Right 2 Release

Dogs and cats are used in Australian research laboratories for toxicity testing, inducing and observing infections, wound healing, aversive stimuli behavioural tests, and so much more.

The most recent publicly available statistics for NSW show that 4,725 dogs were used in 2016 while 1,230 cats were used*. In the vast majority of cases, these animals are killed following experimentation, no matter what the experiments were.

We are working closely with the Animal Justice Party NSW, Humane Research Australia and Beagle Freedom to implement legislation that will change this outcome.

The Right2Release Bill aims to make it mandatory for scientific research facilities to provide dogs and cats with the opportunity to be homed following experimentation. Many of these animals were unjustly born into scientific research – don’t let them die there!

*NSW 2016 Animal Use in Research Statistics, report prepared by the NSW Department of Primary Industries Animal Research Review Panel. Click here to read the report.

My home is a safe place for ex-research dogs and cats:

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