Protest The Championships

Protest The Championships

Protest with Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses and Animal Liberation outside The Championships – the highlight of Sydney’s Autumn Racing Carnival.


First, horses are put at risk every time they compete, with one trackside death recorded every 3 days in Australia.

Secondly, whips hurt! No horse chooses to race, instead they are painfully whipped into complying. Even worse, there are no restrictions on whipping in the final stages of the race, when the horses are most fatigued and least able to respond by running faster.

Third, there’s the murky issue of wastage. Horses who are surplus to the industry, the ones who aren’t considered a good business investment, so they are discarded. It has been estimated that only 300 out of every 1,000 thoroughbred foals produced will ever start in a race.

🐴So please stand with us, for the horses, outside The Championships this April!

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