Specious Science: Why Experiments on Animals Harm Humans

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Why Experiments on Animals Harm Humans

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In accessible language, this persuasive book provides the scientific underpinnings for the Greek’s philosophy of do no harm to any animal, human or not. The Greeks show that the ‘great divide’ between species makes extrapolation from one group to another utterly invalid. As they did in their first book, Sacred Cows and Golden Geese: The Human Cost of Experiments on Animals (‘a book to spur discussion and action’ – Booklist), the Greeks blow the lid off the ‘specious science’ we actully have been culturally conditioned to accept.

“Specious Science dares to burst open the doors of the vivisectors’ world to reveal their murk and deception, motivations and lies. It describes exactly why medical research on nonhuman animals is corrupt, bad science, and just plain wrong… Specious Science is a brave work” – Vegan Voice.