“They wash the blood off in bathtubs”: culture of abuse exposed at Snowtown abattoir

Snowtown Slaughterhouse: End The Suffering

Sydney, 18 September 2018:

Horrifying footage exposing cruelty at a second South Australian slaughterhouse has been released by Australian animal rights organisation, Animal Liberation, in order to show consumers that cruelty is non-negotiable in the commercial killing of other animals.

The footage, which was obtained for the feature-length documentary film Dominion, reveals the suffering that is an inherent element in the slaughter of animals. It shows young workers laughing and slapping the decapitated head of a pig swinging from a hook, goats screaming as they are poorly stunned in crowded knock-boxes before their bodies are thrown onto piles and decapitated, and sheep fighting death as workers pull their slashed throats until they’re heads pop off. Throughout the footage, animals are treated as objects whose extreme suffering is insignificant.

“The suffering revealed on this footage is the very same suffering that goes into every animal product, regardless of where or how it made it to the supermarket shelves. Each and every one of those neatly packaged products tells the same story: there simply is no humane way to kill an individual who does not want to die,” says Animal Liberation spokesperson, Alex Vince.

The film that contains footage taken at Snowtown abattoir, Dominion, has reached millions across the world standard to many industries involved in animal exploitation. Winning multiple international awards as it toured across the world, the film exposes many of the myths surrounding animal agribusiness.

“Entire universes of pain exist in these blood-soaked abattoirs. With each exposé revealing the true nature of animal farming in this country, Australians are beginning to see that simply labelling a practice or a procedure “standard” does not make it acceptable,” Alex Vince said. “And we believe that by offering consumers vision of what happens in these facilities – vision that industries have an interest in their customer base not seeing – they can be better informed and make decisions that don’t go against those principles. The only way is by getting animals off the menu”. 

Footage and stills are available at: Aussie Farms