Snuggle Coats: Give fur back to the animals!

There is nothing attractive about wearing fur. 

The process of obtaining fur involves brutally torturing and killing approximately 50 million animals worldwide, each year. To make just one full-length fur coat, approximately 200 chinchillas, 100 squirrels, 60 minks, 40 rabbits, 10 to 24 foxes, or 12 seals, will be killed.

The most common way these animals are killed are: anal and genital electrocution, neck breaking, poisoning with car exhaust, chemical poisoning, and clubbing. Sadly on many occasions, the animals are skinned alive.

Although there are no fur farms in Australia, fur is imported and sold to meet consumer demand. Many animals are bred specifically for their fur in factory farms throughout Europe, Canada and the United States, whilst other species are caught in the wild using excruciating, bone-crushing traps. The use of cat and dog fur, has become more prominent in recent years. Although it is banned in Australia, this hasn’t stopped cat and dog fur from being mislabelled as rabbit or even faux fur, finding its way into clothing and children’s toys.

Want to learn more about the fur industry? Click here.

Sadly, fur often ends up in landfill or collecting dust in charity shops. If you own any fur items and are wondering what you can do with them, we have a super easy and utterly adorable solution! Donate your fur items to Snuggle Coats!

“Snuggle Coats is all about kindness, giving back to the animals and educating people on thinking smarter about their impact on the world.
I believe that we share our world with all animals and we can all play our part in making the world a better place for them.”
Lisa, Founder of Snuggle Coats.

Snuggle Coats accepts real fur in all conditions and forms – coats, stoles, capes, and hats. They then disassemble and pass it on to animal groups to rehabilitate and enrich the lives of animals in their care. Fur provides animals with a more natural environment, in comparison to blankets and towels, making them more comfortable during the rehabilitation process.

Please note that Snuggle Coats does not accept sheepskin or faux fur.

We know we can’t change the past, but we can create a kinder world by helping animals in need.

If you have any fur to donate, any questions, or are an Animal Group that thinks they could benefit from the furs – then contact Snuggle Coats today!