Meet Teddy

Teddy came into my care about 2 years ago! A lovely lady saw him at the Camden livestock sales and couldn’t bear to see him go to the ‘doggers’. She wasn’t sure where she could keep him for the time being, and a mutual friend asked if I would be interested – of course, I jumped at the chance. When he first arrived, he had a sad, dull coat and was nothing but skin and bones, as his teeth were overgrown and causing pain meaning he wasn’t eating. His hooves were also overgrown and cracked. We are unsure of how long he was left in a paddock before being sent to the sales, but based off of his racing records, we are thinking somewhere around 4 years!

rescue racehorse
Teddy at Camden Sales.

Teddy was very unsure of us and didn’t have much of a personality when he first arrived, but we instantly fell in love with his soft, cuddly nature. We knew that once he was feeling better and looked after, his personality would come out soon enough! We put him in a beautiful paddock with our other little rescues and he soon stood close-by to our other rescues.

rescue racehorse
Teddy with his friend.

After having multiple dental treatments, regular baths to heal a skin condition, and vet checks (which he took to perfectly and never flinched or acted out), his personality started to show. It was exactly how we thought he’d be – a big, cuddly, teddy bear, but also very boisterous and sometimes hard to handle, this was fine, though, as we weren’t too concerned about this during his recovery. 

rescue racehorse
Teddy during his treatment.

Fast forward to now, he has a gorgeous shiny coat, is still putting weight on beautifully, and we have started to get him back in the round yard to keep him entertained and build muscle back up. This is also helping him with his lead manners, personal space, and respecting everyone and everything who comes near him, including his three new friends!

rescue racehorse
Teddy thriving in his new home!

I am so grateful for having the opportunity to have such a beautiful 16hh boy and although it was far from easy and hard on the emotions – seeing first hand how these beautiful animals can be treated – I’d do it all over again. 

Teddy is an ex-racehorse known as “Willie Heritage”. He won $22,925 in prize money during his racing ‘career’. At only 4.5-years old, his ‘career’ was over and at 7-years old he was sent to Camden sale yard to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

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  1. Thank you for saving him! He is beautiful like all horses, whether race-horse or not.
    They are all sentient beings that deserve respect and a life worth living.
    Unfortunately there are too many ex-racehorse owners that continue to do the wrong thing without being held accountable.
    It is great to know that there are still some good people out there with compassion, that love and respect animals!

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