Meet Spook and Onyx

rescue greyhounds

Written by Nora from Nora’s Foster Hounds

Spook and Onyx came via Nora’s Foster Hounds one week after another both suffering broken legs racing at Wentworth Park in Sydney. A trainer that I had assisted before knew that I was able to organise their vet work and rehab rather than the alternative of euthanising on track.

Despite the similarities in their fate, these two couldn’t have been more different. Spook so timid and anxious he pooped in my car, Onyx so charming he wooed all the vets and vet nurses at Mosman Vet. These differences in personality amongst the breed are so common. It’s one of the reasons why I love greyhounds – no matter your lifestyle, one greyhound or another will definitely be right for you!

With the support of many greyhound lovers, I was able to fundraise for their surgeries at Mosman Veterinary Hospital, together fetching $10,000 plus! This saved their legs so they wouldn’t need an amputation.

rescue greyhounds
Onyx and Spook after their surgeries.

After receiving surgery Spook found his way to the most patient and supportive foster carers Joni and Luke where he spent time slowly shedding his layers of anxiety. Onyx went to experienced greyhound handlers, the Huckstep’s, joining their gang of hounds for short term foster then thanks to a vet nurse at Mosman Vet, Onyx landed a ‘foster’ home with Leah and Liam. This lovely vet nurse ends up becoming Onyx’s Grandma because of course Onyx charmed his way into Leah and Liam’s heart and never left.

rescue greyhound
Onyx enjoying living with his healed leg.

After many months, Spook finally found his forever home with Phoebe and the two could not be more perfect for one another. Without the stepping stones Joni and Luke laid out for him and the love from Phoebe, Spook would not be who he is today. Long gone is the nervous wreck I knew and here today is a curious, sweet and loving hound.

rescue greyhound
Spook living his best life.

I bumped in Onyx’s mum Leah recently who informed me that Onyx saved a life, literally. Because his grandma is a vet nurse, Leah was called when another dog was close to not making it and needed a blood transfusion. Onyx came to the rescue donating blood and saving a life. Leah told me I should feel proud that I had helped save Onyx who in turned saved a life so two lives had been saved. Well, what better reason would one need to adopt, foster or volunteer? If you could save not one, but two, or even three, why wouldn’t you?

rescue greyhound
Spook getting the love he deserves.

Nora’s Foster Hounds is full of rescues at the moment, many in need of urgent vet care. Help change these greyhounds lives by donating today.

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