Say “NO” to Open Season on Ducks in NSW!

Target: NSW Department of Primary Industries

A proposal led by Shooters Union Australia to permit an open season for duck hunters in NSW threatens the lives of all animals with wings and must not be allowed to go ahead.

The recently released proposal comes in the wake of ongoing controversies and challenges to the legitimacy of duck hunting open seasons in other Australian states. Shooters Union Australia, whose recent press release sounds the clarion call for opening NSW wetlands to camouflage-clad killers, deploys the myth that hunters are conservationists in disguise in spite of ample evidence that duck hunting poses significant threats to animal welfare, is notoriously under-monitored and represents a shrinking minority of Australians.

Animal Liberation has been an active and dedicated proponent of the national battle to ban duck hunting across the country. For decades, volunteers have descended on Victorian wetlands to monitor, witness and report on the devastation and cruelty that an open season invites, including reckless and indiscriminate shooting of protected native waterbirds and the abandonment of injured victims. While the number of hunters has progressively declined, the number of volunteers has risen.

Please add your name to ensure that this proposal receives the condemnation from the community it deserves.