Say “NO” to a New Intensive Piggery

Piggery sow in stall

Blantyre Farms have lodged a new development application for an intensive piggery at Harden, in the Hilltops NSW shire. The new DA includes infrastructure for 5 breeder sheds and 16 grower sheds, which will hold around 25,000 pigs (2,200 sows and their offspring).

The DA is taking public submissions until the 18 May 2020.

At a time of rapid global animal agriculture disease spread, heightened concern about the treatment of highly social, intelligent, and sentient beings, the climate emergency including unprecedented environmental devastation, and public health pandemics, the new Blantyre Farms intensive piggery plans must be vigorously challenged and opposed.

Animal Liberation has once again joined forces with Say “NO” to Pig Farming, to fight the proposed development.

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*We are currently working on the submission template, it will be sent to you by the 8th May, giving you 10 days to make your own personal changes.

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