Signium Piggery Exposed

Signium Piggery Exposed

Signium Piggery – Hell on Earth for Pigs

Another Australian piggery has been exposed thanks to anonymous animal activists. Animal Liberation Queensland and Animal Liberation NSW received distressing footage from Signium Piggery, located in NSW.

The released video, which includes hidden camera footage obtained between July & August 2019, shows:

  • An extreme rat infestation
  • Decomposing corpses being eaten by rats
  • Floor and food troughs covered in rat faeces, being eaten by pigs and piglets
  • Bodies of pigs being left outside completely exposed
  • Sows and boars confined to tiny stalls who are only let out for mating purposes
  • Pigs being hit, sat on, kicked and poked with metal poles and cattle prods for not complying.

This facility has previously been fined tens of thousands of dollars (as recently as 2018) for environmental breaches, yet, it remains open and operating.

As the government and animal agribusinesses scramble to introduce new laws under the guise of “biosecurity”, we raise the question – does this farm look biosecure to you?

Without activists risking their safety and freedom to expose these places, the industry will continue to operate in secrecy. The public will continue to be fed lies and disease-ridden food, and animals will continue to live in absolute hell.

Please help us by:
1. Demanding an Independent Office of Animal Welfare:
2. Asking your MP to reject any law aimed at increasing the secrecy of these industries:

Animal Liberation NSW has passed on the footage to the relevant authorities (RSPCA NSW, NSW Food Authority, and Environmental Protection Authority).

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Signium Piggery Exposé