floor over a comfy bed!

In Australia, wild goats are an unwanted species and are hunted or caught and killed for human consumption. During hunting or the stressful and terrifying mustering and trapping process, mother goats can become separated from their young – either of which may have been the case for Shakira and her mother. If Shakira had have been left in the wild, she could have ended up on someone’s plate.

wild goats going to slaughter
Trapped wild goats being loaded onto transport trucks for slaughter.

For goats just like Shakira, please choose to be kind to animals.

rescue wild goat
Shakira just before she was taken to a sanctuary!