NSW Horse Racing: February Summary


The horse racing industry presents a glamourised front to the general public. The reality is that horses are forced to race, whilst being pushed beyond their natural limits.

The following is a summary of all NSW racehorses whose behaviour is indicative of not wanting to race and the injuries sustained.

Horses “protesting” their involvement

Horses are repeatedly showing us that they do not want to race. In February, 227 individuals protested their involvement through various behaviours. From attempting to buck and dislodge their riders, to being fractious in the barrier, missing the start, or being slow, unresponsive, and uncompetitive. These are all signs indicating their reluctance to race. Despite this, they are ignored, whipped and repeatedly entered into the race.

The following table lists the horses and their behaviour, along with the date and racetrack. All information was taken from the NSW Stewards Reports Diary.

DateRacetrackHorse NameBehaviour
3 FebDubboBaker’s ImageAttempted to buck
3 FebMuswellbrookDynamite DanAttempted to buck
22 FebRosehillTale Of The KrautAttempted to jump and dislodged rider
18 FebMuswellbrookGreat ExcitementBroke through barrier
4 FebAlburyAudrey’s DestinyBucked and dislodged rider
21 FebCanberraPrincess GlamourBucked for short distance
22 FebAlburyIdle FancyBucked shortly after being mounted, dislodged rider, galloped away and made contact with a wall
15 FebGosfordRiccardoBurst through barrier gate, dislodged rider and galloped away
18 FebMuswellbrookQukesDifficult to load
22 FebNewcastleDevil DanDifficult to load
22 FebTowacPeaches TerineDifficult to load
22 FebTowacDynamite DanDifficult to load
29 FebRandwickPisa My HeartDifficult to load
20 FebGraftonHoliday In DubaiUnresponsive
1 FebGeurieTurramurraDislodged rider
4 FebAlburyEqually WildDislodged rider
11 FebSconeEllas JoyDislodged rider pre-race
16 FebRandwickSir LeoFailed to finish race
14 FebCanterburyTexas ForeverFailed to finish race
22 FebTowacDaashurFailed to finish race
15 FebBalranaldMiss CranFlipped in mounting enclosure and dislodged rider
25 FebTamworthManangatangFractious and cast in barrier, poor behaviour
22 FebTowacMagic GiftFractious during trasport
27 FebNewcastleBubaFractious in barrier
15 FebBedgerabongDelago ExpressFractious in barrier
19 FebRandwickGorshinFractious in barrier
22 FebAlburySnake CavernFractious in barrier
28 FebCanterburySpicy RestaurantFractious in barrier
29 FebCarrathoolJesseiraFractious in barrier
29 FebNewcastleC’est La VieFractious in barrier
18 FebMuswellbrookCaptain SoloFractious in barrier and became cast
16 FebRandwickCome Play With MeFractious in Barrier and contact with front gate
12 FebWarwickHeart Of The OakFractious in barrier and lunged forward
25 FebTamworthPolicyFractious in barrier and poor manners
26 FebGosfordEnamourFractious in barrier and poor performance
8 FebNewcastlePioneerFractious in Barrier and struck head
4 FebGosfordCloud FactoryFractious in Barrier and uncompetitive
17 FebNewcastleGold BraceletFractious in barrier, poor performance and didn’t finish race
15 FebGosfordSolanoFractious in barrier, reared and struck head
29 FebNewcastleDa PowerFractious in barrier, sat down and became cast
10 FebBathurstWith CertaintyFractious in mounting enclosure and dislodged rider
22 FebRosehillDjukonFractious in stable box and struck head
21 FebCanberraNicofFractious in tie-up stall
9 FebGoulburnUber LuxFractious in tie-up stall
28 FebCanterburyQuiet RiotFractious in tie-up stall and kicked out
4 FebAlburyKurrosimaHung out (final warning)
4 FebGosfordSmart And SassyLunged in barrier and struck head
3 FebMuswellbrookPlucky CuveeMissed the start
3 FebMuswellbrookBlinkin NoodlesMissed the start
3 FebMuswellbrookJack’s ImageMissed the start
3 FebMuswellbrookRegina MargheritaMissed the start
7 FebWalchaAlshahhadMissed the start
11 FebSconeJust A NevMissed the start
14 FebSconeHighofferMissed the start
14 FebSconeBon BonMissed the start
14 FebSconeContractMissed the start
14 FebSconeFantastic FilleMissed the start
18 FebMuswellbrookRegina MargheritaMissed the start
21 FebSconeEvangelistMissed the start
21 FebSconeCut The MustardMissed the start
25 FebTamworthIslamaxMissed the start
25 FebTamworthBulletsonMissed the start
22 FebAlburyChe SpiritMissed the start
29 FebCarrathoolTonna PowerMissed the start (final warning)
25 FebTamworthFantasmaMissed the start and poor performance
22 FebRosehillPrince FawazMissed the start and poor performance
29 FebTuncurryHavazacMissed the start and poor performance
8 FebGilgandraFlorence JayPoor barrier manners
23 FebTareeFoxy’s FoxinatorPoor barrier manners – near foreleg stuck on side partition in barrier stalls
22 FebRosehillPanchoPoor barrier manners and had near hind leg up on running board
20 FebGraftonVenusianPoor barrier manners and reared at start
23 FebGoulburnUnloch The RockPoor barrier manners and reared at start
25 FebTamworthGolden LegacyPoor barrier manners, had hind leg on barrier board
22 FebRosehillAcumeenPoor performance
3 FebDubboBlackadderPoor performance
3 FebDubboJoey’s ChancePoor performance
3 FebMuswellbrookThe PilbarafoxPoor performance
4 FebAlburyChoice HarvestPoor performance
5 FebRandwickYou RangPoor performance
6 FebGraftonLets Torque a DeelPoor performance
7 FebCanberraMadam SecretaryPoor performance
7 FebCanterburyMissybeelPoor performance
7 FebCanterburySelesPoor performance
8 FebGilgandraTotal WipeoutPoor performance
8 FebGilgandraLinden WayPoor performance
8 FebNewcastleChillichocPoor performance
8 FebNewcastleCompletedPoor performance
9 FebGoulburnLatina BeautyPoor performance
9 FebGoulburnBobby DazzlerPoor performance
10 FebBathurstSapphires SonPoor performance
10 FebBathurstPress WeekPoor performance
11 FebSconeLots of DiamondsPoor performance
12 FebWarwickAccessionPoor performance
14 FebCanterburyPeace Of MindPoor performance
14 FebSconeLionnePoor performance
14 FebSconeGaffaPoor performance
14 FebSconeShared TicketPoor performance
15 FebBalranaldCoontaraPoor performance
15 FebGosfordFarnesePoor performance
16 FebRandwickHarbouringPoor performance
16 FebRandwickOnemore SapphirePoor performance
16 FebRandwickSei StellaPoor performance
16 FebRandwickDestinationPoor performance
16 FebRandwickLashesPoor performance
16 FebRandwickCubaPoor performance
19 FebRandwickKnowitall JackPoor performance
19 FebRandwickLewisPoor performance
19 FebRandwickJudge JudiPoor performance
19 FebRandwickShuhoodPoor performance
21 FebCanterburyOakfield TwilightPoor performance
21 FebCanterburyPaulo PacePoor performance
21 FebSconeDoubellPoor performance
22 FebNewcastleLanigeraPoor performance
22 FebNewcastleTrophies GalorePoor performance
22 FebTowacBreaking CoverPoor performance
22 FebRosehillCellsabeelPoor performance
22 FebRosehillPrimitivoPoor performance
22 FebRosehillEtanaPoor performance
22 FebRosehillToryjoyPoor performance
22 FebRosehillKubrickPoor performance
22 FebRosehillNobuPoor performance
23 FebGoulburnArlington MagicPoor performance
23 FebGoulburnDannevirke LadPoor performance
23 FebGoulburnAmerican SalutePoor performance
24 FebBathurstAradhannaPoor performance
24 FebBathurstCuriosoPoor performance
24 FebQueanbeyanKurossimaPoor performance
24 FebQueanbeyanKatatonicPoor performance
26 FebGosfordGemmahraPoor performance
28 FebCanterburyClose To MePoor performance
28 FebCanterburyGot Your SixPoor performance
28 FebCanterburyTurnstylePoor performance
29 FebTuncurryMisty ViewPoor performance
8 FebGilgandraYeas and NaysPoor performance
9 FebGoulburnLuvoirPoor performance
16 FebRandwickFiestaPoor performance
19 FebRandwickHeart BreakerPoor performance
22 FebCondobolinWork and ChatPoor performance
22 FebRosehillWren’s DayPoor performance
22 FebRosehillCradle MountainPoor performance
3 FebDubboPodium BoundPoor performance
23 FebTareeLutreolaPoor performance – RETIRED
14 FebCanterburySir EltonPoor performance (needs post race condition)
20 FebGraftonAllied InvasionPoor performance (racing future tba)
22 FebRosehillZardoroPoor performance (spelled)
22 FebRosehillEvery RosePoor performance (spelled)
23 FebGoulburnHavaduelPoor performance (spelled)
24 FebQueanbeyanOpera TicketsPoor performance (spelled)
27 FebNewcastleClassy FellaPoor performance and poor racing manners
14 FebCanterburyAim For Perfectionpoor performance and unresponsive
21 FebCanberraFor LovePoor performance and unresponsive
10 FebBathurstGreen JacketPoor pre-race behaviour and unresponsive whilst ridden
5 FebRandwickTwirling MossPoor racing manners
23 FebTareeMackellar’s VoicePoor racing manners
24 FebQueanbeyanArenpalPoor racing manners
29 FebNewcastleGet The IdeaPoor racing manners
27 FebNewcastleAthertonPoor racing manners and difficult to ride
8 FebNewcastleVox PopuliPre-race: fractious in float, sustained abraisons to nose
7 FebCanterburyDa PowerReared in barrier and attempted to burrow under front gate
12 FebWarwickSlice Of HeavenReared in barrier and became cast
12 FebWarwickXilongReared in barrier and became cast
4 FebGosfordPlayardReared in barrier and had foreleg over barrier
2 FebMurwillumbahChiang Mai ExpressReared in barrier, dislodged rider, and became cast
21 FebCanterburyGeneral SohoRefused to leave stalls
3 FebMuswellbrookNana NeddyRefused to load
17 FebBallinaPhoenix RaiderRefused to load
24 FebQueanbeyanBreezesunRefused to load
16 FebRandwickSpecial RewardReluctant to enter barrier
22 FebRosehillBoom GateRestless in barrier
22 FebRosehillBlack MagnumRestless in barrier
16 FebRandwickJor ElRestless in barrier and reared
18 FebMuswellbrookStrapping ContestStood flatfooted
28 FebCanterburyImpavidoStood flatfooted
25 FebTamworthBon VavontStood flatfooted and missed start
3 FebMuswellbrookSlatey BayStood flatfooted and missed start
17 FebNewcastleSebonnaStood flatfooted and missed start
25 FebTamworthSwordsmanStood flatfooted and missed start
29 FebNewcastleAlshahhadStood flatfooted and missed start
22 FebNewcastlePearl RoanStood flatfooted and missed start
22 FebAlburyDaunies SurpriseStood flatfooted and missed start – RETIRED
20 FebGraftonGracie BelleThrew head back multiple times
1 FebGeurieScuba SteveUncompetitive
1 FebGeurieGlam TimeUncompetitive
1 FebRandwickSmiling ManolitoUncompetitive
1 FebSapphire CoastAl MinxUncompetitive
2 FebTumbarumbaPennywhistleUncompetitive
3 FebDubboSkye LoverUncompetitive
3 FebDubboThelma PearlUncompetitive
4 FebAlburyAd FinemUncompetitive
6 FebGraftonAlternative FactsUncompetitive
6 FebGraftonMisty ViewUncompetitive
7 FebCanterburyNight WitchesUncompetitive
7 FebCanterburyThe TowersUncompetitive
8 FebNewcastleCasimiroUncompetitive
9 FebGoulburnSuper BonUncompetitive
14 FebSconeFiji WarriorUncompetitive
15 FebGosfordSmart And SassyUncompetitive
17 FebNewcastleGogh FoxUncompetitive
18 FebMuswellbrookSwifty BobUncompetitive
22 FebCondobolinVonnidaUncompetitive
23 FebTareeCelia La PalomaUncompetitive
23 FebTareeStraight HomeUncompetitive
29 FebCarrathoolEllavanelleUncompetitive
29 FebCarrathoolWar ImageUncompetitive
20 FebGraftonCinco StarUncompetitive (will leave stable)
11 FebSconeCastletonUncompetitive (will leave stable)
1 FebGeurieArtie’s DivaUncompetitive – RETIRED
7 FebCanberraJulindurUncompetitive – RETIRED
22 FebTowacThelma PearlUncompetitive (spelled)
18 FebMuswellbrookGlorayaUncompetitive and unresponsive
15 FebBalranaldBeer O’ClockUncompetitive, poor performance
15 FebBedgerabongSpinning DawnUncompetitive, poor performance
26 FebGosfordBellatrix QueenUncompetitive, poor performance
8 FebNewcastleAvalauncheUncompetitive, poor performance – RETIRED
24 FebBathurstExliteUncompetitive, poor performance (spelled)
27 FebNewcastleGogolUncompetitive, poor performance, and unresponsive
1 FebRandwickTony’s RewardUnresponsive
13 FebWagga WaggaRoom NumberUnresponsive
21 FebSconeTaketheshotUnresponsive
29 FebCarrathoolTakissacodUnresponsive
29 FebNewcastleAffogatoUnresponsive
29 FebNewcastleAll Over MagicUnresponsive
7 FebWalchaOur Girl BabsUnresponsive, poor performance
8 FebNewcastleBellarineUnresponsive, poor performance
7 FebWalchaNature BoyUnruly pre-race, poor performance
fractious race horse
Horse who was fractious in the barrier.

In addition to these signs, 415 horses were labelled as “slow to begin”, meaning they were slow to leave the barrier.

Please note some horses who were slow to begin were also listed above.

DateRacetrackHorse NameBehaviour
1 FebGeurieCounty TipperarySlow to begin
1 FebGeurieHaven’t We AllSlow to begin
1 FebGeurieThe TruckSlow to begin
1 FebGeurieDream In ColourSlow to begin
1 FebGeurieGetting ReadySlow to begin
1 FebGeurieDropletSlow to begin
1 FebRandwickGravinaSlow to begin
1 FebRandwickDio D’oroSlow to begin
1 FebRandwickShe’s IdealSlow to begin
1 FebRandwickRonstarSlow to begin
1 FebSapphire CoastChoccy GafSlow to begin
1 FebSapphire CoastDark AlibiSlow to begin
1 FebSapphire CoastStrikee A BeauSlow to begin
1 FebSapphire CoastI am GrandeSlow to begin
1 FebSapphire CoastShoot For CoomahSlow to begin
1 FebSapphire CoastGlamour CruiseSlow to begin
1 FebSapphire CoastGraspSlow to begin
2 FebTumbarumbaCheap TycoonSlow to begin
2 FebTumbarumbaKeep the MagicSlow to begin
2 FebTumbarumbaDanish HussarSlow to begin
2 FebMurwillumbahBigshow LittletentSlow to begin
2 FebMurwillumbahBosendiSlow to begin
2 FebMurwillumbahLuvyoulongtimeSlow to begin
2 FebMurwillumbahTivoli StreetSlow to begin
2 FebMurwillumbahBonnie SareSlow to begin
2 FebMurwillumbahMalekoSlow to begin
2 FebMurwillumbahSerious DancerSlow to begin
2 FebMurwillumbahToorak ComedySlow to begin
2 FebMurwillumbahLawanSlow to begin
2 FebSapphire CoastCost Chin ChinSlow to begin
2 FebSapphire CoastLittle KrakatoaSlow to begin
2 FebSapphire CoastLittle ClangaSlow to begin
2 FebSapphire CoastAll Hard WoodSlow to begin
2 FebSapphire CoastMercurial LadSlow to begin
3 FebDubboMaggies TimeSlow to begin
3 FebDubboMiss MonteSlow to begin
3 FebDubboMayamanSlow to begin
3 FebDubboZouzoomSlow to begin
3 FebDubboTicket to El AyeSlow to begin
3 FebDubboJust on SpecSlow to begin
3 FebDubboMount TaishanSlow to begin
3 FebDubboLulu’s DestinySlow to begin
3 FebDubboSpinning DawnSlow to begin
3 FebDubboDictationSlow to begin
3 FebMuswellbrookAdvise MeSlow to begin
3 FebMuswellbrookZiyadahSlow to begin
3 FebMuswellbrookTotal RecallSlow to begin
3 FebMuswellbrookEmbroiledSlow to begin
3 FebMuswellbrookStar AlibiSlow to begin
3 FebMuswellbrookLeoSlow to begin
3 FebMuswellbrookWhite EagleSlow to begin
3 FebMuswellbrookIndian DancerSlow to begin
3 FebMuswellbrookNew York NickSlow to begin
3 FebMuswellbrookStella MarisSlow to begin
3 FebMuswellbrookEuroaireSlow to begin
4 FebAlburyEqually WildSlow to begin
4 FebAlburyBouddiSlow to begin
4 FebAlburyHoulio’s DreamSlow to begin
4 FebAlburyTough JamesSlow to begin
4 FebAlburyFunky FarmSlow to begin
4 FebAlburyBlue Jean BabySlow to begin
4 FebAlburyOcean HeroSlow to begin
4 FebAlburyEverywhere MannSlow to begin
4 FebAlburyAwadhiSlow to begin
4 FebAlburyNitty GrittySlow to begin
4 FebAlburyIdle FancySlow to begin
4 FebAlburyRugged RoySlow to begin
4 FebGosfordElotroladoSlow to begin
4 FebGosfordDebriefSlow to begin
4 FebGosfordSeige WarfareSlow to begin
4 FebGosfordCosimoSlow to begin
4 FebGosfordAnnalysiumSlow to begin
4 FebGosfordPauldronSlow to begin
4 FebGosfordSuper CycloneSlow to begin
5 FebRandwickSagradoSlow to begin
5 FebRandwickNo Way To KnowSlow to begin
5 FebRandwickRose To VictorySlow to begin
5 FebRandwickWelsh LegendSlow to begin
5 FebRandwickIkara MissSlow to begin
6 FebGraftonTickets For YouthSlow to begin
6 FebGraftonAlternative FactsSlow to begin
6 FebGraftonAngola MissSlow to begin
6 FebGraftonGunnabe GrandSlow to begin
6 FebGraftonEvopexSlow to begin
7 FebCanberraAroha DiamondSlow to begin
7 FebCanberraRadioheadSlow to begin
7 FebCanberraWicked WillySlow to begin
7 FebCanberraRoseirroSlow to begin
7 FebCanberraFlight CommanderSlow to begin
7 FebCanterburyAstralisSlow to begin
7 FebCanterburyTakookacodSlow to begin
7 FebWalchaTreble ClefSlow to begin
7 FebWalchaNature BoySlow to begin
7 FebWalchaEpic DecisionSlow to begin
7 FebWalchaWarrah FlashSlow to begin
7 FebWalchaAlcheraSlow to begin
7 FebWalchaVega De LagoSlow to begin
7 FebWalchaInvincible BotSlow to begin
7 FebWalchaCeltic TigerSlow to begin
8 FebGilgandraTotal WipeoutSlow to begin
8 FebGilgandraMyvatnSlow to begin
8 FebGilgandraSome NightsSlow to begin
8 FebGilgandraSorry I’m AwesomeSlow to begin
8 FebNewcastleDoctor ManhattanSlow to begin
8 FebNewcastleGeegeeayeSlow to begin
8 FebNewcastleCovert OpsSlow to begin
8 FebNewcastleNo Doubt A StarSlow to begin
8 FebNewcastleRebel BroSlow to begin
8 FebNewcastleZemdogsSlow to begin
8 FebNewcastleColonnadeSlow to begin
8 FebNewcastleRusty HawkSlow to begin
8 FebNewcastleMaia NebulaSlow to begin
8 FebNewcastleOn The White TurfSlow to begin
8 FebNewcastleSinging RiverSlow to begin
8 FebNewcastleToe TapperSlow to begin
8 FebNewcastleBase CampSlow to begin
9 FebGoulburnGhost TownSlow to begin
9 FebGoulburnDuchess AdeleSlow to begin
9 FebGoulburnAzousticSlow to begin
9 FebGoulburnFinneySlow to begin
9 FebGoulburnSouthern AppeealSlow to begin
10 FebBathurstPecuniary InterestSlow to begin
10 FebBathurstBartandthequeenSlow to begin
10 FebBathurstGrey TopSlow to begin
10 FebBathurstCanberra TramSlow to begin
10 FebBathurstHard ExpectationsSlow to begin
10 FebBathurstOur Blue MoonSlow to begin
10 FebBathurstSnippetslineSlow to begin
10 FebBathurstUnresolvedSlow to begin
10 FebBathurstSpeed CameraSlow to begin
10 FebBathurstMiss CharlieSlow to begin
10 FebBathurstMudgee RoadSlow to begin
11 FebSconeGlendorSlow to begin
11 FebSconeBeauty BettySlow to begin
11 FebSconeGarconSlow to begin
11 FebSconeSmooth FactorSlow to begin
11 FebSconeScatter BlastSlow to begin
11 FebSconeGuidedSlow to begin
11 FebSconeChargementSlow to begin
11 FebSconeFantastic FilleSlow to begin
11 FebSconePop’s GlorySlow to begin
11 FebSconeEgyptian PharaohSlow to begin
11 FebSconeVoyagesSlow to begin
12 FebWarwickMarnixSlow to begin
12 FebWarwickAccessionSlow to begin
12 FebWarwickConfidantSlow to begin
12 FebWarwickSmartedgeSlow to begin
12 FebWarwickHe’s A GivenSlow to begin
12 FebWarwickBlastSlow to begin
12 FebWarwickMaddi RocksSlow to begin
12 FebWarwickLubukSlow to begin
12 FebWarwickAgostoSlow to begin
12 FebWarwickConcessionsSlow to begin
12 FebWarwickClub TownSlow to begin
12 FebWarwickElkanoSlow to begin
12 FebWarwickTesseraSlow to begin
12 FebWarwickReady Set SingSlow to begin
13 FebWagga WaggaRiver CodSlow to begin
13 FebWagga WaggaAll Star CourageSlow to begin
13 FebWagga WaggaReiditeSlow to begin
13 FebWagga WaggaInniskillenSlow to begin
13 FebWagga WaggaCosta Chin ChinSlow to begin
13 FebWagga WaggaDaunies SurpriseSlow to begin
13 FebWagga WaggaResortSlow to begin
13 FebWagga WaggaBachelorSlow to begin
13 FebWagga WaggaPisa My HeartSlow to begin
13 FebWagga WaggaIdeeSlow to begin
13 FebWagga WaggaIlvermorySlow to begin
14 FebCanterburyDivine IntaventionSlow to begin
14 FebCanterburySaigonSlow to begin
14 FebCanterburySeentoomanySlow to begin
14 FebCanterburyVerlanSlow to begin
14 FebCanterburyMonegalSlow to begin
14 FebCanterburyThink It OverSlow to begin
14 FebCanterburyKawaikiniSlow to begin
14 FebCanterburyPlaquetteSlow to begin
14 FebSconeCavemanSlow to begin
14 FebSconeMr PerfectionSlow to begin
14 FebSconeGo LucaSlow to begin
14 FebSconeEvangelistSlow to begin
14 FebSconeKeeping WatchSlow to begin
14 FebSconeStoke It UpSlow to begin
15 FebBalranaldSee You Now WallisSlow to begin
15 FebBalranaldCurragh KingSlow to begin
15 FebBalranaldToonna PowerSlow to begin
15 FebBedgerabongGlamouronSlow to begin
15 FebBedgerabongMadam RubySlow to begin
15 FebBedgerabongZamakingSlow to begin
15 FebBedgerabongSpinning DawnSlow to begin
15 FebBedgerabongLeica StrykaSlow to begin
15 FebGosfordLady AnimaliaSlow to begin
15 FebGosfordInto The OblivionSlow to begin
15 FebGosfordUnder The PumpSlow to begin
15 FebGosfordSteelySlow to begin
15 FebGosfordSon Of SampsonSlow to begin
15 FebGosfordFarneseSlow to begin
15 FebGosfordJacquine RewardSlow to begin
15 FebGosfordSecret HarbourSlow to begin
15 FebGosfordCash BundleSlow to begin
15 FebGosfordThe WickSlow to begin
15 FebGosfordAtomic SunriseSlow to begin
15 FebGosfordCharm OffensiveSlow to begin
16 FebRandwickQuick SpinSlow to begin
16 FebRandwickGod Of ThunderSlow to begin
16 FebRandwickCascadianSlow to begin
16 FebRandwickMongolian WolfSlow to begin
16 FebRandwickMissile MantraSlow to begin
16 FebRandwickInsensataSlow to begin
16 FebRandwickMatowiSlow to begin
16 FebRandwickAttorneySlow to begin
16 FebRandwickDarling PointSlow to begin
16 FebRandwickSir BacchusSlow to begin
16 FebRandwickNo EscapeSlow to begin
17 FebBallinaKitteauSlow to begin
17 FebBallinaAct Of FameSlow to begin
17 FebBallinaBella BossSlow to begin
17 FebBallinaJust ImagineSlow to begin
17 FebBallinaPass Of GoldSlow to begin
17 FebBallinaGlycine MaxSlow to begin
17 FebNewcastleMeyerSlow to begin
17 FebNewcastleValley’s SisterSlow to begin
17 FebNewcastleSerrianoSlow to begin
17 FebNewcastleStick ‘Em UpSlow to begin
17 FebNewcastleTriple HeroSlow to begin
17 FebNewcastleApollo PrinceSlow to begin
17 FebNewcastleEmpathySlow to begin
17 FebNewcastleOnemore PrinceSlow to begin
18 FebMuswellbrookAshmore BertoSlow to begin
18 FebMuswellbrookZelringSlow to begin
18 FebMuswellbrookMy KristineSlow to begin
18 FebMuswellbrookOakfield RomanceSlow to begin
18 FebMuswellbrookMr De NiroSlow to begin
18 FebMuswellbrookPolish TrainSlow to begin
19 FebRandwickFirst FleetSlow to begin
19 FebRandwickSublime LadySlow to begin
19 FebRandwickMandalong TapitSlow to begin
19 FebRandwickMarochSlow to begin
20 FebGraftonPressing MattersSlow to begin
20 FebGraftonMiss HydrologySlow to begin
20 FebGraftonExpress DragonSlow to begin
20 FebGraftonGood to DreamSlow to begin
20 FebGraftonVivid FortressSlow to begin
20 FebGraftonZavy’s HopeSlow to begin
20 FebGraftonSizzling SusanneSlow to begin
20 FebGraftonRumberellaSlow to begin
20 FebGraftonBraddock DownSlow to begin
20 FebGraftonHanna From HavanaSlow to begin
20 FebGraftonAlternative FactsSlow to begin
20 FebGraftonCountless de GalvezSlow to begin
20 FebGraftonGalwaySlow to begin
20 FebGraftonIliaSlow to begin
20 FebGraftonSaxophoneSlow to begin
21 FebCanberraBouddiSlow to begin
21 FebCanberraShinjukuSlow to begin
21 FebCanberraShores Of AvalonSlow to begin
21 FebCanberraIdeeSlow to begin
21 FebCanberraSupernaculumSlow to begin
21 FebCanberraSausedgeSlow to begin
21 FebCanberraCinquedaSlow to begin
21 FebCanberraGlamour StripSlow to begin
21 FebCanberraSirmazeSlow to begin
21 FebCanterburyOn The LeadSlow to begin
21 FebCanterburyAstralisSlow to begin
21 FebCanterburyRevenireSlow to begin
21 FebCanterburyDestiny’s OwnSlow to begin
21 FebCanterburyAustriaSlow to begin
21 FebCanterburyI’m A LegendSlow to begin
21 FebSconeDual GemsSlow to begin
21 FebSconeDual AspenSlow to begin
21 FebSconeOlympic FameSlow to begin
21 FebSconeZizaniaSlow to begin
21 FebSconeGood As GoldSlow to begin
21 FebSconeBard’s VoiceSlow to begin
21 FebSconeFree BillySlow to begin
21 FebSconeDisgracefulSlow to begin
21 FebSconeOri On FireSlow to begin
21 FebSconeDe La HoyaSlow to begin
22 FebAlburyStraoverSlow to begin
22 FebAlburyDemanding MoSlow to begin
22 FebAlburyRoyal ThunderSlow to begin
22 FebAlburyLots of DotsSlow to begin
22 FebAlburyPerfect IllusionSlow to begin
22 FebAlburyMaid in MilanSlow to begin
22 FebCondobolinCourt in CameraSlow to begin
22 FebCondobolinEagleworksSlow to begin
22 FebCondobolinMel BeaSlow to begin
22 FebCondobolinSpy’s ShadowSlow to begin
22 FebCondobolinGetting ReadySlow to begin
22 FebCondobolinHandful of AcesSlow to begin
22 FebCondobolinTonna PowerSlow to begin
22 FebNewcastleAngola MissSlow to begin
22 FebNewcastleAll Saints’ EveSlow to begin
22 FebNewcastleBovalinoSlow to begin
22 FebNewcastleFanciful DreamSlow to begin
22 FebNewcastleRusty HawkSlow to begin
22 FebNewcastleMaia NebulaSlow to begin
22 FebNewcastleMedellinSlow to begin
22 FebNewcastleSurf SonicSlow to begin
22 FebNewcastleMidnight MusicSlow to begin
22 FebNewcastlePellezzanoSlow to begin
22 FebNewcastleBianchi CupSlow to begin
22 FebNewcastleLanu MoanaSlow to begin
22 FebNewcastleBlazine SunriseSlow to begin
22 FebTowacRoyal EtiquetteSlow to begin
22 FebTowacBob’s AngelSlow to begin
22 FebTowacThelma PearlSlow to begin
22 FebTowacRevojetSlow to begin
22 FebTowacDobee SuperSlow to begin
22 FebTowacMaci TessSlow to begin
22 FebTowacSoy YoSlow to begin (RETIRED)
22 FebTowacLinden WaySlow to begin
22 FebTowacJust Schillin’Slow to begin
22 FebTowacSupreme GemSlow to begin
22 FebTowacMum’s the WordSlow to begin
22 FebTowacAnd There is MoreSlow to begin
22 FebRosehillScreenagerSlow to begin
22 FebRosehillMiss FabulassSlow to begin
22 FebRosehillSpending To WinSlow to begin
22 FebRosehillGrey ShadowSlow to begin
22 FebRosehillBlack MagnumSlow to begin
22 FebRosehillEastenderSlow to begin
22 FebRosehillPrimitivoSlow to begin
22 FebRosehillThe Holy OneSlow to begin
22 FebRosehillKiller InstinctSlow to begin
23 FebGoulburnJeteyeSlow to begin
23 FebGoulburnAt The HelmSlow to begin
23 FebGoulburnSaturnSlow to begin
23 FebGoulburnBravo Del CamposSlow to begin
23 FebGoulburnFast MelodySlow to begin
23 FebGoulburnDuchess AdeleSlow to begin
23 FebGoulburnKarmazoneSlow to begin
23 FebTareeStrawberry BearSlow to begin
23 FebTareeSebagoSlow to begin
23 FebTareeJustice HonorSlow to begin
23 FebTareeDashing SavannaSlow to begin
23 FebTareeTexas StormSlow to begin
24 FebBathurstSorry I’m AwesomeSlow to begin
24 FebBathurstMandalong One UpSlow to begin
24 FebBathurstLove ‘N’ DesireSlow to begin
24 FebQueanbeyanConcreteSlow to begin
24 FebQueanbeyanThe InflamerSlow to begin
24 FebQueanbeyanOriginal PranksterSlow to begin
24 FebQueanbeyanIllinois GuruSlow to begin
24 FebQueanbeyanOpera TicketsSlow to begin
24 FebQueanbeyanGraspSlow to begin
24 FebQueanbeyanPecuniary InterestSlow to begin
24 FebQueanbeyanRadioheadSlow to begin
24 FebQueanbeyanJarjaxelSlow to begin
24 FebQueanbeyanLittle ClangaSlow to begin
24 FebQueanbeyanAttunedSlow to begin
24 FebQueanbeyanSkilshineeSlow to begin
24 FebQueanbeyanDalkey PointSlow to begin
24 FebQueanbeyanArenpalSlow to begin
24 FebQueanbeyanDutch DelightSlow to begin
25 FebTamworthMathematicsSlow to begin
25 FebTamworthSpirited BelleSlow to begin
25 FebTamworthNana NeddySlow to begin
25 FebTamworthSolvencySlow to begin
25 FebTamworthEncostar GlorySlow to begin
25 FebTamworthNice One WislonSlow to begin
25 FebTamworthChargementSlow to begin
25 FebTamworthVoyagesSlow to begin
25 FebTamworthSticksSlow to begin
25 FebTamworthMeatballSlow to begin
25 FebTamworthStella MarisSlow to begin
25 FebTamworthSwifty MangoSlow to begin
26 FebGosfordPerfect VixenSlow to begin
26 FebGosfordBlazing MacSlow to begin
26 FebGosfordSebring LassSlow to begin
26 FebGosfordGemmahraSlow to begin
27 FebNewcastleParineetiSlow to begin
27 FebNewcastleKibibiSlow to begin
27 FebNewcastleCash BundleSlow to begin
27 FebNewcastleGogolSlow to begin
27 FebNewcastleSwinging RiverSlow to begin
27 FebNewcastleTemperateSlow to begin
27 FebNewcastleBuzzSlow to begin
27 FebNewcastleEgyptian PharaohSlow to begin
27 FebNewcastleOakfield JetSlow to begin
27 FebNewcastleCapri LaneSlow to begin
27 FebNewcastleBombasaySlow to begin
28 FebCanterburyJolietteSlow to begin
28 FebCanterburyAustriaSlow to begin
28 FebCanterburySalsa ManSlow to begin
28 FebCanterburyRock DoveSlow to begin
28 FebCanterburyKawaikiniSlow to begin
28 FebCanterburySoul StarSlow to begin
29 FebCarrathoolBye Bye BenjiSlow to begin
29 FebCarrathoolOreziraSlow to begin
29 FebCarrathoolSpudSlow to begin
29 FebCarrathoolHighway To SuccessSlow to begin
29 FebCarrathoolSpirit of DekaySlow to begin
29 FebCarrathoolEllavanelleSlow to begin
29 FebCarrathoolAll PaidSlow to begin
29 FebNewcastleBoom StormSlow to begin
29 FebNewcastleTemple OneSlow to begin
29 FebNewcastleThe GracesSlow to begin
29 FebNewcastleSoho PeggySlow to begin
29 FebNewcastleGidgee GuySlow to begin
29 FebNewcastleGod I’m HotSlow to begin
29 FebNewcastleJack’s ImageSlow to begin
29 FebNewcastleMidiSlow to begin
29 FebNewcastleGet The IdeaSlow to begin
29 FebNewcastleDivine IntavetionSlow to begin
29 FebNewcastleCross Eyed MarySlow to begin
29 FebNewcastleGrand AcheevaSlow to begin
29 FebNewcastleFast TrainSlow to begin
29 FebNewcastleMoana JewelSlow to begin
29 FebNewcastleOccupySlow to begin
29 FebRandwickDepth That VariesSlow to begin
29 FebRandwickArgenteusSlow to begin
29 FebRandwickSaas FeeSlow to begin
29 FebRandwickAttention RunSlow to begin
29 FebRandwickAsharaniSlow to begin
29 FebTuncurryEureka SkySlow to begin


Over just 29 days, 119 horses sustained an injury or displayed signs of poor recovery on NSW tracks. Injuries ranged from abnormal respiratory noises, cardiac arrhythmia, bleeding in the lungs, lacerations, abraisons, muscle soreness and lameness. Two horses died as a result of their injuries. The racing industry places unnatural stress on the animals and should no longer be acceptable.

This list also includes North, a horse who was injured and killed in January, as the stewards were only recently notified about his death.

This list fails to provide information regarding swelling and bruising due to whip use.

All information was taken from the NSW Stewards Reports Diary.

DateRacetrackHorse NameInjury
21 FebSconeDoubellAbnormal respiratory noises
22 FebNewcastleBleskAbnormal respiratory noises
1 FebRandwickHarbouringAbnormal respiratory noises (requires endoscopic exam)
16 FebRandwickHarbouringAbnormal respiratory noises (suggested throat surgery)
8 FebNewcastleHistoryAbnormal respiratory noises and slow to recover
17 FebNewcastleColosseum KingAbornmal respiratory noises
15 FebBedgerabongBetter StrikeAbraisions to both hind bumpers
31 JanRandwickMerry Go RoundBled both nostrils during trackwork (Supplementary Report)
8 FebGilgandraApricotBlood present in both nostrils
16 FebRandwickTo Your HealthBlood present in both nostrils
17 FebBallinaPass Of GoldBlood present in both nostrils
23 FebTareePenny DreadfulBlood present in both nostrils
23 FebTareeDuletteBlood present in both nostrils
29 FebNewcastleSensacovaBlood present in both nostrils
12 FebWarwickSeditionBlood present in offside nostril
28 JanAusfighterBlood present in one nosril – during trackwork (supp report, 21 Feb Scone)
11 FebSconeMurtslandBlood present in one nostril
4 FebGosfordSuper CycloneCardiac arrhythmia
5 FebRandwickBoomtown RatCardiac arrhythmia
15 FebGosfordSteelyCardiac arrhythmia
22 FebAlburyMnementhCardiac arrhythmia
22 FebRosehillPrince FawazCoughing (sup report, will be continued to race, 29 Feb Randwick)
19 FebRandwickNorthEUTHANISED – injury to upper offhind leg on 7th Jan (sup report 19 Feb Randwick)
1 FebRandwickRonstarEUTHANISED – catastrophic injury to near fore-limb
26 FebGosfordTombstoneEUTHANISED – injury to near fore-leg
29 FebNewcastleThe GracesExternal trauma, blood offside nostril
4 FebAlburyEqually WildFell, sustained laceration and blood in nostril
2 FebSapphire CoastKatie Did ItGalloped on behind – spelled
22 FebRosehillDjukonHead wound
4 FebGosfordMaster MarleyInjury to off fore-leg tendon
22 FebTowacDobe SuperLaceration on hock
3 FebDubboAmerican StormLaceration to inside of off fore fetlock
22 FebAlburyAnother Jay BrownLaceration to near fore medial heel region
23 FebTareeBedtime StoriesLaceration to near foreleg and “galloped on”
12 FebWarwickXilongLacerations to off-side flank and stifle
7 FebCanterburyWatchingLame in both front legs (2/5)
24 FebQueanbeyanWho ArjuLame in left fore-leg (2/5)
22 FebTowacTicket to FlyLame in left fore-leg (3/5)
24 FebQueanbeyanPahruliLame in leg (4/5)
13 FebWagga WaggaHigh DudeLame in near fore-leg
16 FebRandwickBallerLame in near fore-leg (1/5)
17 FebBallinaRecall EventsLame in near fore-leg (1/5)
17 FebBallinaJust ImageLame in near fore-leg (1/5)
29 FebNewcastleDominusLame in near fore-leg (1/5)
3 FebDubboDefies LogicLame in near fore-leg (1/5)
16 FebRandwickSei StellaLame in near fore-leg (1/5) and pain across back (supp report 21 Feb Canterbury)
28 FebCanterburyImpavidoLame in near fore-leg (2/5)
7 FebCanterburyTikkitalaLame in near fore-leg (2/5)
29 FebRandwickMission RiverLame in near fore-leg (2/5)
3 FebMuswellbrookSpiritual PowerLame in near fore-leg (2/5)
8 FebGilgandraZouzoomLame in near fore-leg (2/5)
29 FebNewcastleIbiniLame in near fore-leg (2/5)
4 FebAlburyAd FinemLame in near fore-leg (2/5) – RETIRED
22 FebRosehillApache BelleLame in near fore-leg (3/5)
28 FebCanterburySanctionedLame in near fore-leg (5/5)
4 FebAlburyStar StrykerLame in near fore-leg (5/5)
24 FebBathurstBobby DazzleerLame in near hind-leg (1/5)
9 FebGoulburnBobby DazzlerLame in near hind-leg (1/5)
21 FebSconeToastLame in near hind-leg (2/5)
27 FebNewcastleCanzonetLame in near hind-leg (2/5)
11 FebSconeTwo Ducks ArtieLame in near hind-leg (2/5) and shoulder swelling
8 FebGilgandraFlorence JayLame in near hind-leg (2/5), caught on running board
24 FebBathurstColonel Von TrappLame in near hind-leg (3/5)
14 FebCanterburyBenoniLame in near hind-leg (4/5)
14 FebCanterburyThink It OverLame in near hind-leg (4/5)
15 FebBalranaldCoontaraLame in off fore-leg (1/5)
22 FebAlburyPacific TycoonLame in off fore-leg (1/5)
22 FebRosehillCellsabeelLame in off fore-leg (2/5)
15 FebBedgerabongLignyLame in off fore-leg (2/5)
3 FebMuswellbrookEuroaireLame in off fore-leg (2/5)
14 FebSconeHighofferLame in off fore-leg (2/5)
15 FebGosfordOndo PasaLame in off fore-leg (2/5)
23 FebTareeCelabitofkandiLame in off fore-leg (3/5)
23 FebGoulburnAbsolute PuzzleLame in off fore-leg (4/5)
22 FebAlburyIdle FancyLame in off hind leg (3/5)
8 FebGilgandraBee Double BeeLame in off hind-leg (1/5)
21 FebCanterburyPower CommandLame in off hind-leg (2/5)
14 FebSconeShared TicketLame in off hind-leg (3/5)
24 FebBathurstToulon FactorLame near hind-leg (2/5)
29 FebRandwickImagingLame near hind-leg (2/5)
22 FebTowacCloudless SkyLame right fore suspensory ligament (2/5)
15 FebGosfordPower to PayMade heavy contact with the gate
25 FebTamworthCaptain EycheSesamoid injury – Retired
1 FebGeurieDynamic MossSlow to recover
2 FebTumbarumbaSestinaSlow to recover
3 FebDubboBid to FameSlow to recover
4 FebAlburyRarer Than RubiesSlow to recover
4 FebAlburyShe’s Our RewardSlow to recover
5 FebRandwickBrazilicaSlow to recover
8 FebGilgandraYeas and NaysSlow to recover
8 FebGilgandraA Magic ZarisSlow to recover
8 FebGilgandraEquilibriumSlow to recover
9 FebGoulburnLatina BeautySlow to recover
10 FebBathurstJust a HorseSlow to recover
16 FebRandwickFiestaSlow to recover
18 FebMuswellbrookSalsa DreamingSlow to recover
22 FebTowacDynamite DanSlow to recover
24 FebBathurstAradhanaSlow to recover
24 FebBathurstRockchestaSlow to recover
24 FebBathurstDaredevilSlow to recover
28 FebCanterburyClose To MeSlow to recover
29 FebRandwickDepth That VariesSlow to recover
29 FebRandwickTommy GoldSlow to recover
15 FebGosfordQuestingSlow to recover
18 FebMuswellbrookLightning AllySlow to recover
7 FebWalchaRed LibertySlow to recover
5 FebRandwickYitai SynergySlow to recover (Spelled or Retired – sup report 12 Feb)
1 FebRandwickEcho GemSlow to recover
22 FebRosehillEvery RoseSlow to recover
7 FebWalchaMalzoomSlow to recover
22 FebRosehillEtanaSlow to recover (torn offside hamstring – sup report 29 Feb Randwick)
8 FebGilgandraLinden WaySlow to recover and coughing
14 FebSconeStella VeloceSore across the back
10 FebBathurstUnresolvedSore in lower lumbar into hamstrings
10 FebBathurstDissisoulSore over back
25 FebTamworthNana NeddySore shins
16 FebMoruyaGhost TownSoreness across back (sup report 21 Feb Canberra)
21 FebCanterburyLast EightyateSpeedy cuts to both hind legs
10 FebBathurstHamish the SwiftSuperficial wounds on off hind leg
11 FebSconeHardspotTying up (stiff/muscle soreness), mild colic symptoms, slow to recover
7 FebWalchaSwiftly MangoTying up behind – stiff, muscle soreness
race horse bleeding from nostrils
A “bleeder” horse.

Pre-race Injuries

In addition to the injuries sustained during the races, 30 horses suffered from injuries while waiting to race.

All information was taken from the NSW Stewards Reports Diary.

DateRacetrackHorse NameInjury
22 FebRosehillJunglizedPre-race: abrasion to inside of off fore-leg
20 FebGraftonNorma’s JoyPre-race: kicked behind barrier, lame in off hind-leg (1/5)
22 FebAlburyLet’s Get AnimalPre-race: kicked behind barriers
7 FebWalchaGood As GoldPre-race: kicked in stables
2 FebSapphire CoastFreaky FrecklesPre-race: laceration above left eye
21 FebCanberraSky CourtPre-race: laceration above left eye, made contact with front barrier
4 FebAlburySmokin ConiPre-race: laceration to left hip
21 FebCanberraNicofPre-race: laceration to left knee
26 FebGosfordBrazilicaPre-race: laceration to off hind cannon
2 FebTumbarumbaAnacott SteelPre-race: lame in foot
7 FebCanberraActuarialPre-race: lame in near for-leg
2 FebTumbarumbaCoontaraPre-race: lame in near fore-leg (1/5)
22 FebNewcastleSmart SuccessPre-race: lame in near fore-leg (1/5)
28 FebCanterburyDefeatPre-race: lame in off fore-leg
23 FebTareePhelpedoPre-race: lame in off fore-leg (1/5)
2 FebSapphire CoastRinviataPre-race: lame in off fore-leg (2/5)
28 FebCanterburyQuiet RiotPre-race: lame in off hind-leg
16 FebRandwickRiver BirdPre-race: Multiple abrasions on offside hip during transport
12 FebWarwickFayerraPre-race: multiple abrasions to leg
12 FebWarwickHeart Of The OakPre-race: multiple abrasions to legs, blood in nostril (external trauma)
12 FebWarwickSlice Of HeavenPre-race: Severe laceration to off-foreleg, small abrasion on poll with swelling
17 FebBallinaSomebody Loves YouPre-race: Signs of colic
28 FebCanterburyBuckin’ BeautyPre-race: slipped in mounting enclosure (raced)
25 FebTamworthPure FaithPre-race: slipped in the stall, abraisons to near side hindquaters and hock
21 FebCanterburyOur FrauleinPre-race: small abrasion to off hind leg whilst being loaded (transport), made contact with barrier during race
27 FebNewcastleStorm AttackPre-race: sore in front
29 FebCarrathoolJesseiraPre-race: struck head in barrier
29 FebNewcastleC’est La ViePre-race: struck head in barrier
17 FebNewcastleShe’s SmartPre-race: sustained laceration to off-side hip
22 FebNewcastleMartiniqueePre-race: swelling in near fore-leg

What you can do

No horses deserve to suffer in the name of entertainment. The only way to end the cruelty is to end the “sport”. You can help make this happen, by making the decision to never attend or bet on a horses life again.

You can also help by sharing this information with your friends and family.

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