Strath Meats: Ignored Abattoir Abuse

Horrific abattoir abuse revealed as Senate Inquiry asks for evidence

Sydney, 27 August 2018: On the eve of a Senate Inquiry into protection from unauthorised access into abattoirs and other agricultural operations, Animal Liberation has renewed calls to rise against ongoing abuse and demand an end to state-sanctioned secrecy. The call comes after a series of exposés reveal unchecked cruelty and a culture of abuse.

“This is happening right now, all across the country. Last week we saw footage from a Victorian slaughterhouse showing workers kicking the decapitated heads of sheep around the kill floor like footballs. Earlier this year, we saw ducks killed whilst fully conscious. Today, pigs are slowly drowning in scalding water as workers hold their legs in place. Sheep are escaping only to be dragged back to their deaths. There is no excuse for the authorities tasked with protecting animal welfare to stand idly by as abuse of this kind continues,” Animal Liberation spokesperson, Alex Vince, said.

The footage, supplied anonymously to Animal Liberation earlier this year, was provided to the RSPCA. Despite clear violations of industry codes and conscious slaughter, the RSPCA has decided not to press charges as much of the cruelty depicted is legal under current Australian law. It comes to light as a Senate Inquiry prepares to crack down on investigators obtaining evidence of animal abuse.

“Tomorrow, we will appear alongside industry as a Senate Inquiry flirts with adding extra property protection clauses designed solely to halt exposés like this. It is clear that industry have an interest in hiding images like these from their customers, but Australians deserve to know who they are eating and the terror they endured only for a single five-minute meal”.

The Inquiry received submissions from advocacy organisations, state agencies, and industry bodies. A joint report submitted by key media sites, including AAP, SBS, Fairfax and NewsCorp, concluded that “combating animal cruelty must be the solution rather than unfairly targeting those who seek to expose it”.

“The only way that consumers can make informed decisions is if they are permitted, rather than prevented, from seeing, hearing, and knowing what they are paying for. I don’t believe Australians will accept this as standard or acceptable. Yet, rather than working to stamp out cruelty, our Government is considering granting these abusive industries immunity. We are deeply concerned that the spirit of this Inquiry is intended to gag animal advocates and shroud facilities like these in legally sanctioned secrecy. This is unacceptable and a blatant attempt to control what we know”.


The Inquiry into Landowner Protection from Unauthorised Filming or Surveillance will be held at NSW Parliament tomorrow, Tuesday 28 August, from 9am.

Footage and stills are available at