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31 Days of Delicious, Plant-Based Eating

There’s a one-month challenge for almost everything these days. From quitting bad habits to developing positive ones, challenges pave the way there with simplicity and structure. Here at Animal Lib, we love a little challenge (like trying to create a future of compassion for living beings). And when a challenge involves eating your way through 31 days of pasta, burgers, curries, wraps, and more, we are keen edamame beans! Sign. Us. Up.

Whether you are already well versed in plant-based eating or have no idea where to start, No Meat May’s 31 days of different recipes and cooking demos will surely inspire you! It’s free to sign up, and also includes nutritional info and support as well. With the benefits of plant-based eating in the spotlight, why not give it a go and see for yourself?  

Everyone loves food. Food is a key element of get-togethers, traditions, and celebrations. It is also the fuel that nourishes our bodies daily. With different breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, planned out for you, No Meat May will ensure you don’t get stuck with that one go-to-meatless-Monday-meal on repeat. 

Admittedly, we might not become Chef de Cuisines by April, but at least we won’t have to wait for our favourite restaurant or festive feast to enjoy a delicious, hearty meal. 

Why go meatless this May?

  • Eating plant-based, and locally-sourced where possible, reduces the impact on global food inequality. There is currently enough food globally to feed more than our human population, yet millions are left suffering from hunger. At the same time, we are feeding over 56 billion land animals to be used as food. 

  • Eating a balanced, plant-based diet is the best option for your health. 
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    • Recommended documentaries: The Game Changers (2019), What the Health (2017), Forks Over Knives (2011)

  • Moving away from animal agriculture will reduce deforestation, species extinction, water waste, and our carbon footprint. 

Staying Healthy

Sticking to the No Meat May recipe plan will ensure your meals are wholesome and balanced. For inspo beyond May, refer back to the recipes, download The Holt Twins free e-book, and check out the Vegan Easy menu.

A balanced diet should include beans, tofu, grains, nuts, and plenty of vegetables and fruits, to ensure you are getting enough of the good stuff. Remember, a diet of only fries and dairy-free ice-cream could technically be classified as “plant-based”. While that might sound delicious to most of us, it certainly isn’t balanced and is definitely not recommended. 

Happy Eating!

Let us know how you go during No Meat May in the comments section. We’re all signed up, and already drooling over the food inspo in the welcome email!

Check out the recipes at No Meat May

Ari Feldmann