NSW Horse Racing: January Summary

Horse racing January summary

“Racehorses are loved and treated well”

The horse racing industry wants you to believe that the horses are treated well, they are loved, and people have their best interests at heart.

But this is untrue.

Every year, hundreds of horses end up dead because of on-track injuries. Slow runners and older horses disappear, ending up in knackeries or slaughterhouses. Whilst, thousands of others are sent to slaughter before they even make it to the tracks, simply because they cannot run fast enough.

On top of this, the life of a racing horse is miserable. They are social, grazing animals, however, are most often kept alone, confined to stables, fed concentrated meals, and forced to travel long distances. Then they are beaten with whips, kicked with spikes, and tied to treadmills and walkers in the name of “training”. In addition to this, there are the illegal aspects, from drugging to jigger use.

“Horses love to race”

We often hear that the horses “love to race”.

But this is also untrue.

Horses love to run. They are forced to race. In the wild, a horse would push him/herself to their limit out of fear, for example, to escape a predator or dangerous situation. They would not keep up their speed unless their life depended on it.

However, racing pushes them beyond their natural limits. Humans have played on their fear and use whips, spurs, and occasionally other devices such as jiggers, to trigger the response of running at extreme limits. The lack of care for their wellbeing is made even more prominent in the final 100 meters. When the horses are most tired, jockeys are legally allowed to relentlessly whip them to make them move faster.

Horses are known to suffer from cardiac arrest, internal bleeding, torn ligaments and broken bones from being forced to run so fast, over long distances (up to 3.2km).

Many horses are protesting their involvement

Chautauqua became a household name after he repeatedly refused to jump from the barrier. Despite winning over $8.8 million, his trainers continued to force him into the starting box. Then the public (and even some racegoers) began to demand that he be retired, as they could tell he no longer wanted to race.

Meanwhile, hundreds of other horses are being ignored.

In January alone, 102 horses were noted as, “uncompetitive”, “difficult to load/refused to load”, “fractious”, “flatfooted”, and “unresponsive”. Others “bucked” and “dislodging their riders” in protest. These behaviours are proof that they do not want to race.
The following table lists the horses and their behaviour, along with the date and racecourse. The information was taken from the NSW Steward’s Reports.

DateRacecourseHorse NameBehaviour
1 JanPort MacDeep DreamBucked
13 JanDubboMaradaBucked
7 JanMudgeeUno RubyBucked
24 JanCanberraEliseoBucked after race started
21 JanWagga WaggaFreaky FrecklesBucked and uncompetitive
19 JanMuswellbrookRobingurraBucked during race
13 JanDubboMore SpiceDifficult to load
17 JanArcherArchie’s StarDifficult to load
9 JanWagga WaggaHoulio’s DreamDifficult to load
11 JanRandwickMr GarciaDifficult to load
14 JanCorowaCoontaraDifficult to load
24 JanCanberraSassie Annie
Difficult to load
6 JanGunnedahMookDifficult to load and uncompetitive
11 JanQueanbeyan
TribbianiDifficult to load in barrier (unruly)
6 JanGunnedahEliseoDislodged rider
8 JanWarwick FarmConfined ThoughtsDislodged rider
14 JanSconeKehoeDislodged rider
29 JanKemblaDambullaDislodged rider
25 JanNewcastleCross Eyed MaryDislodged rider
11 JanQueanbeyan
Spanish SpiritDislodged rider after race
11 JanGlen InnesBoomtown BabeDislodged rider and ran
31 JanTareeFair DinkumDislodged rider and ran away
14 JanSconeBlue LanyardDislodged rider and ran away
26 JanWagga WaggaTezoffFlatfooted and missed start
23 JanTamworthLigulateFlatfooted at start
28 JanTamworthLexi’s ChoiceFlatfooted at start
30 JanSconePearl RoanFlatfooted at start
1 JanPort MacPoetic AffairFractious in barrier
2 JanTareeSummer OrchidFractious in barrier
6 JanGunnedahTrip To LondonFractious in barrier
7 JanKemblaThor’s ThunderFractious in barrier
9 JanWagga WaggaFashion TipFractious in barrier
11 JanQueanbeyan
Intrepid AngelFractious in barrier
24 JanPort MacPass Of GoldFractious in barrier
11 JanKemblaPioneerFractious in barrier
21 JanWagga WaggaAnother ChallengeFractious in barrier
24 JanPort MacNayvadiusFractious in barrier
25 JanForbesBeau ZarisFractious in barrier
28 JanTamworthPolicyFractious in barrier
23 JanTamworthDa PowerFractious in barrier
21 JanWagga WaggaMnementhFractious in barrier
26 JanWagga WaggaStar for EffortFractious in barrier
26 JanWagga WaggaRugged RoyFractious in barrier
26 JanWagga WaggaReal KeyFractious in barrier
11 JanQueanbeyan
All About MeFractious in barrier
19 JanMuswellbrookBrilliant TaviFractious in barrier – broke through barriers and ran
13 JanDubboTwice the ValueFractious in barrier and became injured
11 JanGlen InnesGo LucaFractious in barrier and dislodged rider
27 JanWarwick FarmAll Time LegendFractious in barrier and lunged into barrier
25 JanNewcastleSpartanFractious in barrier and slow to begin
29 JanKemblaI Am Flying
Fractious in barrier and uncompetitive
18 JanRosehillUnguardedFractious in barrier, became momentarily cast and uncompetitive
31 JanTareeStop The FightFractious in barrier, jumped and had high leg on running board
26 JanWagga WaggaBlazen DiamondFractious in tie up stall
9 JanWagga WaggaYousay BoltFractious in tie up stall
17 JanArcherMokasoi DeluxeFractious in tie up stall
9 JanWagga WaggaKing of Sting
jumped poorly almost dislodged rider
18 JanTumutAnother Jay Brown
knuckled badly lost rider
19 JanCowraHandful of Acresknuckled badly lost rider
11 JanKemblaValour Elitemade contact with the barrier gates
23 JanTamworthUltimate Powermissed start – turned head in gates
6 JanGunnedahSir AussieMissed the start
13 JanTareeStar AlibiMissed the start
14 JanSconeMaster MarleyMissed the start
14 JanSconeConcessionsMissed the start
28 JanTamworthMumboMissed the start
28 JanTamworthBig SurpriseMissed the start
11 JanKemblaLord TropicanaPoor barrier manners
19 JanCowraFire ShadowPoor barrier manners and became cast in barrier
1 JanInverellHide The MoonPoor pre race behaviour
1 JanInverellAngel’s ScentPoor pre race behaviour
13 JanDubboPass the CardPoor racing manners
8 JanWarwick FarmCrimletRaced flatfooted
19 JanCowraColonel Von TrappReared in barrier
10 JanPort MacPrince ArliRefused to load in barrier
21 JanWagga WaggaPushkarRefused to load in barrier
14 JanSconeKing CobraRefused to load in barrier
26 JanWagga WaggaFly Like An Eagle
Refused to settle during racing
25 JanRandwickSambroRestless in barrier
10 JanPort MacSnuggle BugStood flatfooted
12 JanCoffs HarbourMore Than GoodStood flatfooted
18 JanTumutElement Of LuckStood flatfooted
26 JanWyongParry SoundStood flatfooted
31 JanTareeBlinky SnazzyStood flatfooted
2 JanTareeBlinkin SnazzyStood flatfooted missed start
14 JanCorowaEquishimStood flatfooted, missed start
1 JanInverellMr MaluUncompetitive
1 JanInverellBlind LoveUncompetitive
1 JanInverellSideshow AIUncompetitive
5 JanWyongQueen SnipUncompetitive
5 JanWyongIngarUncompetitive
13 JanDubboUntamed MistressUncompetitive
17 JanBallinaMore FierceUncompetitive
18 JanRosehillManangatangUncompetitive
19 JanMuswellbrookIngarUncompetitive
21 JanWagga WaggaOnelostsockUncompetitive
31 JanTareeLutreolaUncompetitive
25 JanForbesSolid ConsulUncompetitive
6 JanGunnedahLithelyUncompetitive (retired)
31 JanTareeBlind LoveUncompetitive (retired)
11 JanGlen InnesPippi’s PrideUnresponsive to rider (retired)
11 JanKemblaSamuraiUnresponsive to rider and didn’t finish race

*This table excludes the individuals who were noted as “slow to begin”.

Horse protests racing
Chautauqua refusing to jump

Horses are suffering

Racing pushes horses beyond their natural limits, placing stress on their bodies. As a result, horses are subjected to unnecessary risk of injuries and even death.

The following table includes horses who suffered from, “abnormal respiratory noises”, “bleeding and internal haemorrhaging”, “bowed tendons”, “lameness”, “cardiac arrhythmia”, “death”, “abrasions, cuts, and lacerations”, “heat stress”, “hoof injuries”, “thumps”, “slow/poor recovery”, and “head injuries”. It also includes “pre-race” injuries, as these often occur during training or trackwork. The information was taken from the NSW Steward’s Reports.

In just 31 days, a total of 144 horses have suffered from some form of injury and four have died.

DateRacecourseHorse NameInjury
14 JanCorowaNavestaAbnormal respiratory distress
14 JanCorowaBlazing AshAbnormal respiratory noise
7 JanMudgeeRed LibertyAbnormal respiratory noise
27 JanGrafton
ZeeluckAbnormal respiratory noise
15 JanWarwick FarmJack’s BarAbnormal respiratory noise
17 JanCanterburyLife O’BrienAbnormal respiratory noise – needs endoscope exam
4 JanRandwickSulkingAbnormal respiratory noise (epiglottis entrapment)
1 JanInverellMagnifierAbrasion: coronet abrasion and poor recovery
29 JanKemblaI Am FlyingAbrasions: Multiple superficial abrasions of off foreleg
11 JanKemblaLord TropicanaAbrasion: abrasion of nearside hip and swelling to poll
3 JanMuswellbrookTamari DancerBled 2nd time banned
11 JanRandwickPinup MissBled both nostrils
26 JanWyongSebourgBled both nostrils
26 JanWyongPhilipBled both nostrils
28 JanTamworthOn The FloorBled both nostrils
14 JanCorowaGorokan ExpressBled both nostrils
19 JanCowraAh you with meBled both nostrils
8 JanWarwick FarmMoana JewelBled one nostril
15 JanWarwick FarmRediconBled one nostril
11 JanKemblaEuroblazeBled one nostril
28 JanTamworthSteamboatBled one nostril
24 JanCanberraHercegovkaBowed near-fore tendon, lameness 4/5 (RETIRED)
5 JanBallinaApache IndianBowed off fore tendon (RETIRED)
3 JanCanterburyZingCardiac arrhythmia
19 JanMuswellbrookMac’s RewardCardiac arrhythmia
25 JanNewcastleMr CruiseCardiac arrhythmia
26 JanWagga WaggaCounterfeitedCardiac arrhythmia (RETIRED)
21 JanWagga WaggaOnelostsockCut: small speedy cut on near foreleg
11 JanRandwickCinquedeaCut: speedy cuts to hind legs
31 JanCanterburyAll From ScrapCut: speedy cuts to the off foreleg
13 JanDubboRegaliaDEAD: Collapsed and died during race
27 JanGrafton
Victory VibesDEAD: Collapsed and died in tie up stalls post race
18 JanTumutLet It RollEuthanised: fractured shoulder and fell
5 JanBallinaAirdaleEuthanised: Multiple fractures near fore sesamoids
5 JanWyongDestornerHaemorrhage: Internal haemorrhage
11 JanRandwickSondelonHaemorrhage: raced poorly, supplementary report showed they suffered from internal haemorrhage
26 JanWyongFreeficaHeat stress
26 JanWyongAthertonHeat stress
26 JanWyongShadow Colour
Heat stress and abnormal respiratory noise
1 JanInverellSmooth FactorHoof Injury
25 JanNewcastleDundee LeeLaceration: laceration to near hind lateral cannon
26 JanWyongElleofadeelLaceration: Laceration to near hind leg
14 JanSconeSt LukeLaceration: Laceration to near hind leg
4 JanRandwickJawwallLaceration: small laceration in near hind pastern
19 JanCowraYeas and Nays
Laceration: small laceration in off hind leg
31 JanTareeSunday SpecialLaceration: small laceration to the near hind leg
11 JanKemblaSea SpiritLame (1/5) near foreleg (fell after winning)
16 JanGosford
Doctor ManhattanLame both front legs (1/5)
27 JanWarwick FarmOmar
Lame in front
4 JanRandwickBadge of GamenessLame in near foreleg (1/5)
11 JanKemblaSea SpiritLame in near foreleg (1/5)
7 JanMudgeeAloneinabaaLame in near foreleg (1/5)
5 JanBallinaBlack MosheenLame in near foreleg (1/5)
25 JanRandwickDabiyrLame in near foreleg (1/5)
17 JanCanterburyNicconitaLame in near foreleg (2/5)
27 JanWarwick FarmAnubisLame in near foreleg (2/5)
4 JanRandwickBurradooLame in near foreleg (3/5)
27 JanGrafton
NacarLame in near foreleg (3/5)
28 JanTamworthCannizzaroLame in near foreleg (3/5)
29 JanKemblaMini BoomLame in near hind leg (2/5)
27 JanWarwick FarmMorton’s ForkLame in near hind leg (2/5)
27 JanWarwick FarmBobby DazzlerLame in near hind leg (2/5)
30 JanSconeBon AllenLame in near hind leg (3/5)
11 JanQueanbeyan
Quietly BrilliantLame in off foreleg
24 JanPort MacWandzeelLame in off foreleg (1/5)
25 JanForbesWinterconiLame in off foreleg (1/5)
8 JanWarwick FarmOcean Go
Lame in off foreleg (2/5)
29 JanKemblaMoney HeistLame in off foreleg (2/5)
4 JanRandwickGuiseLame in off foreleg (2/5)
31 JanCanterburyOxford TycoonLame in off foreleg (2/5)
21 JanWagga WaggaJarrah RoadLame in off foreleg (2/5) and swelling in pastern region
2 JanTareeKings RowLame in off hind leg (2/5)
6 JanGunnedahMazziotiLame in off hind leg (3/5)
1 JanInverellSwoopLame in off hind leg (4/5)
17 JanArcherMokasoi DeluxeLameness in near-foreleg (1/5) (fractious in stall)
10 JanGosford
AbrogationPoor recovery
10 JanGosford
Under The PumpPoor recovery
1 JanInverellBon Vavont
Poor recovery
11 JanGlen InnesTime in RaasayPoor recovery
11 JanGlen InnesTry’N’SingasongPoor recovery
23 JanTamworthBellarina MagicPoor recovery
23 JanTamworthMr PolarPoor recovery
4 JanRandwickThe Big EasyPoor recovery
8 JanWarwick FarmSkymist
Poor recovery
8 JanWarwick FarmEnstarnitoPoor recovery
8 JanWarwick FarmGogolPoor recovery
8 JanWarwick FarmGarrisonPoor recovery
8 JanWarwick Farm
BreakdancePoor recovery
25 JanNewcastleSkilletPoor recovery
25 JanRandwickBellszov BourkePoor recovery
25 JanRandwickBlitzarPoor recovery
25 JanRandwickValentino RossaPoor recovery
31 JanCanterburyGrindelwaldPoor recovery
31 JanCanterburyCoup De MainPoor recovery
13 JanDubboGlamouronPoor recovery
11 JanRandwickAlbuminPoor recovery
15 JanWarwick FarmParineetiPoor recovery
15 JanWarwick FarmParchePoor recovery
15 JanWarwick FarmRoman TyphoonPoor recovery
15 JanWarwick FarmRebukesPoor recovery
16 JanGosford
Social SmilePoor recovery
17 JanCanterburyQuanticoPoor recovery
17 JanArcherBudderoo KnightPoor recovery
18 JanRosehillBeyliksPoor recovery
19 JanCowraMiss AcademyPoor recovery
19 JanMuswellbrookPhiladoraPoor recovery
27 JanWarwick FarmDuneagleePoor recovery
27 JanWarwick FarmPenangPoor recovery
27 JanWarwick FarmPrivate ThoughtsPoor recovery
27 JanWarwick FarmAzuroPoor recovery
27 JanWarwick FarmMr GarciaPoor recovery
27 JanWarwick FarmAim For ProtectionPoor recovery
28 JanTamworthGarconPoor recovery
31 JanCanterburyPort DouglasPoor recovery
31 JanTareePaavoPoor recovery
29 JanKemblaZouspectrePoor recovery
18 JanRosehillReturn With HonourPoor recovery
4 JanRandwickPeyton PlacePoor recovery and extreme sweat
25 JanRandwickMount FujiPoor recovery and increased respiratory effort
28 JanGoulburnWild ChapPoor recovery and lame in near hind leg (1/5)
27 JanGrafton
RubelPre-race: cast in stalls, lame in off hide leg (2/5)
11 JanKemblaChief GeronimoPre-race: elevated temperature
14 JanSconeCan I RockPre-race: hock swelling
14 JanCorowaFalling WatersPre-race: injured during transport
31 JanCanterburyAvion FuryPre-race: Injured in stable – kicked by another horse
19 JanCowraIrish Spy
Pre-race: injury during stable routines
17 JanArcherIntueriPre-race: laceration to off hind leg
26 JanWagga WaggaKappy CinoPre-race: lame in front legs
14 JanCorowaRocky High
Pre-race: lame in near foreleg (1/5) and nail penetrated near fore hoof
15 JanWarwick FarmSnipsPre-race: lame in near foreleg (2/5)
13 JanDubboRoyal SwaggerPre-race: Lame in off fore leg (1/5)
26 JanWagga WaggaBlazen DiamondPre-race: lame in off foreleg (3.5) and fractious in barrier
21 JanWagga WaggaGreat GlenPre-race: lame in off foreleg (3/5) – from race on Sat 18 January at Tumut
23 JanTamworthApache BellePre-race: lame in off hind leg (3/5)
23 JanTamworthAkechetaPre-race: sustained superficial abrasions to hocks
19 JanCowraColonel Von TrappReared in barrier and struck head
14 JanCorowaCoop’s StarSigns of colic
19 JanMuswellbrookThe PilbarafoxSore over the back
7 JanKemblaThor’s ThunderStruck head in barrier
4 JanKensingtonTudor MusicSustained black eye
4 JanKensingtonAbove And BeyondThumps
3 JanMuswellbrookBlinkin NoodlesThumps (mild)

Horse racing injuries
Horses falling during race

What you can do

So long as the demand for racing exists, the so-called “sport” will continue. By making the decision to never attend or bet on a horses life again, you are actively taking a stand legalised against animal cruelty, helping end the outdated tradition.

You can also help by sharing this information with your friends and family.